Major Meredith Tredwyck is an officer of the United States Air Force.


Military Career

Meredith Tredwyck rose to the rank of Major in the United States Air Force. She was eventually stationed to work with Brigadier General Glenn Talbot.

She became known for not often changing her hair style.[1]


Major Tredwyck walked passed "Carla Talbot" in a raincoat; unknown to her, "Carla" was actually Agent 33. Agent 33 took a picture of Tredwyck with the Photostatic Veil, removed her raincoat to show a military uniform underneath, and duplicated Tredwyck's face to access the computers in the military base.[1]


Major Tredwyck and the rest of the female personnel of the base were gathered at the control room by Lieutenant Decker, under Brigadier General Glenn Talbot's orders, who knew that a woman had infiltrated the base posing as his wife.


Tredwyck is questioned by Glenn Talbot

In the control room, Talbot started to question the women. Since none of the women before her were the infiltrator, Talbot expected Major Tredwyck, the last person in the line-up, to be "the winner". In attempt to remove Agent 33's photostatic veil, Talbot grabbed Tredwyck's face and started to pull it. After a few seconds, Tredwyck asked him to stop and Talbot, now realizing she was not the infiltrator, apologized to her. Since Talbot figured out none of the women was Agent 33, they were allowed to leave.[1]




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