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"You were right, our programming is different. Are you afraid to die? 'Cause I am. I know I'm not real. I'm all phantom limbs. But that doesn't make the pain less real."
"You don't have to feel pain."
"You say you don't anymore. But that pain, that regret, that's what made you a person, a person I love."
―Melinda May LMD and Phil Coulson LMD[src]

Melinda May was the Life-Model Decoy of the real Melinda May, created by Holden Radcliffe and Aida with the secret mission to find the Darkhold. However, the May LMD was unaware of her true mission, living several days as the real May before discovering her true purpose. The shock of realizing she was not the real May put doubts in the machine's head until she eventually decided to sacrifice her own life in order to protect both Quake and Jemma Simmons from the other LMDs which had been sent in.


Serving a Purpose

Hunting the Darkhold

"After today they're never gonna let me near it again. Which is why I'm counting on her to get it for me."
Holden Radcliffe on LMD Melinda May[src]

Melinda May's LMD ready to be activated

Created by Holden Radcliffe and the android Aida, the LMD version of Agent Melinda May was designed with the single mission of finding and stealing the Darkhold for Radcliffe, who had become obsessed by the answers it held. While being kept hidden away within the Radcliffe Residence, the May LMD was then eventually discovered by the real Agent May who had been sent by Jeffrey Mace to collect Aida. Before May could even react to discovered the naked LMD version of herself, she was then confronted and sedated by Aida under the orders of Radcliffe. The LMD May was then given May's clothes and sent to continue the mission.[5]

May's LMD arrives onboard Zephyr One

The May LMD then took place of the real May without any of May's colleagues at S.H.I.E.L.D. noticing the deception. Even LMD May did not know she was an android as Radcliffe ensured that her Quantum Brain was given a full scan of all May's own memories and emotions, without any knowledge of her true mission, which would activate only when she reclaimed the Darkhold. May then took Aida and regrouped with S.H.I.E.L.D. onboard Zephyr One where they continued planning their new mission, with Phil Coulson greeting them all there and then flirting with May's LMD without noticing the change.

May watches Ghost Rider's disappearance

As part of her mission, May's LMD followed her team in raiding the Chinatown Crew's headquarters, using the skills she gained from the real May's training to subdue the many soldiers, while also working with Alphonso Mackenzie as Yo-Yo Rodriguez used her super-speed to give them all the edge in the battle. While the Patriot led the fight and soon defeated the Chinatown Crew, LMD May watched from a distance as Coulson attempted to save Ghost Rider before he then got sucked into a portal into the Multiverse, seemingly disappearing forever while they all watched in complete utter shock.

May's LMD shares a drink with Phil Coulson

Following the successful defeat of Eli Morrow's plans for a city wide disaster, the LMD May returned to the Playground where she drank a glass of Haig whiskey with Phil Coulson, all while claiming that she was exactly where she wanted to be, by Coulson's side. While May's LMD continued celebrating and flirting with Coulson, Aida was forced to murder agent Nathan B. Nathanson when he accidentally discovered the real May's hiding place within the Radcliffe Residence. Aida and Radcliffe watched the LMD's activities through her Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant while keeping May in the Framework in order to keep her both calm and unharmed throughout the experience.[6]

Fighting Aida

"Just sent Aida's photos out to local authorities."
―Melinda May LMD[src]

LMD May was present in Jeffrey Mace's office as he and Coulson explained that they would transfer the Darkhold away from them. After Aida escaped from S.H.I.E.L.D., they tried to locate her. LMD May asked Coulson if he had found her, he answered that he had not. Alphonso Mackenzie asked if Aida had really killed Nathan B. Nathanson, so LMD May said that maybe he had seen something he was not supposed to see. Leo Fitz and Radcliffe arrived and theorized that it could be the Darkhold's fault for Aida's contraption. LMD May said that she should not had let Aida to read the book.

