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  • I am an Alien ;) just kidding, I'm Male.
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  • hello . i think annihilus will be the antagonist of the first film of the fantastic four in the mcu , what do you think about it ?
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    • Uhm, I guess that's fine. I don't know alot about him. Thank you for reaching out to me though.

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  • This was a lot easier to write than I expected. :)

    The film begins the same way it did before, only this time we see thousands of Apocalypse’s slaves piling the main component to Adamantium into large heating vats (much like the smelting factory from The Desolation Of Smaug) before the transference begins.

    In the 80s, Mystique is seen escaping the Weapon X facility, reluctantly leaving her partner behind. Angered by her escape, Stryker sends his troops to find the final ingredient to completing the Adamantium Compound, while his head scientist Dr Rice works on erasing the memory of “Weapon X”.

    When Mystique saves Nightcrawler, Angel grabs them, causing him to be teleported with them as well. Raven convinces the two to get along as she tries to get them to Xavier’s School when Caliban tells her about Erik’s family. At the institute, Hank designs new metal wings for Angel alongside Scott’s visor.

    The plot with the other characters remains somewhat the same, though this time Apocalypse is awoken by Stryker’s troops mining the Adamantium in his tomb. When Apocalypse awakens, he begins sensing the most powerful mutants to recruit as his Horsemen. He finds Storm and goes to Caliban to find Erik, while also sensing a “lost soul”

    After recruiting Erik, Apocalypse takes his Horsemen to Alberta, where Weapon X is hiding after escaping Stryker’s facility with his memories erased. He is completely amnesic, only knowing the names Logan and Wolverine. Apocalypse finds him and grafts the stolen Adamantium onto his skeleton. Wanting a purpose in life, Logan joins as the Horseman of Death.

    When Apocalypse armors his Horsemen, he senses a “man with no identity” within Logan, fittingly creating a pointy black mask for Logan to wear with his yellow and black costume.

    Caliban and Psylocke travel to the school to find the X-Men after Charles is captured, Apocalypse intending to use him as the fourth Horseman. When Apocalypse enhances his powers, Charles is seemingly seduced by the power and mindlessly joins the group in his trance. Seeing Charles causes Logan to suffer a brief seizure, but Apocalypse sedates him before beginning his plot.

    Apocalypse has Magneto transport several famous landmarks to Egypt, planning to build a new pyramid with humanity’s accomplishments. Among them is the Sydney Opera House, the Washington Monument and the Statue Of Liberty. Unknown to Apocalypse, Charles is actually working as a mole, sending their location to Jean.

    When the X-Men, including Angel and Psylocke, arrive at Egypt, they are ambushed by the Horsemen. Wolverine fights Nightcrawler and Angel on the Statue Of Liberty, injuring and subduing them both. Before he can kill Kurt, Logan hesitates again, allowing Psylocke to stab him and causing Logan to attack her with his berserker rage. Meanwhile, Quicksilver encounters Magneto alone and reveals that he is his son, before leaving to fight Apocalypse.

    Charles attempts to freeze Apocalypse, leading to the “you’re in my house now” scene (though Charles is very much in control here) while Jean tries to stop Magneto (not knowing that he has already stopped). Logan intercepts her, before hesitating. Jean touches the side of his head, distracting him long enough for Scott to blast him off the Statue.

    When Apocalypse overcomes Xavier’s control, he decides to kill the “traitor” and absorb his powers. Quicksilver attempts to stop him but is injured like in the film, before Logan arrives and Apocalypse orders him to kill them both. Logan recognizes both Quicksilver and Charles due to Jean restoring his memories and slices Apocalypse’s throat. This has no effect however and Logan is defeated, before Magneto rallies Storm and the others against Apocalypse.

    Apocalypse decides to kill Xavier in the mind realm, but Jean intercepts him there, taking the blow for Xavier. Enraged by Jean’s supposed death, Charles attacks Apocalypse mentally, but it defeated and tormented, causing his hair to fall out. Due to Apocalypse’s attack, the Phoenix is awakened within Jean and she rises in the physical world.

    Logan, having seen this before, gets everyone else to safety before Jean destroys Apocalypse. With the battle over, the film is mostly the same. When Erik leaves, Logan and the professor talk outside, with Charles offering Logan a job at the school. Logan accepts, requesting that Charles make him a history teacher, while saying this:

    Logan: I know a lot more history than you’d think.

    Charles: I know, my friend. I know all too well.

    Well, that's my idea.

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    • Thanks for being the one to open the thread. It's more convenient for me and clears up some space in my head if the page already exists.

      My version of the story will stay a little closer to the film itself, and will mainly focus on providing alternatives to its problems rather than writing a whole new version of the story.

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    • Rodangizzardcrusher3 wrote: Logan recognizes both Quicksilver and Charles due to Jean restoring his memories and slices Apocalypse’s throat.

