"I don't have an autopsy report."

Medical Examiner Meltzer was a coroner in the city of Los Angeles. He was tasked with performing the autopsy of Jane Scott, but died after prolonged exposure to her body.


Lady of the Lake Killer

Medical Examiner Meltzer was employed by the Los Angeles Police Department; in 1945, he did autopsies on the two women killed by the Lady of the Lake Killer. One of the idiosyncrasies he found was that the Killer switched the shoes of his victims, putting the right shoe on the left foot. This information though was not released to the press for public knowledge.[1]

Jane Scott

In 1947, Meltzer was brought the frozen body of Jane Scott, found in a frozen lake in Echo Park on the hottest day of the year. Meltzer noticed that Scott's shoes had the signature style of the Lady of the Lake Killer; they were on the wrong feet. Since the body was frozen solid all the way throughout, Meltzer activated various heating devices to melt the ice without damaging the body. Meltzer was forced to wear a heavy coat since the autopsy room became frigid.[1]

No Report

Los Angeles Police Detective Andrew Henry and Strategic Scientific Reserve Agents Daniel Sousa and Peggy Carter came to Meltzer to learn of his discoveries with the body of Jane Scott; Meltzer explained his findings about the shoes and the difficulties that the body gave by being solidly frozen. He told them that he wished they had called first, because he could have given them that same information over the phone. Everyone noted how cold the room was despite all the heaters. Meltzer said that they would have to wait for the results unless they had a chisel which could possibly damage the body and keep cause of death from being determined. Meltzer did show the three however that the body glowed in the dark.[1]


Meltzer continued working on the body of Jane Scott; he learned and placed in his report that Scott was stabbed and her shoes were switched after she was frozen. Eventually, Meltzer froze to death.

Daniel Sousa and Peggy Carter, with Andrew Henry and Isodyne Energy scientist Jason Wilkes, came to see what progress had occurred. Meltzer did not answer when his name was called. Henry touched the frozen mass and it fell to ground, shattering.[1]




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