LMD reported that she had sent Aida's photos to the local authorities. Suddenly, the Playground was under attack by Aida, as she entered the base system. As LMD May and Coulson went to secure the base, they encountered Aida, who quickly knocked out Coulson. LMD May said she would not get the book, but Aida switches LMD May to sleep mode and cut her face. LMD May waked inside a closed room with Coulson. After Coulson broke the security camera, he and LMD May chatted. Coulson revealed to her that he hid the book in Mace's office and clocked it. Once the door opened, they went for Aida and found her with the Darkhold talking to Fitz and Radcliffe. As they confront her, Mackenzie supersized her by heading her with his Shotgun-Axe. Unbeknownst to LMD May, Radcliffe planned to use LMD May to get the Darkhold for him.[7]

Learning the Truth

"I just can't shake this feeling something's off."
―Melinda May LMD to Daisy Johnson[src]

At the Playground, LMD May spoke with Glenn Talbot about the attempted assassination on Jeffrey Mace. She told Jemma Simmons that Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie were taking him to a safe house, and then asked Talbot who was the shooter working for. Talbot said to LMD May that she need to question him with Daisy Johnson. Johnson, however, did not make Yuri Zaikin to talk. LMD May said that he tried to protect someone, but Zaikin said that he had expected the attempt to fail. After learning that the Quinjet with Mace, Coulson, Mackenzie on it, had crashed, LMD May, Johnson and Simmons entered Mace's office to ask Talbot for answers. LMD May asked permission to lead a team on Zephyr One to search for the three.

May and Daisy Johnson sitting inside Lola

On the plane, LMD May sat inside Lola. Johnson came to update her that they were getting closer to the crash site. She then asked her if Coulson had ever let her to drive Lola. Having Melinda May's memories, LMD May said that during one mission a long time ago he had. Agent James Davis came and told the two that they found no Quinjet. Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons communicate with the two and told them that the Quinjet had crashed in another state. LMD May said that Mace hopefully could handle the thugs hired by the Watchdogs, but Fitz revealed to her that Mace was actually not an Inhuman.

May discovering her own robotic insides

LMD May and Johnson arrived at the crash site and helped Mace, Coulson and Mackenzie to defeat the thugs. After the battle, LMD May noticed that under her wounded skin there were cables.[1]

Reunion with Mace and Talbot

After getting dressed and checking that the wound was well hidden, LMD May went to the meeting with Mace and Talbot, to whom she wants to show the world who Johnson was, but Mace says Johnson herself represents S.H.I.E.L.D. and that it was necessary to act immediately in the open, but Simmons replied that having her taken to parliament to have her sign the Sokovia Accords in the presence of Nadeer was a bad idea and Mace replied that she had to face this racist risk, to which Johnson accepted, telling her that all right. Simmons, however, said that she no longer recognized her than she, Johnson, not even Coulson himself, who allowed her to do this madness.

The latter explained to everyone that Nadeer and his staff were out of the office and also said that they would take advantage of this advantage with Rodriguez bugging his office, using his super speed, in order to anticipate every single move. her, which Talbot disagreed with, saying that S.H.I.E.L.D. is now it is legitimate and it had to be blameless.

Coulson, however, reminded him of what he did with Mace, that they had injected him with the Patriot Serum to make him pretend an Inhuman, letting him know that he had reacted exactly like that, to the problems they had and also said that they were the S.H.I.EL.D. and that they had to prevent everything, despite Talbot putting Mace in charge.

Talbot contradicted him, as they were talking about politics, although he hated it too, causing Coulson to order Talbot and Mace to deal with politics while the others would do the rest and Coulson asked LMD May if he was with them, to which the latter said it was always there.[5]

Reunion with Fitz

After attending the meeting, LMD May went to Fitz to ask him about Aida, for the safety report on the incident, asking him how aware he was of whatever act he was about to do before doing it and if he could stop. Fitz, then, sensed that it was not only for the report, that she had come to him, but also to discuss herself, because she had ordered Aida to read the Darkhold and that Fitz himself had also asked himself the same questions and this. Lastly, he told LMD May that he had done what needed to be done, even though it was difficult.

She said that, although it was difficult, it was her job to save Fitz himself and Coulson from the Hell Dimension and the latter said she was like that, which she laughed at, before leaving the laboratory.[5]

Failed Mission

After Coulson and Rodriguez managed to bug Nadeer's office, the former told Simmons and LMD May that they were broadcasting the images, but the tablet shut down and the former asked the second what happened. They later discovered that Nadeer had foreseen everything, using an EMP device and had sent agents to arrest Coulson and Rodriguez.

