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"Metro-General maybe? Call 911."
Maggie Grace[src]

Metropolitan General Hospital,[1] Metro-General Hospital,[2] or Metro General Hospital[3] is a hospital franchise in New York City.



In the 1990s, Dr. Leslie Hansen worked as an ER Doctor at Metro-General Hospital. She would sometimes send patients to be experimented on by IGH and Karl Malus. In 2000, Jessica and Alisa Jones were among the patients sent to IGH from Metro-General.[4]

Car Accidents

Following the car accident in Hell's Kitchen, blindsided Matt Murdock was taken to Metro-General where his father tried to comfort him. Scared, Murdock cried out loud in the hospital room that he could not see, and even more, because his enhanced senses were overwhelming him. Jack tried to calm his son and prompted Matt to touch his face so that he could feel his presence. Matt could not calm himself, and despite his father's efforts, he continued to shout that he could not see.[5]

In 2014, two victims of a bus accident were taken to Metro-General in order to be treated: Charles Wallace and Reva Connors. Wallace was treated for the cuts and bruises that he suffered, but Connors was dead on arrival, and nothing could be done to save her.[6]

Emergency Shift

Working at the emergency shift in Metro-General, Claire Temple heard stories about a man in a black mask that was attacking criminals and defending innocent people, having to treat three robbers brought by police officers after the man in the mask attacked them to prevent them from robbing tourists. In the next few days, Temple also treated a young waitress that had been attacked by a man who tried to force her into an alley until the man in the mask rescued her, saving her life.[5]

Insurance Extension

Ben Urich speaks to Shirley Benson

Ben Urich went to Metro-General Hospital to meet with Shirley Benson and request an extension for the private room where his wife, Doris, was being attended. Benson told Urich that private rooms were very hard to keep and that he was lucky that his insurance was still covering everything after all the time that had passed. Urich did not want his wife to be in a communal room, as she needed attention, so he had already filled all the forms needed to request an extension. Benson told him that many things the insurance companies told by the phone were just so that the people who called left them alone.

Urich asked Benson to approve the forms, and she informed him that it was just a first step, with many more after that. She claimed that she could not fill every appeal as she had to run the whole hospital. Urich claimed that his wife was going to be cut off, and then Benson told Urich to go to his office. Privately, Benson explained that his wife was not going to be expelled from the hospital, but Urich knew what would happen, as she was going to be moved to a communal room, then to an out-patient facility and then she would be left without any kind of medical care. He was aware of the limits to both what Benson could do for him and what he could afford, but he applied a few days more to get better and go to their home.

Benson then signed a form that would grant Urich five more days, but she could not promise anything regarding the appeal. She also requested him to leave, as she was very busy with a measles outbreak, and her best nurse Claire Temple was not there. Urich gave Benson a paper bag with cheese blintz from Benson's favorite place, and when she told him he should have started with that, he claimed that would be cheating.

Urich then went to see his wife and Norma told him that Doris had a good day of rehabilitation, being up on her feet about half an hour, and she had asked about him. Urich entered the room, where his wife was sleeping, and stayed with her for a while grabbing her hand.[7]

Epinephrine Injection

Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov went to Metro-General Hospital where one of their men, Semyon, was in a coma after being confronted by the man in the black mask. They intended to inject Semyon with epinephrine to wake him up, even despite it might kill him. While they prepared the injection, Vladimir asked about Piotr, whom they have ordered to follow Wilson Fisk, and Anatoly told him that Piotr would call them as soon as he had something about Fisk. Anatoly was not sure about it, given that Fisk was a very cautious man, but his doubts made Vladimir angry.

Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov visit Semyon

Vladimir then injected the epinephrine right into Semyon's heart, who regained consciousness and began to suffocate until Anatoly removed the tube. Semyon breathed again, and the brothers asked him about the man who did that to him. Semyon told them he was the devil, and revealed there was a woman with him, revealing everything he knew before passing out. Vladimir then told his brother to call Sergei, ordering him to go to the woman's apartment and find her.[8]

Bombing of Hell's Kitchen

Emergency Medical Services

Claire Temple treats Elena Cardenas

Foggy Nelson and Karen Page took Elena Cardenas to Metro-General Hospital, as she had sustained an injury due to an explosion. Claire Temple quickly examined Cardenas, who was still very scared, and calmed her down speaking to her in Spanish. Temple took Cardenas to give her stitches and examine her to discard she sustained a concussion. Nelson and Page were comforted seeing Cardenas would be fine, and Nelson was glad of having been with her. Page watched the news report and commented that New York City looked like a war zone. Nelson pointed they should call Matt Murdock to make sure he had not been affected too. Page noticed that Nelson was bleeding, and he said that it explained the stabbing pain he was feeling. Page urged Nelson to sit and wait while she went to look for help.

Meanwhile, Shirley Benson tried to organize the hospital, prioritizing the triage and coding of the patients, while coordinating their efforts with other hospitals and rerouting the casualties. Benson noticed that Temple was there, and was surprised to see her, given that she believed that Temple had been involved in a accident in Veles Taxi Garage. Temple simply said she made a bad decision, and Benson greeted her saying it was good to have her back.[9]

Worried about Matt Murdock

Karen Page stays with Foggy Nelson

Foggy Nelson was taken to a room at Metro-General Hospital due to the injury he sustained during the explosion near Elena Cardenas' Apartment, and she was accompanied by Karen Page. While he was there, both Nelson and Page tried to call Matt Murdock, but were unable to locate him both at his cellphone or his apartment. Nelson calmed her down saying there was no need to think the worst, but Page was very worried, believing that a blind man in a war zone would surely be endangered.

Nelson wanted to go and look for Murdock, saying that he was the closest Murdock had to a family, and he would do the same for him. Page stopped him due to his wound, saying that she loved that about them, and Nelson said that it would not be the first time he acted like an idiot. Page reminded him that he had already played as a hero that day and it was enough, so he needed to stay at the hospital where he was safe. As Page left, Nelson tried to call Murdock again, and hat to leave a message as Murdock did not answer.[9]

News Development

Claire Temple continued to help the injured from the bombings while the news reported about a shooting nearby the location where the man in the mask was seemingly cornered, where three members of the New York City Police Department had been gunned down. Inside his hospital room, Foggy Nelson asked Karen Page to turn up the volume of the television while the news informed that the authorities had released a video showing the man in the mask attacking three police officers moments after the explosions.

Page recognized him as the man who saved her life, though Nelson told her she was lucky that the man did not kill her. Page was unable to understand how the same man would do something like these attacks and explosion. Nelson told her that, as a general rule, men who wore masks had something to hide, usually, something that was not good.[9]

Assassination of Christian Blake

Brett Mahoney guards Christian Blake's room

Carl Hoffman went to Metro-General Hospital to visit Christian Blake, who had recently woke up from a coma following being shot in the streets. Hoffman was stopped by Brett Mahoney, who was guarding the door to Blake's room. Mahoney casually pointed out that Blake's recovery was good news, and Hoffman added that Blake had always been tough. Mahoney prompted Hoffman to sign the entry book, and examined the package that Hoffman was carrying, seemingly a meatball sandwich from one of Blake's favorite restaurants.

Alone in the room, Hoffman retrieved a syringe from the sandwich to injected Blake with it; however, he regained consciousness and asked Hoffman what was he doing. Panicked Hoffman then was ambushed by the man in the black mask. While Blake started to find it difficult to breathe, the masked man approached him and explained that the substance that Hoffman injected him had already reached his heart and would die soon. However, he could make the man responsible for it pay if he told him everything he knew about Wilson Fisk.

