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  • Hi, long time no see! How are you? How is your new job going?

    I don't know how much time do you have on your own or how long you will stay on the Wiki, but if you want, i would like a hand for a thing or two, ok? Thanks in advance!

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    • Yes, I saw it twice on the cinema! And you?

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    • I watched it twice too. I had the luck to watch at a premiere press event, it was a very good time.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, I have a suggestion for Attilan Citizenship image. Right now it uses Words of Creation but wouldn't be more fitting to use Black Bolt's symbol because they seem to be using that one on their flags and such. What do you think?

    Havoc in the Hidden Land 3

    Image of the flags. As you can see there are 2 variants black and white.

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  • Hi, why are you leaving? I hope it is not permanently

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  • The reason i came to you is this:On Hel page there is a image from Thor 3 Ragnorak Trailer wich depictes Fire like creatures ( obviously Fire Demons ) and Thor chanied up in chanis in this Fire/Lava like world-wich surley isnt Hel since there is only one Fire realm and world depict in both MCU,Marvel Comics,Disney and Norse Mythology.And that one is ruled by Surtur.
    Hela dark
    Hel TTDW
    So i think like we saw in Thor 2 Dark World Convergance scenes were we see a Fire like realm that it is Muspheliem and not Helhiem ( Hel ). Now this photo taken from Thor 3 Ragnorak trailer depicts Hela in dark and shadowy like world wich is how Helhiem is suposed to look both in Norse Mythology and in Marvel Comics ,so i think we should put this image or other same images to that page Hel.
    Thor Ragnarok Teaser 2

    You or Admins of MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Univeres Wikia ) should probablyy of thinking of fixing that page.

    So what do you think ?

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    • Ok guys lets wait and see.There are still lot more unanswerd ouestions about both other worlds,realms and dimension,so lets see what will Thor 3 Ragnorak film bring us.

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    • Silacko wrote:
      The Hell where the Spirit of Vengeance came from is not necessarily the Hell as we know it. It's just a parallel dimension which, among other realms like Hel, might have given inspiration for the religious concept of Hell (Just like Hive and Ghost Rider being called the Devil multiple times). I doubt souls of the dead literally travel to Hell or Hel.

      Well i think like i said in one of mine previous comments ,that Hell is Hell while Hel or Helhiem is Purgatory and Valhala is Hevean,thats what i think.But we have to see it.

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  • Want to help make a Marvel Theme Park Universe Wiki?

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  • Hey, nice work on the Spider-Man suit page! 

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  • Shocker's Gauntlet and the Ultron Blaster Gun are not made by HYDRA: also, Tinkerer does use Dark Elf, Ultron/Stark Industries weapons as seen in the film. Brice tells Prowler that the gauntlet was from Lagos but they they added the modifications for it, and talks about how the Blaster Gun came straight from Sokovia.

    Given that all these items are picked up by the D.O.D.C. and then pilfered by Vulture, I was just curious as to why or where you saw/read/heard that HYDRA was behind it.

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    • I'm sorry, I didn't express myself correctly. I mean that the Shocker Gountlet is a modification on Crossbones Gauntlet, a HYDRA weapon and the Ultron Sentry arm was also made by HYDRA. What piece os Stark tech did Mason used on the movie?

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    • Ah, I see what you mean. However, no indication was given that Crossbones' armor was made from HYDRA, was there? We know he was a part of HYDRA in the second Cap film but that doesn't necessarily mean his armor was made by them.

      Second, the Ultron parts are believed to be classified under Stark Industries but I guess he did take them from Strucker's lab, which sort of makes them HYDRA tech. I remember reading an article that stated that he used Dark Elf, Ultron and Stark Industries parts.

      Dark Elf is shown in the movie - ex. Black Hole Grenades.

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    • However, Ultron worked on and modified the sentries in his image, so I would still say that falls Ultron tech and not HYDRA.

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    • Murali9395 wrote: However, no indication was given that Crossbones' armor was made from HYDRA, was there?

      I see. If we took the info from Captain America: Civil War Prelude Infinite Comic, it is implied that Crossbones only used his armor after he left HYDRA.

      Murali9395 wrote: However, Ultron worked on and modified the sentries in his image

      It is never stated that Ultron modified the Sentries, you can see that the Sentries already have that iconic "Ultron look" before Ultron even showed up in the movie. I don't know why they should be classified as Stark tech.

      But if you could find this article that says what piece of Stark tech it is used by Vulture's crew, that would be very helpful.

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  • Could you add all of the Fan's Guide images you uploaded to the Fan Guide gallery? Thanks

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  • I haven't seen you in a awhile on the channel i hope everything is okay with you.

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  • Hey buddy

    I've seen you edited the Scythe page and rermamed him to Dog Brother. So what's the story? I've cheched the actors istagram too, where he says the same...

    than why he used Scythes in the series?

    And what do we know about the comic book origin of this character?

    Cheers for the help!


    I'm currently working on expanding these characters and would accept any type of help, and work. My English is not the best, nor my skills to modify them correctly, so let's work as a team!




    Tina Minoru

    Lei Kung

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    • Elledy92 wrote:

      Onscreen > Credits > BTS


      I imagined that. That is why i moved the page to Love Bots, to "Robot Courtesans", because that's how they are credited in the movie.

      And with that, I witnessed another case of moving a page back and forth without discussion, even creating another page with the new name, which, as I said ad nauseam, goes against Fandom's Terms of Use.

      I will release a global message in the wiki in the following days, and if these situations need to become a blockable offense so people start following policies and simple good practices, then so be it...

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    • Seems like the matter was handled. Thanks to you all.

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    • A FANDOM user
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