LMD May wanted to know how it had happened, but she was perfectly certain that someone was betraying them on this base, which Simmons was very much in agreement with, before angrily seeing that Fitz was studying on Aida even though he was forbidden. and tried to explain to him that what he was doing was an obsession and asked him if he had turned on Aida's eye receptors and Fitz did not deny having turned them on, but what he was doing was not an obsession and he was not mistaken about where she was going and Simmons said that they had given Radcliffe the Deathlok technology and that Aida had it in her head and that the latter, thanks to the cameras, spied on them all the time and that she mapped the whole base and that she sent everyone to Nadeer. the details of the mission so that he would know, despite Fitz saying he was not at the Briefing and Simmons accused him of being the mole in S.H.I.E.L.D. and Fitz yelled at her that it was not an obsession, the work on Aida, but a thorough investigation.[5]

Discussion with Holden Radcliffe

LMD May, after hearing Fitz-Simmons' discussion of what they did to her, rushed over to Radcliffe, asking her what he had done to her, but the latter asked her how she understood it and LMD May told him that she had discovered by hurting herself, about her true nature and that she was not an idiot, that Radcliffe suspected she was hurting, but that there was not enough time and asked her what she had felt and if she felt the pain, but LMD May asked to Radcliffe with anger how much of her there was in herself and even said that she was.

The latter said that the real Melinda May was fine and alive and in good health and that she was under her protection, but May told him that she had made him spy on all her friends, thanks to the cameras installed in her eyes, to which Radcliffe mockingly commented on her tenderness towards them, then assured her that the story would end well, to which LMD May said she didn't know at all, swearing it would end badly for him, as she intended to tell Coulson, to which Radcliffe said he would never tell him, as he had a scheduled mission that would activate at the right time, calling that thing instinct and that he couldn't sabotage it in any other way.

LMD May asked him what his mission was and Radcliffe told her that he had sent her to the Playground as if nothing had happened, because it was more natural and that she did not want certain things to distract her, that LMD May herself did not know where they had ended up. the memories of the real May and where her coding begins and that all of this was one.

The latter denied what Radcliffe himself was saying, but he told her it was the truth and that he knew it wasn't easy for her to accept such a thing, but LMD May swore there was enough of the real May in her to do what needed to be done, so he tried to kill him, but stopped abruptly, as he couldn't kill his creator, due to his programming.

LMD May then asked Radcliffe if he had programmed her not to tell anyone, not even Coulson what she was, but the latter kindly told her that he had programmed her so that she would not want to tell and advised her not to. hold on and do what she really wants to do and she asked him what he wanted, but Radcliffe told her she already knew the answer and LMD May told him she didn't know him at all.

Radcliffe then revealed to her that he had examined her brain and knew what she wanted, or rather, who she wanted, namely Coulson, revealing what she had seen about the fact that they had always been linked, but tried to resist and asked her why she was doing that, as she could be happy and be who she is, asking her to drop honor and duty, to which LMD May said she was wrong, to which Radcliffe agreed, but said the real May she can't feel any better, as she was fighting a conflict she had already lost in the past in order to rejoice and asked her if that was what the real May wanted.

Suddenly, however, the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. broke into Radcliffe Residence, along with Coulson and Fitz-Simmons and Radcliffe himself asked the second what was happening, but Simmons asked him if he believed they hadn't found out, telling him that Fitz suspected Aida's betrayal was not because she had it changed the Darkhold, but that she had programmed it to do so. Coulson asked LMD May what she was doing here, but due to Radcliffe's programming, she couldn't say what it was, but she still managed to get her to arrest him, telling him that a sentence from Fitz had made her think, while he was trying to investigate the failed mission on Nadeer and who the mole was and that the truth had emerged, to which Coulson told the agents to take him away.[5]

Discussion with Coulson

After Radcliffe's arrest, LMD May saw Coulson who was dejected and gray and advised him to drink, seeing that it was a bad day for him, to which Coulson corrected her by telling her it was more of a kick in the balls, rather than saying a bad day, since he did not know that it would not end there, given the latest events today and that Talbot was right about everything, having behaved like an unconscious, instead of listening to him, which LMD May gave him reason for his attitude, but he was for a good cause if he did so and told him that they were what they must be, even if there are flaws.[5]

Kidnapping of Billy Koenig

S.H.I.E.L.D. got a call from Sam Koenig, saying that his twin brother, Billy, has been kidnapped and, upon learning of this, they flew to the Zephyr One and Coulson recounted what happened to Billy, explaining that the reason for this was the Darkhold, to whom Coulson had given it to Billy because he knew how to make dangerous objects disappear and that someone had kidnapped him to find out where he was, to which LMD May said it was no coincidence and that only May knew he had given it to Billy and who knew who to blame, namely Radcliffe, as he'd been trying to get hold of the book and had had eyes and ears in the base for so long, unaware that LMD May herself was the spy, having cameras hidden in her eyes, and Coulson he was amazed at the real feat of kidnapping a Koenig.