As Blake died, Mahoney and the rest of the officers outside tried to enter the room. They managed to enter the room, and only found Blake already dead and Hoffman unconscious on the floor, as the man in the mask had already left the room through a window.[10]

Denied Extension

Ben Urich visits his wife

Ben Urich visited his wife Doris at Metro-General Hospital, working in his notes until she woke up. Doris noticed that Ben was wearing a specific aftershave that she liked, and Ben was pleased that she remembered it. She went to ask if the doctors had said anything about their current status, and Ben explained simply told Doris that they believed she was improving. Doris asked Ben what was he working on, and he said he had been outsmarted by a story. Ben pointed out that there were things more important things than a job and that he should be with his wife instead of chasing down leads.

Doris told Ben that being a reporter was not Ben's job, it was part of his identity. However, Ben told her that it may have been true 20 years before when he was more fearless. Doris said that when they met, Ben was reckless and pushy, only thinking about making a difference and turning heads, and he certainly turned hers. Then, with the years and experience, Ben became more careful and wise, so his best work was still ahead. Ben pointed out that if she continued saying those things. However, Doris suddenly greeted Urich as if it was the first time he saw him for a while, having forgotten the conversation they just had.

Shirley Benson called for Ben, wanting to speak outside of the room, and announced that, despite she did everything she could, the insurance company denied his petition to request an extension, and Doris had to move out of the room.[11]

Vanessa Marianna's Stay

Poisoned Patient

Wilson Fisk arrives with Vanessa Marianna

In the wake of Fundraiser at the Van Lunt Building, Wilson Fisk personally brought poisoned Vanessa Marianna to the Metro-General Hospital. Murray asked what happened and Wesley told him that Marianna drank something, but the doctor needed something more specific. James Wesley pointed out that it happened at the benefit in the Van Lunt Building and there were other people affected. Trying to appear worried, Leland Owlsley said that he had a glass in his hand, and asked to be checked, but the doctor did not pay attention to him and focused on Marianna.

Wesley informed Murray that Marianna had been unconscious for twenty minutes, and told Owlsley they went to that hospital because it was the closest ER when Owlsley called it a rat hole. Wesley also tried to calm Fisk, saying he had already contacted Rosenberg and was on his way there via jet.

Murray asked how many others were affected, and Wesley answered that maybe four or five. Owlsley insisted that someone should be looking at him, and the doctor promised to send a nurse for him. He began to carry Marianna inside to treat her, and Fisk wanted to go with her, but Schwab stopped him. Fisk yelled asking her if she did not know who he was, but the nurse told him that it did not matter, and that he should fill all the paperwork, but that they would update him as soon as they knew anything about what happened to Marianna.[12]

Broken Down

Wilson Fisk spent the whole night waiting for any updates regarding Vanessa Marianna's condition, sitting alone and staring vacantly. Leland Owlsley told James Wesley that it was awful, as Fisk could not run his business like in such state, though Wesley told him it was not the time for that. Owlsley asked him if he really thought that the people who poisoned the drinks really wanted to kill Marianna, something that Wesley acknowledged seemed unlikely. Owlsley pointed out that even he was almost killed just to get to Fisk. Wesley then asked Owlsley how his previous meeting with Madame Gao went, especially if she gave any indication that she was still unhappy. Owlsley acknowledged that she did not, at least he did not notice any indication, and was sure that Nobu Yoshioka's men were involved.

Wesley explained that they followed their original agreement with Yoshioka's men and had transferred the titles for the city they wanted, and they still believed that the man in the mask was responsible for his accident. Owlsley then theorized that the masked man could also be behind the attack, however, Wesley asked Owlsley to watch Yoshioka's associates' accounts, as any sudden shifts might give the indication that they were doing something.

