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"You want to tell me why we're flying to Mexico City?"
"To get your head working on something else."
Phil Coulson and Melinda May[src]

Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a country located in North America. Alongside Canada, it is one of the two countries that borders the United States of America.


Richard Lumley's Disappearance

"He disappeared. Agent Lumley."
"Went off grid twenty five years ago, day after Avery was crossed off."
Phil Coulson and Melinda May[src]

Following a mission in China in which he had been sent to secure on 0-8-4, which had turned out to be an infant girl, who was placed into the foster system, Richard Lumley had witnessed his partner, Linda Avery and their team being murdered by an unknown man. In order to avoid the same fate, and to protect the infant's identity, Lumley had moved to Mexico and went off the grid.[1]

Tijuana, '09

"I've got two words for ya: Tijuana, '09."
Schneider to Pete Leitner[src]

In 2009, Pete Leitner and his friend Schneider had traveled to Tijuana, spending a time there that would become unforgettable, as evidenced when, five years later Schneider had mentioned it during the wedding toast at Leitner's wedding.[2]

Bruce Banner Manhunt

Bruce Banner begging for food and money

In 2010, Bruce Banner had decided to return to Culver University in order to then retrieve the data about the experiments which had transformed him into Hulk, being forced to abandon Brazil when Thaddeus Ross and Emil Blonsky led an ambush trying to capture him. On his way to the United States, he briefly stayed in one of the small municipalities of Chiapas, living as a beggar, in order for him to acquire some clothes before approaching the United States border, boarding a train as a stowaway.[3]

Questioning Richard Lumley

Phil Coulson and Melinda May sit in Lola

"Agent May and I went down to Mexico City to talk to somebody. Somebody who knows where you came from."
Phil Coulson to Skye[src]

As part of their mission to learn the truth about Skye's true identity, Phil Coulson and Melinda May had travelled to Mexico City in order to track down Richard Lumley. While they waited for Lumley to appear from a dress shop that acted as a cover for Identity Document Forgery, Coulson and May had sat in Lola and discussed Lumley and how he had been able to go off the grid. When asked about why she was getting involved with this, May insisted that Skye deserved their support, as she had been helping Coulson's Team on their missions and learning the truth is what she needed.

Richard Lumley attempting to run away

Just as May was able to disclose to Coulson that she had been having sex with Grant Ward, they had then spotted Lumley walking out of the store, as May followed him on foot, while Coulson had remained in Lola. However, Lumley soon realised that he was being followed by May and attempted to escape through an alley, with May in pursuit. Lumley then managed to catch her by surprise and had fought May, although he was overpowered and attempted to swallow a Cyanide Pill on commit suicide, although May managed to prevent him to do it, but he had then used the opportunity to knock her down and attempt to escape once again.

Phil Coulson blocks Richard Lumley's way

Before Lumley could escape, Coulson had blocked the alley with Lola, so Lumley then attempted to climb the fire escapes of the alley to escape. Coulson activated Lola's flight mode, as he then identified himself as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, something that Lumley was very relieved to hear, as he thought they were the same men that killed Avery, and he asked Coulson if they were there to talk about the baby girl. Coulson and May had then taken Lumley onto the Bus in order to ask him about what happened with Skye, before allowing him to return to Mexico and remain in hiding.[1]

Search for Grant Ward

Agent 33 becoming captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.

"I'm flattered, bringing the robot along just for a sit down with me."
"There's no need for false modesty, we both know you're that good,"
Grant Ward and Phil Coulson[src]

In order to avoid being arrested, Grant Ward and Agent 33 had managed to escape to Tijuana, Mexico. During this time, Agent 33 had called her mother, only to learn that her mother had inadvertently given her location up to S.H.I.E.L.D., as Agent 33 was then surrounded by Deathlok and Phil Coulson. With Agent 33 now trapped, Coulson called Ward and brought him in for a meeting, with Deathlok first scanning Ward with his Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant to ensure that he did not have any weapons that he could attack Coulson with, before allowing him to go over to Coulson.

Phil Coulson being reunited with Grant Ward

Ward had then sat down with Coulson, who explained that he had needed Ward's help with tracking down Baron Strucker and List, although Ward noted that he was no longer a member of HYDRA and did not have those connections anymore. In order to gain Ward's assistance, Coulson offered him the opportunity to understand Project T.A.H.I.T.I., which would wipe all Ward's memories and allow him to begin his life again, without being hunted down by S.H.I.E.L.D.. Although he was still wary about Coulson's offer, Ward agreed to help, also bringing Sunil Bakshi to help get them a meeting with List, who would then lead them straight to Strucker.[4]

Frank Castle's War

Mexican Cartel welcoming Cartel Sicario

"Welcome home."
"The one that got away!"
"Screw you, Punisher, piece of shit!"
"You're safe back in Mexico."
Mexican Cartel and Cartel Sicario[src]

As the Punisher's anti-criminal crusade progressed, almost all members of the Mexican Cartel were hunted down eliminated across New York City. However, the Cartel Sicario had still managed to escape from the Punisher's vengeance, and eventually managed to return Juárez, where he was greeted by his allies, who celebrated the fact that he had avoided the wrath of the Punisher and promised that he would be safe in Mexico if the Punisher wanted to make an attempt on his life.