Johnson, however, said they wouldn't find them so easily, as they look so much alike, but Coulson said Nadeer herself may have located him, as Radcliffe had allied with her. Johnson, however, asked why she had allied herself with an enemy of the Inhumans, as she was not angry with them and Coulson said it was a means to an end, in need of protection and Davis said the Quinjet would dock in a short time, after they picked up Sam. Coulson hopes Sam might have some information on Billy and said that if they found him, they would find Nadeer and LMD May asked what will become of Radcliffe, to which Coulson replied that Fitz himself was working on it.

After Sam Koenig landed on the Zephyr and said goodbye, Coulson asked if there was any news about his brother and Sam told him that he had found the kidnappers' car at the dock, but it was empty, which he suspected they had dived into.[2]

Reunion with Coulson and investigation of the Russians

LMD May asked Coulson what he had done with the Darkhold, but the latter said he didn't want to know, which is why he gave it to Billy and she replied that they had to retrieve it immediately and destroy it and that she had to entrust it to her, but Coulson he made it clear that if he entrusted him to her, she would be kidnapped and that he wanted to protect her, taking advantage of the advantage that the Koenigs knew how to move. LMD May told him that he couldn't protect her forever, but Coulson replied that he couldn't lose her, having lost so many agents.

After arriving at the control center, Johnson said they were Russians, the killers who had attacked the director and that there was a connection and Sam asked what they wanted from Billy and Coulson replied that they didn't want the latter, but an object that he had given to him and was confidential and was smaller than a Quinjet and ordered Johnson, after finding the face of one of the Russians, to activate facial recognition, so as to find out who he is and find a lead, what who did and finally found a correspondence of that man, named Leo Babikov, of the SVR and special operations and they were of the same division who wanted to assassinate the director, finally connecting them to Nadeer, but discovering, at the same time, that they were also related to Prime Minister Olshenko, to whom LMD May reminded him that he was the Russian Prime Minister attacked by an Inhuman and that he wanted to kill Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter because they had saved his life, as a reward for their actions.

Coulson connected that Ellen Nadeer, the Watchdogs and the Russian spies were united by the fierce hatred they felt for the Inhumans and Sam willingly confessed that it was for this reason that they wanted the Darkhold: to show them how to exterminate the inhumans in one shot, thus revealing that Sam knew from the start that Billy had it, but couldn't reveal it, with all the agents accidentally eavesdropping LMD May took advantage, then, to ask him what he had done with it and Sam said he was safe.

LMD May asked Sam where the Darkhold was, but Sam said he doesn't know, despite having given it to him, not even where it was hidden, but he didn't have it, repeating to LMD that he had given it to Agent Koenig, that it was not Billy, but LT, who was not just any Koenig, but the first agent among them and that the LT herself had brought them into S.H.I.E.L.D., who Coulson ordered to retrieve LT immediately, as none of the Koenig family were safe, now.[2]

Relief of LT Koenig

After obtaining the information from Sam about LT's whereabouts, Davis and Johnson went to the room where he was staying, to which LMD May asked via microphone if he was there, as LT was last seen, to which Johnson said that he was not there, seeing some guys with a pigtail and one with an absurd mustache.

Coulson, after arriving at LMD May with her favorite green tea, asked if there was any news, to which she said there weren't, yet, to which Coulson replied that she hoped for the mission and that she trusted the Koenig, due to their toughness, but having been through a lot, to which LMD May told them that they too had done the same and that it was the game of life in S.H.I.E.L.D..

Coulson said they should be grateful to themselves, as after all these years, the missions and the dangers escaped and their deaths, they were still standing ready to fight, to which he told LMD they had to toast and LMD May. he told him that they had made a lot of toasts in this last period and that they had to find something else besides drinking.

