"I found him on Craigslist. I suddenly needed a roommate, so, thanks a lot, Hope."
"You're pissed at her."
―Mei and Jessica Jones[src]

Mei is the friend and former roommate of Hope Shlottman.


Best Friends

"Where's Hope's stuff?"
"She told me to sell it for rent. Made a whole 98 bucks."
Jessica Jones and Mei[src]

Mei and Hope Shlottman

During her time at New York University, Mei befriended Hope Shlottman, who became her roommate. During their friendship Shlottman came in contact with a man. When Mei asked about him she only said that he is amazing and nothing else. This gave Mei the feeling that Shlottman was afraid that Mei would steal him from her. One day, Mei was told by Shlottman that she would leave their apartment, allowing Mei to sell her stuff for rent. Mei sold all her stuff for 98 dollars, with the exception of a box.[1]

A New Roommate

"She's not missing, you know. She's just holed up with that guy."
"There's a guy?"
"Of course there's a guy. Why else would a best friend crap on you?"
―Mei and Jessica Jones[src]
What If... Coulson
"This is not okay!"
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In a way to find a new roommate after Hope Shlottman left, Mei started searching Craigslist. Here she got in contact with Raj, an art student working on an experimental time lapse film of a year in his life. Around a month after Shlottman left, Mei, while listening to music, was surprised when Jessica Jones opened their door, claiming that it was already open.

Hope Shlottman's Apartment

Mei and Raj speak to Jessica Jones

In their apartment, Jones got annoyed by Raj filming them while Mei told her that she found him on Craigslist and thanked Shlottman for her sudden need of a new roommate. Mei told Jones that she would all of Shlottman's belongings, in a way to pay their rent. Raj intervened by saying they still had one box of stuff left in his closet before Mei told him to go get it. As Raj left the room, Mei told Jones that Shlottman is probably with an "amazing" guy she met but never discussed with her parents. Mei saw Shlottman meeting a guy as the reason she moved out and told Jones that the case was closed.[1]