"The Merchant Tribe will not challenge today."
Merchant Tribe Elder to Zuri[src]

The Masu, commonly referred as Makers or Merchant Tribe[1], are a Wakandan tribe.


In the prehistory of Wakanda, the ancestors of the Merchant Tribe fought for the possession of the lands against other tribes for many years. The tribe eventually merged with another tribe and formed the larger Masu people, although they remained commonly referred as Merchant Tribe.[1]

When the warrior-shaman Bashenga put an end to the conflict, the tribe settled down on the northern side of the country and participated in creating the kingdom.

During the Incoronation of T'Challa, the Merchant Tribe's exponents chose not to present an opponent for the throne.[2]

Cultural Traits

The Merchant Tribe traditional color is purple. They are responsible for most of Wakanda's trades and craft of clothing, artifacts and pieces of art. The members of the Merchant Tribe typically wear a veil during a trade to maintain anonymity.[1]



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