Coulson and May started to kiss, but Johnson told the two of them to come to the club, as they had found a Koenig like Sam and Billy and arrived just in time to stop a woman, who turned out to be LT Koenig, from creating a fight. and the Koenig who was speaking into the microphone got so mad at his sister that he was ruining the show for him, to which she said he was ruining it himself and, despite Coulson saying they were from S.H.I.E.L.D., LT's brother continued screaming and yelling, until his sister put him to bed with an I.C.E.R. and asked Coulson what they were doing here, to which he told that his brother Sam had sent them and that Billy was in trouble and they too and LMD May asked him who the other Koenig was, to whom LT told his name was Thurston.[2]

Darkhold's Research

When they got back to the Zephyr One, LMD May was forced to listen to the Koenigs arguing with each other and seeing the family hug, to which she laughed silently, and Thurston said he wanted to go home, but Coulson stopped him, until they cleared up. things, asking him to go to his bunk and that if he needed something he had to ask.

LMD May also heard Johnson say that she managed to get a lead on Billy that the Russians, after leaving the SVR, were hired as security guards for an arms company run by Anton Ivanov, who was an industrialist loner with interests all over the planet and that could be him, Ellen Nadeer's financier. Johnson also said that Ivanon was a collector of antiques of military origin, such as guns, tanks and a submarine and that if they could find him, they would find Billy and manage to put Nadeer in jail.

Sam asked LT if the Darkhold was safe, but she said she gave it to Billy, to which everyone was amazed and she told about Operation Hot Potato, to which they had to move the item back and forth continuously and Billy, given that he was the last to have it, put it in the maze, to which LMD May asked what it was and LT replied that it was a S.H.I.E.L.D. vault and that only they know where it is and Coulson said they had to get to that vault first of them, before they get there with Billy's information.[2]

Found Out

"Where's the real May?"
"I am the real May! Her thoughts, her memories, her desires... That's all real."
Phil Coulson and Melinda May LMD[src]

Upon arriving at the vault, which is hidden inside a library, Sam told LT to stake out alongside Quake and LMD May and asked Coulson to come with him, but LMD May, having his secret mission in recovering the Darkhold, decided to go with Coulson and Sam and the latter, after arriving at the secret door asked Coulson and LMD May to turn around, so as not to see the code to open the door and asked to stay there, as soon as the door opened and that he would be back immediately.

While they waited for Sam, LMD May asked Coulson if he had read many books and the latter said that it would be nice to be brains if he wanted to read them all and that he had never read Ulysses, telling LMD May that he had dreamed of getting himself a nice vacation to go to Ireland and read it in a club and the latter told him they could do it together, one day, to which he accepted, although he said it was a nerdy holiday and LMD May asked him if he was serious, seriously fact that he was ready to start a relationship between them, to which he replied with a passionate kiss, which was interrupted by LT, who said there were three gunmen holding Billy hostage and Sam handed the briefcase to LMD May, while Sam himself, LT and Quake thought of them.

Suddenly, when given the briefcase, Radcliffe's programming, which she set to LMD May, kicked in, when Coulson asked her to give the briefcase and that LMD May herself must not be a target, to which she, in response, pointed the gun at him, saying he couldn't and that he was doing the right thing and asked him to leave her alone, that she would take care of it and Coulson said the plan was to destroy him and that he had to lower the gun, but LMD May said clearly he couldn't give it to him.

Coulson then suspected that May had been replaced by Radcliffe, as what she was doing was against her wishes and schedule and that certain things cannot be faked and asked her how long this had been going on and if Radcliffe had programmed her to do this and LMD May told him she didn't know the mission, until he found it in his hands and Coulson asked her where the real May was, to whom she said it was her, since has his memories, thoughts and desires and that it was all true, but Coulson told her that the real May would never betray him, to which LMD May, in her reply, said that Radcliffe had made some changes and, before she could kill him, Johnson arrived just in time to save Coulson, revealing that she too knew he was an android, as she had been warned by Fitz-Simmons that she was one, having studied Radcliffe, and, with her powers, it damaged LMD May enough to break her a one leg and tore off her hands Darkhold before she could do anything, trying to escape and LMD May was desperate for not having taken the Darkhold.

LMD May, being injured, tried to ask for help and Billy came to her rescue, after hearing his cries, which the latter had the Darkhold and May made him faint by making him hit his head on the ground, snatching the book from his hands but , all of a sudden Radcliffe arrived, congratulating her on the mission accomplished, revealing to her that it was to take the Darkhold, the task he had to perform and that he will be forever grateful for helping him.

