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"It isn't a death. He lives on into another. Eternal."
Leslie Dean to PRIDE[src]

Metamorphosis is the sixth episode of the first season of the television series Runaways.


During PRIDE’s gala, the kids set in motion a new plan to take down their parents for good. As the evening unfolds, everyone’s personal drama threatens to derail their plans.


PRIDE's first Rite of Blood

In a flashback, Jonah reveals the secret basement under what will become the Wilder Mansion to Geoffrey Wilder and Catherine Wilder. Later, PRIDE holds their first Rite of Blood, involving a young member of the Church of Gibborim, Brooks Watten, who is put inside a Dematerialization Box. His body is then converted into pure energy which is used to help Jonah be restored to his prime condition. Upon discovering what they have done, several members of PRIDE are horrified, but they discover that they cannot give up as their crime was recorded. Tina Minoru, who was aware of this, informs PRIDE that the video will be kept at Wizard Headquarters, and that PRIDE has no choice but to continue working for Jonah.

Nico Minoru learns how to use the Staff of One

In the present, Jonah prepares to take part in PRIDE's upcoming gala, despite Leslie Dean being reluctant about it, as he is determined to know his biological daughter, Karolina. Nico Minoru learns to use the Staff of One thanks to her mother's lesson. Karolina tries to know more about the Beings of Light mentioned in the Book of Gibborim, discussing them with her father Frank. Meanwhile, Chase and Victor Stein work on the former's Fistigons. Once Chase leaves, Victor secretly listens to a conversation between his wife Janet and Robert Minoru, who are having an affair.

The Runaways meet at the Timely Coffee

The Runaways gather at the Timely Coffee to discuss their plan to retrieve the video file showing PRIDE's rituals. Due to the quality time they recently spent with their parents, Nico and Chase have second thoughts, but ultimately all the Runaways agree that they have to carry on their plan. They then return to their respective houses to get ready for the party. Alex Wilder has a tense moment with his father Geoffrey due to what happened with Andre Compton, while Nico, on the other hand, seems to be closer to her parents before going to the Dean Mansion. There, Karolina almosts confesses her attraction to Nico, but the arrival of Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez ends their moment.

The Runaways begin their infiltration

The gala occurs in the night, and causes several awkward moments within both PRIDE and the Runaways. Most notably, upon meeting Jonah, Frank has flashes of memories of seeing him sleeping with Leslie; while Gert asks Karolina about her feelings for Nico, but Karolina abruptly rebuffs her by stating she is aware that Gert is attracted to Chase, although she denies it. Meanwhile, Hernandez repeatedly texts Catherine in order to approach her and know more about her parents. Despite all of this, the Runaways put their plan in motion. They send Gert distract Earl, a security guard at Wizard, enabling Alex and Nico to access the upper floors of Wizard Headquarters. However, they realize that they have to be in Tina's office to find the file they are looking for.

Karolina Dean discovers she can fly

In the meantime, an upset Karolina uses a service stairs to reach the roof. She is followed by Chase, who listens to her as she complains about her powers and how she has to conceal it. Karolina nearly falls from the roof after failing to grab the bottle she had brought with her, but it turns out that she is also able to fly. Once she safely returns to the roof, Chase is considerably relieved and kisses her, although he does not notice that Karolina feels really uncomfortable about it. They then return to the party. As PRIDE delivers a speech, Victor reveals the affair between Robert and Janet before collapsing.

Jonah cures Victor Stein

Upset by the reveal, Tina bursts into tears and goes to her office where she bursts into tears, much to the surprise of Nico and Alex, who hide from her while downloading the video file. The other members of PRIDE look after Victor, and Leslie asks Jonah for help. He injects Victor with a strange serum, which is secretly kept by Dale Yorkes, and which promptly causes Victor to feel better and even incredibly petulant, not even being angry at his wife for cheating on him. As the party ends, Alex and Nico returns to the lobby, and Alex explains that he will have to decrypt the file. Jonah finally meets Karolina, although he does not reveal who he really is before Frank arrives; while Hernandez has a conversation with Catherine, during which she inadvertenly reveals that she knows about the rituals.


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  • The Runaways travel in the limo and arrive at the fundraising party.
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  • A slight continuity error can be found in the scene when Karolina Dean falls from the roof, with her bracelets being alternatively on both her right and left wrists.


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