Cartel Sicario is shot dead by the Punisher

Attending the party organized for him, Cartel Sicario had insisted that if the Punisher come to Mexico looking for him, he would be killed. Cartel Sicario was then reward for his survival and his return back into Mexico by being given prostitutes to sleep with, as he went to his room with the women. However, Cartel Sicario was then suddenly assassinated by the Punisher, who had managed to shoot him in the head with a sniper rifle from the United States of America's border, being in El Paso and shooting all the way into Mexico, much to the Cartel's horror.[5]

Business with the Albanian Syndicate

"Thanks to my client, the Albanian Syndicate has been completely wiped out. Their counterfeiting ring, their Dark Web child pornography, and the Jalisco connection Mr. Fisk divulged last week gave the DEA an early and very white Christmas."
Benjamin Donovan to Ray Nadeem[src]

The Albanian Syndicate managed to organize a drug trafficking ring in Jalisco to make more profit for their illicit activities. However, Wilson Fisk informed the FBI about the Albanians' deal what allowed the DEA to wipe out their drug business.[6]

Jessica's Jones Visit

"So you're a hero and a child psychologist? You think you can judge me?"
"I'm beginning to."
"After you weaseled a free trip to Mexico out of me? Real noble, taking advantage of a single mom."
Mrs. Yasdan and Jessica Jones[src]

Having been contacted by Eddy Costa, who offered her a case in the form of an Amber Alert, stating that Mitch Yasdan had kidnapped his daughter Cassie and taken her to Mexico, Jessica Jones traveled there and confronted Yasdan, who had lost custody. He insisted that he had a terrible lawyer and needed to get Cassie away from her mother as she was toxic. Cassie also wished to stay with her dad, but Jones ignored this, noting he had broken the law. When Yasdan argued that they were no longer under US jurisdiction, Jones replied that they were about to be.

Unaware of her powers, Yasdan threatened to get physical, only for Jones to throw him across the beach, which was caught on camera and went viral. Jones returned Cassie to Mrs. Yasdan, who expressed her anger at Mitch, resolving to have him put in prison. As Jones suggested she let the matter slide for Cassie, Mrs. Yasdan took offense, demanding to know if Jones thought she was unfair to her daughter. Jones clarified that she was talking about the situation, but her client was unconvinced and accused Jones of exploiting her for a free trip to Mexico.[7]

Battle at the Forgotten Temple

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Caretaker's Fresh Start

"There's this little place in Rosarito. Got lobster tail, beer for ten bucks. On the beach. Could be a perfect place for a fresh start."
Caretaker to Louise Hastings[src]

Caretaker learned about a place in Rosarito Beach, Baja California with cheap lobster and beer near the beach. He suggested the place as somewhere to go for a fresh start with Louise Hastings when they both became potential targets of the Blood. However, Hastings said she could not yet go because she was undergoing treatment for her lung cancer.[8]

Massacre in Mexico

James Rhodes broadcasting from Mexico

"The federales found a room filled with bodies. Looks like a bunch of cartel guys. Never even had the chance to get their guns off."
"It's probably a rival gang."
James Rhodes and Natasha Romanoff[src]

In 2023, Clint Barton, having taken his path of vengeance against any criminals who survived the Snap, massacred the Mexican Cartel in Juárez, which were later discovered by the local police. Hearing about this, James Rhodes had then travelled over to Mexico and reported these findings to Natasha Romanoff, insisting that it was likely Barton who was responsible for this, much to Romanoff's great sadness.[9]

Flag Smashers' Political Ultimatum

In 2024, the Flag Smashers targeted a Global Repatriation Council camp in Mexico City on their campaign.[10]

Attack on Ixtenco

Talos and Soren arriving in Mexico

"Nick, this was a tragedy, but it's not why we're here. What, are we fighting the weather now?"
"Locals say the cyclone had a face."
"People say things when they're under stress."
Soren and Talos[src]

That summer, as part of Quentin Beck's plan to present himself as a hero to the world, he used B.A.R.F. technology to unleash one of his Elemental illusions on Ixtenco, which caused massive destruction and horrified the locals. In the aftermath of the initial assault, the Skrulls Talos and Soren, impersonating Nick Fury and Maria Hill respectively, traveled to Mexico to see what had happened. Upon arriving, they had discussed what had been reported to them and looked across the ruins of the area, with Soren denying some of the reports about the cyclone having a face.

Mysterio attacks Sandman with his powers

However, they then encountered Mysterio, who landed in front of them, resulting in Talos and Soren drawing their weapons, while Mysterio questioned who they were. Before they could answer, Talos and Soren were attacked by Sandman. Mysterio then battled Sandman with them both, seemingly defeating it with his superpowers and as a result gained both of their trust.[11]

Eddie Brock's Questions

Eddie Brock learning about this reality

"You're saying that this whole place here, it's just tons of super people."
"And he has been saying it for hours."
"All right. Tell me again, I'm an idiot."
Eddie Brock and Venom[src]

In the fall of 2024, as a result of a spell cast by Doctor Strange, Eddie Brock and Venom were displaced from their universe and transported through the Multiverse into the main universe. Appearing in a resort room in Mexico, they went to the bar and spoke with the bartender, where they learned about the Avengers, the Snap and Thanos. Brock suggested traveling to New York City to meet Spider-Man, but he, along with Venom, were suddenly returned to their universe. However, a part of the symbiote was left behind.[12]



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