"We'll be hiring our own team to do the looking."
"That's your prerogative. We have nothing to hide. But if you do manage to establish a connection to the emissions from that plant our company still followed the law."
"Then the laws are wrong."
―Melvin Ortiz and Joy Meachum[src]

Melvin Ortiz is a lawyer hired by Regina Fitzgerald in her lawsuit against Rand Enterprises.


"So it's just a coincidence that all the victims live within a one-mile radius of your facility?"
"We have been compliant with every applicable environmental law and regulation. I'm afraid you're looking for something that isn't there."
―Melvin Ortiz and Joy Meachum[src]

Ortiz and Fitzgerald meets with Rand Enterprises

Melvin Ortiz was hired by Regina Fitzgerald as her lawyer after her son was diagnosed with cancer seemingly because of Rand Enterprises Chemical Plant on Staten Island. At Rand Enterprises Building, they met with Joy Meachum and her lawyers. She issued them reports from federal, state, and local agencies which proves the safety of the plant. Ortiz stated that he had a 15 documented cancer diagnoses that refute her words. Meachum continued to deny Rand Enterprises' implication with it. Ortiz noticed that all victims lived within a one-mile radius of the plant and promised to hire an independent team to inspect the facility. When Fitzgerald started crying at the meeting, Ortiz comforted her and Meachum finished the meeting.

Outside of the building, Fitzgerald who talked with Ortiz approached Danny Rand. She showed him a photo of her son as Rand was stunted and inquired before Fitzgerald explained that her son got cancer from the plant. Rand apologized and promised to make it right. Meanwhile, Ortiz filmed his apologies nearby to help with their legal case.[1]






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