"Arturo Rey is dead. He was found in his furniture store a few minutes ago."
Tom Ridenhour[src]

Merlin Discount Furniture is the furniture store owned by Arturo Rey III which he used as a cover for his drug trafficking business.


"What are you doing in my store?"
"Our lawyer got you out, and a judge we control allowed us to bail you out. You should show me a little more respect."
Arturo Rey III and Shades[src]

Reinventing himself after the dissolution of the Diablos, Arturo Rey III founded furniture store and became the discount furniture king of Washington Heights. Rey used furniture from his store to smuggle cocaine and heroin, which helped him to push the Colon Crime Family out of the drug business.[1]

Leaving the 29th Precinct Police Station, Rey returned to the furniture store where he was visited by Shades and Comanche who came to collect the money which he owed to Mariah Dillard. They told Rey that it was due to Benjamin Donovan that he was allowed to get free in the first place, however, Rey argued that it was due to the Hammer Industries Assault Rifle and the Judas Bullet which Shades had already sold him which had actually failed to successfully kill Luke Cage that was why he had been taken back into custody in the first place.

Arturo Rey III (Deceased)

Arturo Rey III is murdered by Shades

Rey insisted that he would no longer be doing any business with the Stokes Crime Family in the wake of the current situation and then threatened to testify against Dillard to Misty Knight. Shades initially laughed at his insults, until Rey began insulting Dillard personally which had greatly annoyed Shades. Finally, Shades lost his temper and shot Rey directly in the forehead, forcing Comanche to kill his henchmen.

New York City Police Department arrived at the store to investigate the murder of Rey. Knight attempted to recount the events and figure who killed Rey. However, she was interrupted by Nandi Tyler and Mark Bailey which reminded her that she is not allowed to enter the crime scene. Knight then called Cage, informing him about the death of Rey and later met with him outside of the store.[2]



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