"Are you still drinking, Jake?"
"One place I'm welcomed is McFeeney's."
Krista Dumont and Jake Nelson[src]

McFeeney's is a bar located in New York City.


Meeting Jake Nelson

Returning from St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Jake Nelson attended McFeeney's to drink. Sitting down by Nelson, Billy Russo asked Nelson if he earned his jacket by serving in the United States Army, which Nelson confirmed before asking if Russo could say the same about his facial scars, as Russo said that Nelson should see the other guy.


Jake Nelson having a drink with Billy Russo

Russo had then offered to buy Nelson another drink which Nelson accepted. As the evening wore on, Nelson got more drunk which he was concerned about. Nelson questioned if Russo missed being a part of the Marine Corps, as Russo confirmed that he missed it every single day, noting that he mainly missed being around his fellow soldiers.

Nelson made the comparison between the friends made in the military with the civilians they were seeing back in New York City. Nelson then offered Russo some cocaine, which Russo refused as he watched while Nelson took the drugs. Nelson also commented on how there was an entire army out in the streets of New York who were all feeling the same emotions of frustration as they were feeling.

Russo then suggested that would happen if they and fellow veterans just rose up against the entire world, which excited Nelson. However, to Russo's surprise, Nelson revealed that he was fully aware of who he was sat next to. Reacting to this, Russo grabbed a glass as a weapon, only for Nelson to then claim it was an honor to meet him as the pair then shake hands with respect.[1]

Drinking with Veterans


Billy Russo drinks with fellow veterans

Billy Russo attended McFeeney's to join Jake Nelson, José, Bobby, and Jimbo who all had a deep level of respect for Russo. Russo then sat down with his fellow veterans and got himself a beer, taking a long and satisfying sip as he listened to their conversations.

Their conversation was interrupted as Jimbo returned to the pub and begged for their help, as his car with his property inside was being towed away. Without any hesitation, Russo and other veterans decided to help Jimbo to return his property and left the bar.[2]

Later, searching for Russo, Frank Castle and Curtis Hoyle arrived at McFeeney's to find him, however, nor Russo, nor anyone from his crew had arrived.[3]


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