LMD May asked him to come with him, pleading with him, but Radcliffe said she wasn't meant to last now that she had achieved her purpose, leaving her to her fate.

LMD's body was found along with an unconscious Billy, during which they deactivated it and was brought back to base, near the incinerator, where the remains of Aida's severed head and the robotic body of Holden Radcliffe were burned, to which Mackenzie hoped that was the last, but Fitz said there was still one, namely LMD May and that they couldn't destroy her and also said that if they didn't find the real Melinda May, her robotic body would be all that was left of her, while Coulson was hunched over her robotic bedside and Johnson swore to her that they would do all they could to find May.

Later, LMD May's body was placed in a body bag and hidden in her office, leaving it deactivated for several days.[2]


"The simple life. Now we can have that."
"Are you saying we'll eventually be able to be... together?"
"I'm saying that in the Framework, we already are."
Phil Coulson LMD and Melinda May LMD[src]

May's robotic body was unearthed by Coulson himself a few days later and the latter, after opening the body bag, successfully reactivated it, to which LMD May was surprised to see it and Coulson said they had waited a long time and, for his taste, it was too long, at which LMD May smiled with glee.

LMD May, while he was waiting for Coulson, looked at the snow from the window, to which he told the latter, when he entered the office, that the snow reminded him of many things, when he was little, for example when he had skated in the neighbor's pond in a period of stay in the French Alps, but that it was the first time he had seen her fall to the ground and Coulson told her that his phantom limb, in winter, was very painful, but that he no longer felt pain now and that he did not felt so much better for so many years, showing LMD May his undamaged arm, revealing to her, to her horror, that he too had been replaced as her in the form of a Life-Model Decoy and asked him what Radcliffe did and that she was stuck in her office, not out of fear of what LMD May would do, but that they may discover LMD Coulson himself, despite his attempts to calm her down, telling her that everything was fine and that they would help the other agents as well have a life better and that was a beautiful thing, what they were doing.

LMD May, however, asked him how he could think these things seriously and LMD Coulson replied that her own program was different from that of LMD May herself and that she had discovered, after almost a month, that she had been replaced, that she was feeling deceived and that every certainty had collapsed, while instead Coulson, despite his programming, still had his mind and his ability to think and reason and that he knew well what it was and, above all, had an awareness that she still did not owned and LMD May asked what it was.

LMD Coulson, then, said that the body was not as important as she believed, revealing to her that Radcliffe had created, through the Framework, a virtual world equal to the real one, identical and in every minimum molecular structure, but less painful for everyone and he asked a LMD May how it felt if the user's big regret going into it was erased, to which she replied that she knew well, but wanted to find out from LMD Coulson if she had any regrets.

The latter, then, replied that he has always wondered what life he would have had, if he had not entered the S.H.I.E.L.D. and how many deaths and suffering she has seen over the course of her career in this organization, telling her that it is since then that her regrets are piling up and that she would like to live a normal life as a civilian commune and told LMD May that they can now to be able to have that life they have so desperately dreamed of and she asked him if in that virtual world they can stay together for eternity, to which LMD Coulson said they already were.[8]

Capturing and Releasing Daisy and Simmons

"May, think about what you're doing."
"I am. Or... processing, I should say."
Daisy Johnson and Melinda May LMD[src]

LMD May, meanwhile, had heard some explosions and asked LMD Coulson, when he entered the office, asking if they were okay and the latter said that she had to take the field and that her time had come, to which LMD May asked what he had to do but, before he had an answer, the lights were turned off, but LMD Coulson, seeing us well in the dark, ordered LMD May to go to the front door with explosives attached to a bent, in order to detonate the whole base and whoever came out of that door.

When Johnson and Simmons opened the door to the Playground Hangar, they found LMD May waiting for them and she notified Coulson that she had found them. Johnson desperately begged LMD May to think about what she does, to which she said she was processing it and Simmons asked her if she really thought they had to die and LMD May said LMD Coulson didn't care, and Johnson replied that the real Coulson she would never say that and LMD May said she wouldn't regret her decision, in this case, making them believe she killed them, but to Johnson and Simmons' surprise, she let them go and helped them escape while keeping LMD busy Coulson.[8]


Coulson is threatened by Melinda May's LMD

"My programming was to get the Darkhold; that came from Radcliffe. But my impulse to keep Coulson safe and close, that desire... that came from me."
"That's good."
"And I'm sorry to say... you're not him."
―Melinda May LMD and Phil Coulson LMD[src]

After Coulson found out that May had helped Simmons and Quake, he confronted May. When Coulson asked why, May told him that it was because she wanted to. Seeing the danger, Coulson's LMD tried to calm May by telling her everything was under control and inviting her to drink scotch with him, only for May to question who was really in control of them and reminding him that they, as robot doubles, had never drunk scotch together, with Coulson seeing that May's finger still remained on the trigger of the bombs around them throughout their conversation.

