"The last survivor of the Cartel deserves a reward."

The Mexican Cartel was a drug cartel based at Juárez, Mexico.


Cartel in Hell's Kitchen

"Every gang worth shit's trying to grab up everything fat boy left behind. I even heard the Cartel's getting into it."
Turk Barrett to Daredevil[src]

Once Wilson Fisk was arrested by the FBI and NYPD, the Mexican Cartel attempted to establish themselves at the New York City criminal underworld. In order to strike their claim, Cartel members acquired military-grade ammunition from Juárez which they stored in a warehouse at the Meatpacking District in the Hell's Kitchen.[1]

Cartel members were contacted by the Blacksmith who arranged a big drug deal at the Central Park. Together with the Kitchen Irish and the Dogs of Hell, Cartel members were waiting for the Blacksmith who did not appear at the park. Several gang members decided that it was a sting operation organized to arrest all of them. Suddenly, all three parties started shooting at each other, emerging into a gunfight which resulted in the deaths of the several Cartel members, undercover NYPD officer, Maria Castle, Lisa Castle, and Frank Castle, Jr.[2]

The Punisher's Vengeance

"You left men hanging from meat hooks!"
"They got off easy, in my opinion."
Daredevil and Punisher[src]

Frank Castle who survived the shootout at the Central Park decided to revenge the deaths of his family and targeted the Mexican Cartel in New York, as well as the Kitchen Irish and the Dogs of Hell. During his violent crusade, multiple Cartel members and other criminals were gunned down by Castle. Castle managed to find Cartel's warehouse at the Meatpacking District where he violently took down all Cartel members and strung them up on meat hooks.

Snipe out Cartel

Cartel Sicario is shot dead by the Punisher

Later, they were found by Daredevil who was pursuing Castle and then went to interrogate the last survivor. Despite Daredevil initially thought that violence at the New York City streets was caused by a paramilitary organization, gang member revealed that they were eliminated by one man before dying from injuries.[1]

Eventually, the entire Cartel branch in New York was eliminated by Castle, forcing the last Cartel member to leave the city. Cartel Sicario returned to Mexico where Cartel's allies hosted a returning party for him. However, while Sicario was celebrating he was targeted by the Punisher who assassinated him with a sniper shot in the head from the border with El Paso, Texas.[3]

Attacked by Rōnin

"The federales found a room full of bodies, looks like a bunch of cartel guys - never even got a chance to get their guns out."
"It's probably a rival gang."
"Except it isn't. It's definitely Barton."
James Rhodes and Natasha Romanoff[src]

Years later, the Mexican Cartel reassembled to continue their criminal activity following the end of the Infinity War. However, their hideout in Mexico was assaulted by Clint Barton, who decided to kill all criminals who survived the Snap as he considered them unworthy from living when many innocent people, including his family, faded away into nothingness. Barton brutally slaughtered all Cartel members before they could get their weapons off. Their bodies were found by the Federal Police, who believed they were taken down by a rival gang, yet War Machine and Black Widow fully knew the truth.[4]


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