"I'm gonna take that gag out. If you scream, you die. That's it. You don't have to start, you know, sayin' a bunch of weird shit. That's what Joe did. Don't be like Joe."
―Mazur to Wilcox[src]

Mazur was a criminal operating a stolen car business in New York City. While Mazur was attempting to torture Wilcox, he was then ambushed by the Punisher who killed Mazur and his men.


Torturing Enemies

Attack on Mazur's Garage

"Brother, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time."
"You know how a guy misses a shot from ten yards? Cortisol. See, it floods the body when you're stressed. Makes your muscles tighter, reactions quicker. But you put those two things together, you see that? A little shake."
―Mazur and Punisher[src]

Mazur is seen interrogating Wilcox at a warehouse and orders his men to dispose of a previous hostage named Joe that he killed off screen. Mazur warns Wilcox not to do anything strange or he would kill him like he did to Joe. But before he could get any information off of Wilcox he hears the grunt of one of his men Mazur calls out the henchman's name suddenly a man appeared and said that the henchman wasn't coming back. Mazur, thinking it was one of Wilcox's fellow gang members and put the back of his knife to Wilcox's head when the man threw a false grenade at Mazur, a gun fight went down the man killed Mazur's two bodyguards and killed Mazur off screen with pliers and put his corpse on a vending machine. The man then stole one of Mazur's cars.[1]


  • Blowtorch: Mazur used a blowtorch on Joe after Joe was saying weird stuff and screaming.
  • Knife: Mazur had a knife which he had the back of the knife pointed at Wilcox's head when he thought the mysterious man was a member of the gang Wilcox was in.







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