Coulson LMD and May LMD are both killed in a fireball

May told Coulson that Holden Radcliffe had programmed them differently, so unlike him, May's LMD felt fear, love and compassion. When May noted that she still felt pain, Coulson insisted that in the Framework they would never feel pain, but May only insisted that it was the pain he had felt and lived through, that had made Melinda May fall in love with Phil Coulson. May finally said that this Life-Model Decoy was not the real Coulson, causing him to raise his gun so May activated the bomb and destroyed them both in a massive explosion which also destroyed much of the Playground.[8]


"There's enough May in me to do what has to be done."
―Melinda May LMD[src]

With her Quantum Brain being an exact duplicate of Melinda May's mind, the LMD May had all the feelings, experiences and memories of the real May, right until the moment of copying of May's mind. As such, the LMD May was just as strong-willed and determined as the real May. When she discovered the truth about herself, she did not hesitate to do her duty as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and confront Holden Radcliffe, intending to have Phil Coulson arrest him, until she realized that Radcliffe programmed her to be incapable of revealing the truth or harming him in any way. When she was reactivated by the Phil Coulson LMD during the Siege of the Playground, she ultimately sided with S.H.I.E.L.D. over her fellow LMDs and sacrificed herself to allow Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons to escape.

Powers and Abilities


  • Android Physiology: Being an android, LMD May's physiology was superior than a normal human being.
    • Enhanced Strength: LMD May's had some degree of enhanced strength, as was shown when LMD May was able to overpower Eli Morrow's men and when she managed to beat one of the highly trained Watchdogs, beating him to submission, having the advantage of being much stronger than a human.
    • Enhanced Durability: Being an android, LMD May's body was much more resilient than that of a normal human, although the synthetic skin could cut itself and was also able to recover, even if it took some time, from a broken leg by Quake. However, its durability had its limits, if there were delicate parts where its enemies could take advantage of it, or when in the epicenter of an explosion, such as when LMD May, to prevent LMD Coulson from taking Johnson and Simmons to replace them as androids, blew up the entire base, killing the androids.


As a sleeper agent designed to be indistinguishable from the real Melinda May even to herself, the Melinda May LMD was programmed with the memories of the real May prior to her abduction, and as such, inherited all of her abilities.

  • Expert Martial Artist: LMD May was able to hold her own just as well as the real version. She was able to take on Eli Morrow's men with her team and take on a Watchdog man with such ferocity with no problem, managing to come out victorious in both battles.
  • Expert Marksman: Though inheriting the real May's reluctance to resort to firearms, LMD May was able to fire just as well as the real version. She was able to shoot one of Eli Morrow's men, before fighting him and to nearly kill Coulson, were it not for Quake's intervention.



While she was working undercover inside S.H.I.E.L.D., the LMD May had access to all the weapons used by the real Melinda May.

  • Smith & Wesson M&P: The Smith & Wesson M&P pistol is the standard sidearm carried by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and, as such, May's LMD used it during her missions before her true nature was discovered. In her first real mission, she entered the Chinatown Crew Headquarters in an effort to stop Eli Morrow, and was the first one to shoot at Morrow's guards.
  • Glock 19: May's LMD threatened Phil Coulson once she was able to take the Darkhold, realizing it had been her mission all along. As Coulson discovered her true nature, he opened fire to kill him in order to fulfill her mission, but the shot was deflected by Quake's powers.

Other Equipment

  • Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant: Like all the Life-Model Decoys built according to Holden Radcliffe's plans, LMD May were equipped with a Backscatter X-Ray Eye Implant that granted them the ability to see through solid objects and to have more acute eyesight in the dark than a normal human can.
  • Quantum Brain: Like all the LMDs built after Aida, LMD May was powered and animated by a Quantum Brain, a replica of a human brain which displays the same complexity and capabilities than its biological counterpart but is only made of light.






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