Francis interrupted them and informed Wesley that three of the other guests that drank the same substance as Marianna had passed. Owlsley pointed out how he that description, "passed", as it was an attempt to avoid the crude truth. Wesley assured him that Marianna would make it, simply because he had to. Wesley then said Owlsley to reach out to Gao again, and ask her about her involvement in the attack, as he was sure that she did not do it. Wesley pointed out that if she was not involved, they would her support, but Owlsley asked what would happen if she was indeed involved. Wesley simply told that it had been an honor doing business with him.[12]

Finding the Culprit

James Wesley brought Wilson Fisk a coffee while Fisk waited for news regarding Vanessa Marianna's condition. Wesley sat beside him and Fisk began to talk about the time he believed he did not need anyone to truly understand who he was, believing he was complete, but now all had changed since he met Marianna, not knowing what would he do if she died. Wesley assured that she was now in Rosenberg's hands, who came from Hartford just to treat her, and they both knew how strong Marianna was. Wesley then informed him about Leland Owlsley's theory that Nobu Yoshioka's men may be behind the attack, but Fisk then remembered something Madame Gao told him, that he should choose a path or fate would choose for him.

Wesley revealed he sent Owlsley to speak with her, and when Fisk asked if she suspected she was involved, Wesley said that, until they knew for certain who was behind the attack, he suspected from everyone. Fisk asked him to find who did it, as he wanted to look in their eyes while he killed them. Fisk remembered that he told Marianna the safest place for her was by his side, and while Wesley reminded him that it was not his fault, Fisk said that Marianna was lying on a bed because she was by his side. Fisk asked Wesley to make arrangements to send her far from him and New York City if she recovered.

Wesley was sure that Marianna would want that, but Fisk said that they did not get everything we wanted. Wesley pointed some of them deserved to, and then Fisk simply asked him to move the appropriate funds and to do it discreetly and by himself. As Wesley agreed and told him he would send the papers to Fisk's penthouse, Fisk thanked him for that and struggling to find better words to thank him for everything, he deeply thanked him for a second time. Rosenberg came to inform Fisk that Marianna was in an induced coma, but that she would manage to fully recover. Fisk thanked Rosenberg for treating Marianna, and then they went to let Fisk see her, while Wesley proceed to take care of Fisk's petition.[12]

Back to Business

Wilson Fisk stood beside Vanessa Marianna while she was in an induced coma to help her recover from the poison she drank. While inside her room at Metro-General Hospital, Fisk received a phone call from his mother, Marlene Vistain, but he could not answer it. He kissed Marianna and exited the room to speak with James Wesley. Wesley was attending a phone call and interrupted it to attend Fisk, asking how Marianna was. Fisk told him that she had not woken up yet, and Doctor Rosenberg told him there may be complications. Wesley assured them they would deal with them if that happened. Fisk also asked Wesley to return to call back to his mother and see what she needed.

Leland Owlsley arrived and asked how Marianna was and asked to speak with Fisk. Fisk ignored him and told Wesley that he did not want to be disturbed. Wesley asked Owlsley how his meeting with Madame Gao went, and he explained that Gao appeared to be deeply saddened and then she went on to quote a fortune cookie. Wesley asked if she sounded sincere, but Owlsley could not tell given that she spoke in Chinese, and it looked like the translator did not like Owlsley either. In the end, Owlsley said that Gao assured that she would stand with them if needed, though Wesley needed him to be sure. Owlsley said that the only thing he was sure about was that Fisk needed to get back to business, at least while there was still a business.

Wesley assured he would return when he deemed it appropriate. Owlsley reminded him that whoever was behind the attack would not move on, and they would try again sooner or later. To get rid of him, Wesley told Owlsley to go home and rest, promising they call him if they needed him.

As Owlsley left, Wesley called Marlene Vistain, though she had to remind her who he was, explaining that he worked with her son, until she finally remembered him. Mrs. Vistain asked to speak with her son, but Wesley told her that he was indisposed and asked if he could help her. While explained what she wanted, Mrs. Vistain ended up revealing that a man and a nice blond lady with big blue eyes went to visit her. Wesley calmed her and promised to take care of them, while he also assured that he would tell Fisk to call her back as soon as he was free, wishing her a good night.

