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"I know that you think you're just doing your job, but I'm telling you, this case isn't normal. You are walking into some weird-ass shit..."
Jessica Jones to Misty Knight

Mean Right Hook is the second episode of the first season of The Defenders.


As a new conspiracy takes shape, Matt finds old habits are hard to break, Jessica gets in over her head, Luke tracks a lead, and Danny meets his match.


Taking to the rooftops, Matt Murdock surveys the immediate area. In one direction, he hears young looters raid a nearby business, its employees armed and ready with shotguns cocked. As fast as his feet could move, Murdock scales across a couple buildings, leaps down from a fire escape and quickly subdues the gunmen, whom showed no interest in lowering their firearms. Afterwards, he walks away from the alleyway.

TD102 TrishTalk.png

The following morning, Trish Walker walks to her car, leaving a message for her sister Jessica Jones asking on her condition. Reaching a small crowd and a line of police, she requests to get through but discovers her car is stuck in a cave-in. On Trish Talk, Walker engages her listener via calls, in which they discuss the earthquake that was centered in Hell's Kitchen. She receives a call from a geologist, whom informs her that the quake was no ordinary quake, only happening 300 feet deep beneath the surface. When the call is cut abruptly, Nicole informs Walker that their superiors do not want them to continue the conversation and to redirect.

Meeting her superior Captain Strieber at the scene, Misty Knight is brought up to speed on the situation; he discloses that they have received a tip by Jones that John Raymond has kept a stockpile of explosives in his apartment. The two briefly comment on Jones' appearance before Knight approaches her, witnessing her make a few rude and nasty comments to an officer. Allowing her to leave the scene, Knight catches her steal a document and tries to get her, only to be too late.

At Chikara Dojo, Colleen Wing comments that the building was intact, finding no structure damage. She rejoins with a meditating Danny Rand and speaks to him about Shaft; she informs him that despite not knowing Rand, he referred to him as "Iron Fist," cited that their fight was based in New York City, and remembered a specific sword used in their struggle.

In Harlem, Claire Temple provides immediate aid to those injured in the quake, while Luke Cage lifts debris from damaged buildings. The two regroup and speak about Cage assisting in helping Cole Miller. Despite informing her that he is doing his best to step away from trouble, Temple informs him that his search for answers will be at Trouble in a Pair-of-Dice instead of Elmore's.

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Murdock returns to his apartment, shakened by his encounter in the alley. Though he turns to a first-aid kit, he angrily shoves it aside from the table. He, soon, directs his attention to the chest of his Daredevil's Suit before he receives a call from Foggy Nelson to meet at Josie's Bar. When Nelson asks if he had returned to his vigilantism, he also comments on Murdock's bloodied knuckles. Irritated, Murdock attempts to leave the bar but stays upon Nelson's protests. Calming down, Nelson gives Murdock cases that he is too busy to work on at the time, citing that he had hoped that this would keep him from being Daredevil again.

Reid attends a private musical performance and is approached by Sandra, whom converses with her about the song the quartet played and offers to have a public show because of the grand donation to the theatre. Eventually, Reid is pulled aside by Madame Gao, informing her that their digging has left them at a blockage crafted by the Chaste. Though Gao pushes that they have tried all they could to dismantle it, Reid believes the blockage is a door in need of a key, ordering that they seek answers from the Chaste.

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Carrying the stolen document, Jones searches through shelves and drawers filled with files on Midland Circle Financial and associated businesses, taking pictures of every document; gradually, however, she becomes distraught on what the businesses did and sought assistance from a clerk. Jones, redirected to an archive elsewhere, is stopped and taken aside by Jeri Hogarth. Hogarth informs Jones that the case that she is in has reached the eyes of the FBI and warns her about digging further and getting into trouble. When Jones informs her that John Raymond is innocent and questions her reasoning for warning her, Hogarth requests that she'd take some free time away from the Raymond case, Jones chooses to ignore Hogarth.

Nightfall at Trouble in a Pair-of-Dice, Cage confronts Turk Barrett on where he could locate White Hat. At first, Barrett claims to not know who that is, but then tells Cage that he only knows him by his common appearance of wearing formal white. Leaving, Cage threatens that if he is not telling the truth, he would return.

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Rand and Wing travel through Chinatown and enter the Wall of the Chaste. Wing discovers a sharpened sword to the one mentioned prior. Rand calls her over to a trail of blood, leading them to a room filled with deceased members of the Chaste. He also notices a banner with the image of K'un-Lun. They continue to search the building but encounter men in hazmat suits, so they hide. As they secretly watch, they see the men pour chemicals onto the dead bodies. Meanwhile, Cage witnesses a blue van arrive across the street. He calls Detective Knight to inform her, however, after seeing Cole Miller converse with White Hat, he decides to handle the situation on his own. Rand goes after one of the clea up men and unmasks him. The man turns out to be Cole Miller, who Rand does not know and proceeds to try to punch him but is stopped by Cage who had trailed Miller. Cage attacks Rand, who promptly challenged him. After a few punches, Rand realizes that Cage is unlike a normal human, they fight some more. Rand decides to use the Iron Fist, which sends Cage flying, but the cops show up. Wing yells to Rand to run while Cage escapes. However, Miller is arrested.


As Hogarth leaves the building, she pulls Nelson aside and tasks him with taking care of any and all issues that arise from Jones's actions, asking that he disconnect her from Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz. Returning to her apartment, Jones speaks with Walker through her cellphone. Approaching her door, she notices the door was ajar and tells Walker that she would call her back. Slowly, she walks towards the door and sighs at the sight of Malcolm Ducasse. Believing it is only him, Jones begins to scold him but stops when John Raymond himself pulls Ducasse close threatening a gun to his head, telling Jones she should not have searched for him. She questions him and Raymond says they are coming after him to which she asks who "they" are. He says they are going to take down the city, Elektra then breaks in to assassinate him, but he shoots himself instead. Jones tails Elektra as she leaves but cannot catch up. Instead, she is found by Knight who tells her to put her hands up.

At a hidden building, Reid takes a hood off of her captive, Stick, and tells him they have a lot to talk about. Meanwhile at the precinct, Knight interrogates Jones. Knight asks her who she was chasing, but Jones doesn't say. Then Matt Murdock walks in telling Jones to not talk and he is her attorney.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Allies Aren't Alone John Paesano
  • Colleen Wing tells Danny Rand that they aren't alone in their fight against the Hand, then suggests they follow up a lead at a workshop. Matt Murdock washes the blood from his hands and tries to reign in his anger.
String Quartet No. 1 in C minor, Op. 51, No. 1: I. Allegro The Aeolus Quartet
Aliasing John Paesano
  • Jessica Jones looks up various records related to her missing person case.
Tell Me Baby Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson meet up at Josie's Bar after the earthquake the night before. They update each other on their lives and Nelson asks Murdock about his adventure as Daredevil the night before and offers him cases so that he won't keep seeking out nightly danger.
Brothers on the Slide Cymande


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