"This is my Melting Stick. Yeah, if people displease me, I can melt them."

The Melt Stick is a powerful weapon used by the Grandmaster to execute whoever committed a capital offense on Sakaar.


"Why are you handing me the Melt Stick? He was interrupting. That’s not a capital violation."
The Melt Stick was carried around by Topaz, the Grandmaster's bodyguard. When Carlo committed capital offense against the Grandmaster, he was trapped and executed by his cousin with the Melt Stick. While slowly melting on the ground, he begged Thor for help. The Melt Stick was later offered to the Grandmaster to kill Loki with, but he refused, feeling this would be an overreaction.[1]


"What does it smell like?"
"Burnt toast."
Grandmaster and Topaz[src]
When used the Melt Stick has the ability to slowly disintegrate physical matter. It is a very slow and painful process to the victim.

Effects of the Melt Stick.


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