Wesley went to speak with Francis, and asked him for his handgun and the keys to the SUV. Francis asked if Wesley wanted him to drive, but Wesley ordered to stay with Fisk, as he wanted as many men on him as possible. Wesley also ordered Francis to personally check everyone who wanted to get in or out of Marianna's room, asked him to tell Fisk he would not belong in case he asked for him.[12]

Prayers and Promises

Wilson Fisk began to ask to Vanessa Marianna while she was in a coma, explaining the reasons he could not pray for her to recover. He began to explain that he did not even know how to do it, as his father was not a religious man and his mother, while she wanted and even needed to be religious, she never found faith within herself. Fisk explained that he had seen religious people in movies and on television, and read about it when he was a child, trying to mimic words but realizing his sentiment was false and just an imitation of faith.

Instead of prayer, Fisk offered Marianna a promise that the people behind the attack that poisoned Marianna would suffer. A short while after that, Fisk exited the room and requested a black coffee. Francis who was guarding the door, asked if he wanted something to eat, but Fisk refused. Realizing that James Wesley was not there, Fisk then asked where he was.[12]

Out of Coma


Outside of Marianna's room, Wilson Fisk called James Wesley from the hospital, unaware of where he had gone. He continued to call him during the night, but he was unable to contact him.[12] Fisk checked his phone again to see if Wesley had returned any of his calls, when Vanessa Marianna woke up from the coma, asking Fisk the reason for being in a hospital, and Fisk revealed that there was something in her drink at the benefit. He told Marianna that he should have known that somebody would attack him, and apologized for letting her be caught in the middle. Marianna moted that he was the one apologizing when somebody tried to kill him.

However, Fisk was more serious about it, making arrangements to be taken out of the United States. Marianna asked if Fisk was going to come with her, and assuming his silence meant he was not, she told him she was not going anywhere. Fisk told her she needed her to be safe, saying he was selfish believing that there would be no consequences for obtaining everything he wanted, but Marianna told him she already knew that being with Fisk would be complicated, but she chose to do it and would choose it again.

Marianna then asked Fisk to find the ones behind the attack and make them understand that they could never take him away from her. Francis interrupted them and though Fisk told him not to interrupt them, Marianna prompted him to go, as she was not going to leave. Fisk went from the room, and Francis apologized for the interruption, revealing that Wesley had been located. Fisk was surprised that Wesley had not returned them, and asked where he was.[13]

Last Visit

Ben Urich visited his wife Doris at Metro-General Hospital. They kissed, and Doris correctly guessed it had been a hard day. Not wanting to worry Doris, Ben simply told her that he had had better days, making her acknowledge he had had worse days too. Ben smiled and sat beside his wife, saying that she was usually right, and then proposed to go to Paris as they had always talked about. Doris asked if he wanted to run away together, or simply run away. Ben did not answer to that, so Doris told him that due to the time they had been together, she already knew that look in Ben's eye, and it meant that he had a story he needed to tell.

Ben told her that it was not that simple, but Doris pointed out that telling the truth was never simple or easy, so that was the reason only the best really tried to do it. Ben confessed that Mitchell Ellison thought it was a pile of shit, and that, in the end, he was fired. Doris was not worried, telling Ben he had never needed Ellison or the New York Bulletin, the only thing that he needed was a story. Doris proposed to use the Internet to reach more than he ever could at the newspaper, encouraging to write because, as she said, the world needed Ben Urich to tell the truth any way he could.[13]

Jessica Jones Visits Turk

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Temple and Jones Comic.PNG

Jessica Jones sneaks into the hospital to speak to Turk Barrett, who has been hospitalized there by Daredevil. She threatens him and tells him to provide for his family. Claire Temple then walks in and she runs away.[14]

Helping a John Doe

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Escape From Kilgrave

Jessica Jones took Luke Cage, who she had seriously injured while shooting him with a police shotgun in self-defense, to Metro-General. When a doctor tried to drain the cerebral spinal fluid, the needle was unable to pierce Cage's super tough skin. Claire Temple herself attempted to use the needle, only to encounter the same problem.

