"How did you do that?"
"I was born with a gift."
Leticia and Mertz[src]

Mertz is a magician who was invited to entertain for the guests. When the Watchdogs busted in during the party, his life was saved by Yo-Yo Rodriguez when he was nearly killed by Briggs, who thought him as one of the Inhumans that the Watchdogs were after.


Blackout in Miami

Mertz visited a party on a rooftop in Miami where he performed magic tricks. One of the tricks he performed for Maria, Leticia and Elena Rodriguez in which he made a cocktail umbrella disappear and reappear behind Leticia's ear. When asked how he did it he told Leticia that he was born with a gift. He soon after walked away to perform other tricks.

Following the activation of an EMP device Mertz, like most of the partygoers, watched the city turn black. Shortly after the blackout hit, a helicopter which had been effected, fell from the sky and crashed into a nearby building, exploding in a massive fireball and falling to the ground.

Together with the other partygoers Mertz followed the suggestion of Darryl following his message of a so called Inhumans attack and moved downstairs towards the lobby. As they made their way into the lobby, they were suddenly surrounded by members of the Watchdogs led by Briggs, who all charged in armed with guns. Despite Darryl trying to hand over his wallet, Briggs made it clear that they were not there for money, but to find the Inhuman who was hiding among them.

While they were all being held at gunpoint, Darryl told Briggs that Mertz was the Inhuman they were looking for, telling him about his tricks and that Mertz himself called it a gift. The watchdogs grabbed him, but even though he denied being the Inhuman ,Briggs did not believe him and punched him in the stomach to get the truth out of him. After Darryl accused Mertz of lying, Mertz explained him that it is all a slide of hands, calling him a moron. Briggs wondered if Mertz was also able to make a bullet disappear, giving one of his men the honor of making the shot. Rodriguez quickly used her powers to take his gun, which made Darryl blame Mertz. When Briggs decided to do it himself Rodriguez also took his gun.

When Rodriguez was eventually revealed to be the Inhuman, the watchdogs surrounded her and planned to execute her. Just in time Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie and Leo Fitz entered the hotel. While a brawl began Mertz was released by the Watchdogs.[1]





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