"You're living in my house."
"This is my house now."
Danny Rand and Joy Meachum[src]

The Meachum Residence is the apartment in New York City owned by Joy Meachum. Before plane crush, residence was owned by Rand family.


Private residence in Gramercy Park was used by Wendell Rand, his wife Heather and their son Danny for living. One day, Danny played Monopoly on the rooftop with Ward Meachum and his sister Joy. Ward bullied him before Rand's parents visited them.

Danny and Meachums

Following disappearance of Rands, Joy and Ward moved into Rand Residence. Having left the Rand Enterprises Building, Danny Rand returned back to his old home, finding an old craving he and his mother and father had previously done on the concrete. Rand rang the doorbell but then, when he got no answer, instead resorted to trying to find a key before he then climbed up the side of the building with considerable ease and broke in without being seen by anyone. While he was exploring the house, Rand had found a photograph of both Ward and Joy. Despite being a quiet as possible as he continued exploring, Rand eventually encountered Joy's pet dog, Toro, who was attempting to protect house from the intruder. Remaining completely calm, Rand had still managed to keep Toro from attacking him by quietly bending down to Toro's level before calmly using his Chi to sedate the pet before locking it inside Joy's study where he would not be able to raise the alarm about Rand breaking into the residence.

Iron Fist Break In

Rand then found a photograph of himself with the Meachum family on holiday together when they were young, with Harold Meachum included in the picture. When he reached the rooftop of the residence, Rand had briefly reminisced a memory in his youth when he played board games with Joy and Ward. Rand then eventually left the residence when Joy had returned, ensuring that he made no noise on his way out.

Joy and Rand

The next morning, Rand went back to his home street again to encounter Joy. Once again, she refused to believe that he was her old friend Rand and called for her security, promising that if he touched her then she would have him arrested. She was further displeased when Rand inadvertently told her about his recent break-in. Knowing that talking to her further was meaningless, Rand started to leave. When a taxi was about to hit him, he jumped and evaded it, much to Joy's stunned surprise.[1]

Later, Rand waited for Joy outside the Meachum Residence. Now convinced that it was really Danny, Joy sat down with Rand and start conversing and catching up. Invited inside the house to continue their talk, Joy offered Rand a check for 100 million dollars. All he need to do is to change his real name. Disappointed by Joy's request, having come to be acknowledged and accepted by the Meachums who he considered to be his only family left in the world, Rand left the residence.[2]

Later, Joy sold the house before she moved to the new apartment.[3]


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