"I've been to the workshop. It's been burned down."
"Yeah, I burned it down, because I didn't want to help Fisk, but he made me a new shop and he threatened Betsy Beatty"
Daredevil and Melvin Potter[src]

Melvin Potter's New Workshop is a small section within a warehouse where Melvin Potter has re-established his work area to create his designs.


Built by Wilson Fisk

Melvin Potter destroyed his previous workshop, as he did not want to assist Wilson Fisk again. However, Fisk built him the new workshop and threatened his girlfriend, Betsy Beatty. Potter created two new suits of the Daredevil suit. One of the suits would be used by Benjamin Poindexter to attack the New York Bulletin.

Confronted by Daredevil

Daredevil confronted Melvin Potter, once discovering the creation of the suits. Potter took Daredevil back to his workshop, where he attempted to lock him up. However, Daredevil broke free and fought with Potter. Noticing commotion, their fight was cut off by the FBI, once Potter revealed the second suit, stashed at the workshop. Confessing toward him, Potter was employed to frame Daredevil for the acts of Benjamin Poindexter at the New York Bulletin. Potter and Daredevil fought the FBI agents until Potter was arrested.[1]


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