"No one's supposed to be here, in... in the shop, unless he brings them."
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Melvin Potter's Workshop is a small garage where Melvin Potter has established his work area to create his designs. The workshop is also where he sleeps.


Protecting Leland Owlsley


Wilson Fisk took Leland Owlsley to the workshop where Melvin Potter following the attack on Owlsley by the man in the black mask, so that Potter could build a reinforced suit for Owlsley similar to the ones Fisk always wore.

Owlsley complained for the noticeable bruise in his face that did not allow him to go to work at his office, and the fear he felt while the masked man was still on the loose. Owlsley explained how he had to tell his own son Lee not to come to New York City.

Fisk apologized for attack, but Owlsley then complained again to Potter, as he felt that the suit itched. Fisk assured him that the suit would protect him, but Owlsley was more concerned about its strange smell, asking Potter what was the suit coated with. Potter started to explain that the suit used a combination of polyethylene, glycol and silicate to form hydro-clusters when impacted by kinetic energy, but Owlsley dismissed him by saying that he used a 46 size.


Fisk told Potter that it would be all and thanked him for his services. As Potter left, Owlsley pointed that Potter was half an idiot, talking about his mental health issues, but Fisk assured him that it was the other half of Potter, that of a brilliant inventor, that counted.

Owlsley then returned to the subject of how to deal with the masked man, as he already knew who Owlsley was, and Fisk proposed to move Owlsley to a safe place and put six men on him as security. Owlsley proposed to be a dozen, as if the masked man did something to him, Fisk would lose lots of money. Fisk believed it was a threat, but Owlsley simply said that he was just stating something obvious, something he believed was not necessary with Fisk.

James Wesley entered the room and informed that Christian Blake had already been killed, but the masked man was able to incapacitate the man they sent to kill him, Carl Hoffman, and while he was unconscious, Blake had the opportunity to talk to him.

However, Wesley explained that Hoffman was able to frame the man in the mask for Blake's death, so nobody would be able to link Hoffman or Fisk to that death. Owlsley asked how much Hoffman knew about their operation, and Fisk assured that they were taking care of it. Owlsley warned Fisk that the situation was indeed being handled, but not by him.[1]

Infiltration into Melvin Potter's Workshop


The man in the black mask infiltrated into the workshop owned by Melvin Potter through a trapdoor. He began to examine the items that Potter had inside, hoping to find a sample of the body armor worn by Wilson Fisk. The masked man came across some samples of cloth, until finding what he was looking for on a mannequin.

At that moment, Potter returned to the workshop, opening the shatter door and alerting the masked man of his return. Potter left a machinery piece he acquired and went on to grab a chocomilk, when he realized that the vest on the mannequin had been touched in his absence.

Potter turned around and saw the masked man behind him, so Potter warned him that he should not be there. The masked man asked Potter if he worked for Fisk, but instead of being intimidated, Potter attacked the masked man, managing to gain the upper hand in the initial attack when the masked man suffered pain from a recent wound in his stomach.

Potter hit the masked man's head against a table, and grabbed by his head, warning him again that he should not be here. Potter then threw him to the floor, but the masked man retaliated and they both exchanged blows, until Potter complained that hitting him on the face had not been nice.

Potter grabbed a saw blades from Kaxton Industries and threw it to the masked man, who easily avoided it, and then grabbed a hammer and tried to hit him with it. Potter ended up throwing the masked man on a table, and grabbed a chain to strangle him. Potter dragged the masked man through the workshop, but he managed to free himself and used the same chain to restrain Potter until he fell to the floor.

Potter began to cry, saying again that the masked man should not be here, and Fisk would be mad and hurt Betsy Beatty. The masked man, realizing the truth about Potter, asked who Beatty was. Potter explained that Beatty was a nice woman who helped him when he got confused.

Potter also explained that he worked there and no one was supposed to go unless Fisk brought them, and that he worked for Fisk, despite he refused at first because Beatty did not want him to work for such a man, so Fisk then threatened to hurt Beatty.

The masked man apologized and even empathized with him, saying that Fisk had also hurt people he cared about. Potter asked if Fisk forced the masked man to work for him, but the man revealed that he wanted to stop Fisk and prevent him for hurting anyone else, including Beatty.

The masked man then asked if Potter created a suit for Fisk with the material on the mannequin, and Potter revealed he created may, and that he used them to keep him safe. The masked man then asked to create something for him with the same material, promising in return to use it to get Fisk out of Potter's life so Beatty would be safe.

Potter asked if he wanted a suit, but he said he did not, as he wanted something very special, a symbol.[2]

New Suit


The man in the mask went to visit Melvin Potter at his workshop to retrieve the armored suit that Potter had created for him. Potter presented the suit, explaining that he had not enough time to get all the suit through the process, and as such, the black parts are the most reinforced ones, while the red parts might deflect knives or not depending on the angle.

The masked man touched the suit and thanked Potter, saying that the suit would be fine. However, before letting the masked man have it, Potter asked if now Betsy Beatty would be safe from Wilson Fisk. The masked man assured Potter that he intended to keep the promise he made to him.[3]

Burned by Potter

"I've been to the workshop. It's been burned down."
"Yeah, I burned it down, because I didn't want to help Fisk, but he made me a new shop and he threatened Betsy."
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  • Among the items inside Melvin Potter's workshop, there are a few Easter Eggs that come from the comics:


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