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"You're not scared for me, you're scared of me. Well, I'm done being afraid. Gonna face whatever this is, and I'm gonna save Alex."
Nico Minoru to Karolina Dean

Merry Meet Again is the sixth episode of the third season of the television series Runaways.


After being trapped in the Dark Dimension for six months, the kids must contend with the new Wizard phone craze that is sweeping the city and may hint at darker things to come.


Nico Minoru tries to reuse the spell she used to transport the Runaways into the Dark Dimension to rescue Alex Wilder, but to no avail. Since the Runaways are out of ideas to save Alex, most of them decide to enjoy a good meal to celebrate their return, with only Nico remaining in the Hostel to keep working on magical access to the Dark Dimension. While waiting for their meal, they encounter Max, a young Wizard employee freely giving out new Corvus phones. Gert Yorkes seems very interested in Max, which triggers Chase Stein's jealousy.


Enjoying their meal, the Runaways discuss their future, and Gert admits that she would like to have a normal life, starting with college studies. However, they are being interrupted when Max gets attacked by a young man he previously gave a phone which was damaged. Max is saved by Molly Hernandez, and the Runaways reclaim the broken phone, wondering why Max was almost killed over such a futile reason. Remaining with Max, Gert befriends him and they exchange their phone numbers, with Gert using a newly acquired Corvus.

Karolina Dean and Molly Hernandez discover that Leslie Dean has restarted the Church of Gibborim. While Karolina talks with Leslie, Molly meets and befriends another boy of his age, Bodhi. She also realizes that Dale Yorkes also lives on the Church's compound. Dale admits to his mistakes as Hernandez asks him about her parents' role in choosing the teenagers to be sacrificed. Hernandez also learns about Leslie's involvement in the death of her parents.

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Still looking for answers as to how to return in the Dark Dimension, Nico goes to meet her mother Tina, who tells her that Robert Minoru was not at home when she returned. Nico asks Tina for her assistance in saving Alex, but Tina is reluctant due to the dangers of the dimension. Nico threatens to go and see Morgan le Fay if Tina does not help her, but Tina strongly advises her against it. Nico then receives a text message from Robert inviting her to meet him. Nico meets with her father, and discovers that he is involved in a relationship with le Fay, who has visibly enthralled him.

Gert's use of the Corvus phone makes her incredibly irritated and aggressive. When her phone is damaged, Chase tries to repair it, but it turns into ashes as he finds a feather in it. The Runaways discuss their strange discovery, and Nico informs her teammates that le Fay is now in their world and that she wants to ask for her assistance in rescuing Alex, which Karolina strongly objects to. Nico reclaims the feather found by Chase and manages to open a small window to the Dark Dimension, from which Alex begs for help before Karolina ends the ritual out of fear that Nico will lose control.

Victor Stein and Stacey Yorkes try to recover from being possessed by the Gibborim, attending sessions at the Alien Abductee Anonymous, although Victor's attitude leaves much to be desired. Victor offers Stacey to work together on his latest inventions, causing Stacey to realize that Janet Stein's consciousness has survived in the Healing Algorithm. Meanwhile, Geoffrey Wilder has started a new life with Tamar and Xerxes Davis.

A party is held by Wizard to celebrate the worldwide launch of the Corvus phones. The Runaways go, except Hernandez who stayed longer at the Church of Gibborim. Gert goes to talk with Max, but Chase keeps acting jealous, prompting Gert to have a private conversation with him urging him to move on and see other people. Robert announces that le Fay will be the new CEO of Wizard, but Tina crashes at the party and makes a scene, slapping le Fay before being taken out. As she leaves, Tina warns Nico not to let le Fay get the Staff of One.

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Gert talks about the possible effects of the Corvus to Max, who is quite puzzled by it since he did not feel anything when using the phone. Once Gert leaves, he is confronted by Bronwyn, a witch serving le Fay, who erases his memories of what Gert told him. Nico encounters Geoffrey and Tamar at the party, and although she does not disclose where Alex is, she promises Geoffrey that she will do anything to bring him back. Meanwhile, Karolina secretly observes a witch ritual at the party before being confronted by le Fay, who states that Nico belongs to her only.

Karolina rushes to Nico to warn her of the dangers of interacting with le Fay, but Nico brushes her off, stating that Karolina is actually afraid of her. Nico then goes to see le Fay, who agrees to welcome Nico in her Coven by performing an initiation ritual. The other Runaways return to the Hostel, wondering whether le Fay's schemes could be worse than PRIDE's, and discover that Hernandez, having been left alone in the Hostel, has fallen under the influence of a Corvus phone.


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