      Logan, having seen this before, gets everyone else to safety before Jean destroys Apocalypse. With the battle over, the film is mostly the same. When Erik leaves, Logan and the professor talk outside, with Charles offering Logan a job at the school. Logan accepts, requesting that Charles make him a history teacher

      I understand that you needed a way for Logan to re-join the X-Men, but this doesn't really jive with Days. Logan isn't supposed to get his memories of the non-FC films back until 2023. It's established in that film that the memories he gained after being rescued by Raven in 73 were overwritten by his "Prime" consciousness when it re-entered his body the moment the "Sentinel future" was erased. Giving him back his memory in this story kind of negates that whole dynamic. He is supposed to be (as Xavier puts it in Logan) an "animal" that gets taken in by the X-Men, and who, as a result of his stay with them, regains some of his humanity. If Logan had had his memories of the old timeline right from the beginning there wouldn't be any reason for Charles to be surprised when he "returns" in the future.

      Just saying.

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    • I know I f**ked it up, but I'm still confused as to what memories Jean gave him, and I'm pretty sure Logan recognized her when she gave them to him.

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  • This is just for you to add your answer to that question I asked a minute ago.

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    • Hey JP. Listen, I have an idea on how to put this particular thread to fun use. Since around 2016 my mother and I have started a ritual of watching a movie every Monday night. We finished going through my Disney collection earlier this year, and are now half way through the Dreamworks titles. I thought it might be fun if I used this thread to give you my thoughts on each one of these films. Would you enjoy that?

      P.S. I do rather regret not taking this initiative at the start of our marathon. My ability to articulate my thoughts and feelings is at its best when I have a good brainflow. So it is best to "strike while the iron is still hot" so to speak, which is usually within between a few hours and days after I have absorbed some profound experience or come to an epiphany about something.

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    • Sure. Go ahead.

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  • Hey. Have you ever had one of those moments in recent memory where you watched something from your childhood, which you only vaguely remembered beforehand, but it all comes rushing back when you see it?

    I had a moment like this just now. I was browsing Youtube, and I found this old movie I used to watch around Christmas when I was a baby. It's called The First Snow Of Winter.

    I actually found myself appreciating it more now, because I thought it was great to see my ancestor's homeland so beautifully represented in film. I know that probably sounds stupid, but I just don't know how else to put it.

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  • May the Force be with her...

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  • Hey, dude. Sorry since this is the second message I've sent you this week, but I thought I'd share with everyone my gallery of fan posters for Justice League 2.


    If you're wondering, the cast is below.

    Superman - Henry Cavill

    Aquaman - Jason Momoa

    Wonder Woman - Gal Gadot

    Batman - Ben Affleck

    Flash - Ezra Miller

    Cyborg - Ray Fisher

    Shazam - Matthew Lewis

    Black Adam - Dwayne Johnson

    Lex Luthor - Jesse Eisenberg

    Sinestro - Luke Evans

    Brainiac - Zachary Quinto

    Steppenwolf - Ciaran Hinds

    Darkseid - Ron Perlman

    Hopefully, by Christmas I'll have added Martian Manhunter, Granny Goodness, Supergirl, Cheetah, Black Manta, Powergirl and Big Barda as well.

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  • Hey. You remember when you asked me about stuff in movies that scares me, I just remembered something. Ever seen How To Train Your Dragon? Because this scene was very unnerving when I saw it for the first time.

    It's one of my favorite scenes in the movie, that's saying a lot too since it's one of, if not my all time favorite animated film. Especially around 1:29 when the pictures start to slowly move with the flickering light.

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    • Well, these are just the ones I thought held up enough to warrant keeping them around or that held some sentimental/nostalgic value for me. I wasn't saying they're objectively good movies.

      Also, I might add the Hercules show to the list too. That looks pretty fun as well.

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    • Aphrodite! Aphrodite! APHRODITE! The goddess of love!

      Ah, the good old days.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey MF94. I thought you might want to see this video I made.

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  • Hey MF94. Have you watched SPECTRE yet? Because this is probably a big spoiler if you haven't.

    I was reading through the Marvel Character Ressurections talk page, and as it turns out, your little speech about speculation was right. Christoph Waltz's character was Blofield.

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    • Rodan, I am so glad you mentioned SPECTRE! :D Cause I've got ALOT to say about it.

      And indeed, (like pretty much anyone with even some basic knowledge of the Bond films) I saw that twist comming from a mile away, given that:

      1: He's depicted as the head of the organization.

      2: He's been seen/shown sporting the trademark jacket and scar.

      3: The fact that... oh I don't know, the movie is called SPECTRE!

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  • If you wish to discuss opinions with other users, you can use the fórums, especially the General Discussion Board, instead of other users' Message Walls.

    The comments section are not the appropriate place for that either.

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