When the doctor attempted to drill Cage's skull open, the drill broke. She realized that Cage had powers and went to alert her superiors. Jones then attempted to escape with Luke when she noticed that law enforcement was looking for him. Temple herself assisted Jones, however, on the way out Jones was contacted by Kilgrave who enthralled everyone in the hospital to kill her. Jones eventually managed to escape but was injured when one of her attackers wounded her in the leg.[15]

Punisher's Arrival

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Gang War in Hell's Kitchen

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Attack on Metro-General Hospital

Daredevil battles against the Hand ninjas

"My colleague at Metro-General Hospital was gutted. It was an army of ninjas, and they tried to kill me, too. It was all covered up. Forced me to quit my job."
Claire Temple to Danny Rand[src]

While Claire was telling her fellow nurse and security guards that they just needed to quarantine the Hand's brainwashed victims, The Hand ninjas began to attack Metro-General Hospital under the command of Nobu Yoshioka, and killed Louisa Delgado. Daredevil later showed up and started to fight the ninjas. Claire tried to fight as well but later the ninjas managed to throw her out of window. When Daredevil managed to save her by jumping after her, the ninjas already managed to capture the victims thus the attack ended with the Hand, achieving their goal.

Successful Neurosurgery

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Kidnapping of Radovan Bernivig

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Kidnapping of Colleen Wing

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Duel on the Astral Plane

Following the Battle at the New York Sanctum, Stephen Strange stumbled into Metro-General Hospital due to a Space-Time Shard injury that inflicted cardiac tamponade, which requires immediate surgery; as a result, he called on Christine Palmer to assist. While providing assistance in his astral form using the Mirror Dimension as a medium, he soon notices that the astral form of Lucian Aster had followed him through the portal and thus was in reach to attack. He soon quickly left as to defend himself from the Zealot, leaving Christine unconcerned to what was happening around her. Whilst Doctor Strange was initially losing the fight (one that slightly affected the real world; with lights flickering and medical equipment moving and shaking), Christine shocked Stephen's unconscious body with a defibrillator; on the astral plane, the energy wounded Lucian, causing Strange to request Christine, again frightening her, to "hit him again". Christine protested, urging that "his heart was already beating", and the shock could alter his heartbeat. Stephen insisted, and when given a final shock, he effectively killed Lucian's Astral Form.

Treating New York Bulletin Employees

Following the Attack on the New York Bulletin Building, several wounded New York Bulletin employees were taken to the Metro-General Hospital for medical treatment.[16]

Gregory Sallinger's Recovery

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Name Position Status
Shirley Benson Administrator Active
Stephen Strange Doctor Resigned
Christine Palmer Doctor Active
Nicodemus West Doctor Active
Patel Doctor Active
Garrison Doctor Active
Weiss Doctor Active
Bruner Doctor Active
Murray Doctor Active
Gary Doctor Active
Gallo Doctor Active
Becca Yoo Doctor Active
Krista Dumont Doctor Resigned
Purks Doctor Active
Claire Temple Nurse Resigned
Delicia Nurse Active
Schwab Nurse Active
Louisa Delgado Nurse Deceased
Norma Nurse Active
George Bach Nurse Fired
Jessica Panuccio Nurse Active
Brad Nurse Active
Billy Nurse Active
Ellie Chung Nurse Active
Yuliana Nurse Active
Kyle Security Guard Active
Leslie Hansen ER Doctor Deceased


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  • Metro-General is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe element introduced in a TV series to later appear in one of the films.
  • According to Jessica Jones' list of hospitals, Metro-General is located at 479 W 58th Street, New York, NY 10019. It is the real-world location of Mount Sinai West hospital.
  • The scenes for the surroundings of Doctor Strange's Metro-General were filmed in the real life Hell's Kitchen.[17]


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