"We call it the Memory Inhibitor."
Aloysius Samberly[src]

The Memory Inhibitor is a device that erases a person's short-term memory.


Aloysius Samberly offered the Memory Inhibitor when Chief Daniel Sousa and Agent Peggy Carter asked for technology they could use on a mission. When he tried to demonstrate how it worked on Sousa, Sousa quickly refused. Samberly then told them that Jerry was used for testing, though he did not remember; Samberly warned not to use the device too often on a subject because of possible brain damage.


Hugh Jones' memory is wiped

Carter later used the device several times on Hugh Jones, who had caught her sneaking around his office. The second usage caused Jones to briefly pass out.[1] The Memory Inhibitor was used by Vernon Masters on Jack Thompson when he had caught him stealing the uranium rods out of the Auerbach Theatrical Agency for Whitney Frost.[2]


"You place it like so."
"Well, you put it to the subject's temples. It disrupts the pathway of the prefrontal lobes. It makes them forget the last two minutes."
Aloysius Samberly and Daniel Sousa[src]

When placed on a person's temples, the Memory Inhibitor makes them forget the last two minutes by disrupting the pathway of the prefrontal lobes. If used too many times on the same person, it can cause brain damage.


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