"You want to tell me why we're flying to Mexico City?"
"To get your head working on something else."
Phil Coulson and Melinda May[src]

Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a country located in North America. It is one of two countries that borders the United States of America.


Tijuana, '09

"I've got two words for ya: Tijuana, '09."
In 2009, Pete Leitner and his friend Schneider traveled to Tijuana, spending a time there that would become unforgettable, as evidenced when, five years later Schneider mentioned it during the wedding toast at Leitner's wedding.[1]

Chase of Bruce Banner

In 2010, Bruce Banner decided to return to Culver University in order to retrieve the data about the experiment that transformed him into Hulk, being forced to abandon Brazil when Thaddeus Ross and Emil Blonsky led an ambush trying to capture him.

On his way to the United States, he briefly stayed in one of the small municipalities of Chiapas, living as a beggar in order to acquire some clothes before approaching the United States border, boarding a train as a stowaway.[2]

Skye's Past

"Agent May and I went down to Mexico City to talk to somebody. Somebody who knows where you came from."
Phil Coulson to Skye[src]
Richard Lumley retired S.H.I.E.L.D. following a mission to secure an 0-8-4 in China where most of his teammates ended up being killed, and the survivors, including his partner Linda Avery, were killed upon returning to the United States and placing the 0-8-4, an infant Skye into the protection of the foster care system. In order to avoid the same fate, Lumley went "off-grid" the day after Avery was killed.

While investigating Skye's past through a lead on Avery's identity, Melinda May was able to locate Lumley in Mexico City, as he appeared in the background of a photograph taken by a Mexican teenager. She enlisted Phil Coulson's help to find Lumley in Mexico, in order to distract him following his kidnapping by the Centipede Project and his discovery of the truth regarding his recovery at Tahiti following his death.

May, Lola & Coulson (Mexico City)

S.H.I.E.L.D. prepare to arrest Richard Lumley

Coulson and May traveled to Mexico City, and waited outside a dress shop that acted as a cover for a identity document forge, as Coulson guessed that if Lumley was going to acquire ID documents in order to disappear, he would use that particular forge, as the shop owner didn't use computers to do it.

While waiting, May asked Coulson what would he do if he wanted to disappear just like Lumley did. As Coulson didn't want to chat, she started revealing she would hide in a 747 flight from Newark to Singapore with oxygen and a parachute, as that flight passed over a dozen countries, so she would be hard to track. She then guessed that Coulson would go to South America as he spoke Spanish, though Coulson corrected her that he spoke "vacation" Spanish, May dared to guess that Lima would be his most probable destination.

Coulson asked May what was happening, and why she was more chatty than usual, but May replied that it was simply because he was not. Coulson also asked the true reason why she suddenly became more active investigating Skye's past. May felt that Skye deserved it, as she greatly helped their team, especially Coulson. But she also revealed that she investigated it to distract him, as he realized his memories were rewritten, so he was wondering what else was changed. May told her nothing more was changed, as she knew him very well, at that moment and before his death.

She tried to gain his trust, telling him that she would help him investigate if he was changed if she believed it was not a dead end. Coulson was tired of all secrets being kept to himself or his team, and he felt they needed to uncover all of them. Hearing those words, May revealed she had been having sex with Grant Ward.

However, at that exact moment, Coulson saw Lumley and they went to follow him. Lumley noticed May following him, and he tried to escape through an alley, with May in pursuit. Lumley managed to catch her by surprise and fought May, although he was overpowered and tried to swallow a Cyanide Pill to commit suicide. May prevented him to do it, but he used the opportunity to knock her down and try to escape.

Coulson blocked the alley with Lola, so Lumley tried to climb the fire escapes of the alley to escape. Coulson activated Lola's flight mode, and identified himself as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, something that Lumley was very relieved to hear, as he thought they were the same men that killed Avery, and he asked Coulson if they were there to speak about the baby girl. Coulson and May then took Lumley to the Bus in order to ask him about what happened with Skye.[3]

Frank Castle's War

Snipe out Cartel

Cartel Sicario is shot dead by the Punisher

"Welcome home."
"The one that got away!"
"Screw you, Punisher, piece of shit!"
"You're safe back in Mexico."
Mexican Cartel Members[src]

As the Punisher's anti-criminal crusade progressed, almost all members of the Mexican Cartel were eliminated. However, a Cartel Sicario managed to escape the Punisher's vengeance and reached Juárez where he was greeted by his allies. Attending the party organized for him, Cartel Sicario was suddenly assassinated by the Punisher who shot him in the head from the United States border, being in El Paso.[4]

Business with the Albanian Syndicate

Albanian Syndicate managed to organize a drug trafficking ring in Jalisco to make more profit for their illicit activities. However, Wilson Fisk informed the FBI about the Albanians' deal what allowed the DEA to wipe out their drug business.[5]

Izel's Castle

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Mexican Cartel Massacre

"Where are you?"
"Mexico. The federales found a room filled with bodies. Looks like a bunch of cartel guys. Never even had the chance to get their guns off."
"It's probably a rival gang."
"Except it isn't. It's definitely Barton."
Natasha Romanoff and James Rhodes[src]
Five years after he lost his family due to the Snap, Clint Barton took the path of vengeance and embarked on a world-wide slaughter journey of any criminal who survived. He massacred the Mexican Cartel before then departing to Tokyo, which James Rhodes was able to track down and report it to Natasha Romanoff.[6]

Skirmish in Ixtenco

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