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"I mean, we're getting promotions, obvi. PRIDE loves us."
―Megan to Mary[src]

Megan is a millennial employee working at PRIDE Headquarters.


PRIDE Employee

"I'm here to see PRIDE."
"They're in a meeting right now."
"I'm the one they're meeting about."
―Megan and Jonah[src]

Megan was working as a PRIDE employee at the PRIDE Headquarters in Los Angeles. When the children of the PRIDE members became runaways wanted by the LAPD, Megan was surprised to see PRIDE arriving in the PRIDE Headquarters, and told them that all the team were sorry for them and their children. She then joined her colleagues in applauding as the PRIDE members claimed to be more committed to the charity's public values.[1]

Several days later, Megan approached Jonah as he walked towards the meeting room where PRIDE had gathered, informing him that they were in the middle of a meeting, but Jonah proceeded nonetheless, claiming that they were meeting about him. Shortly afterwards, Megan saw Catherine Wilder arriving and inquired whether Geoffrey Wilder would come as well. Megan was bluntly told that this was Catherine wanted to find out, and this left her quite puzzled about what was going on in the meeting room.[2]

Test Subject

"I feel weird. Like, super hungover, except I don't remember drinking. What did we do last night?"
―Megan to Mary[src]

Along with her colleague Mary, Megan was called in an evening to the Stein Mansion by PRIDE. Megan was convinced that they had been summoned to get a promotion, but was soon horrified when confronted by a group of masked individuals who used a strange device which left both Megan and Mary unable to speak properly. Megan was then shot by a tranquilizer dart. This was actually perpetrated by PRIDE testing new weapons meant for the Runaways. Megan and Mary had her memories erased with Synnergy Serum so that PRIDE could test the weapons one more time.

Although Megan kept no memory of the whole incident, it left her extremely confused and exhausted, to the point that she felt like she was having a big hungover and was not able to tell which day it was.[3]





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