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"The only way to not die is to blend in and work hard, and you can't do either of those things without these."
Deke Shaw[src]

The Metrics are devices used by the Kree in the Lighthouse to track every human in the bunker. The device passes through the wrists of humans.


"Like, in the future, we had these devices on our wrists with tokens, and that's not a great system, you know?"
Deke Shaw to Leo Fitz[src]

In order to track every human in the Lighthouse, the Kree created the Metrics as a tracking device, which was planted through the human wrist. When the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. came from the past to the Lighthouse, Virgil hired Deke Shaw to collect some Metrics from the bodies of dead humans from the sealed floor in order to make them blend in. As Melinda May was captured by Deke, he planted a Metric on her.[1]

Later, as a preparation for the Renewal, the Kree Watch checked the Metrics of the humans. Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez asked Grill to install the Metrics on them so they would pass the inspection. When the Renewal began and the Metrics showed who should kill or be killed, Grill used the Metrics of Coulson, Mackenzie, and Rodriguez to magnetize them to the wall and wait for Holt to kill them. Eventually they were freed.[2]

As Rodriguez was working for Grill, she used her super speed to get out of her perimeter, so it would look like her Metric was not functioning. As Grill was checking her Metrics, he removed it from her wrist, which allowed Rodriguez to quickly sneak into Grill's room and steal a Kree touchscreen for Daisy Johnson .[3]

Following the massacre of some of the inhabitants of the Lighthouse by the Vrellnexians, Alphonso Mackenzie, Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Flint convinced the survivors of the attack to remove their Metrics and put up a fight against the Kree.[4]

Despite having escaped from this dystopian future and having his Metrics removed, Shaw was heavily traumatized by the device, to the point that he refused to have anything put around his wrist like a smartwatch.[5]


  • Currency Wallet: The metrics are mainly used as a wallet for collecting the points, the currency of the Lighthouse.
  • Electromagnet: The metric could be used as an electromagnet strong enough to pin a person to any metallic object. This can be remotely controlled as in the case of Grill using this on Phil Coulson and his team.


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