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"I know this is hard, but when you resist suggestion, the hypnotic state is difficult to achieve."
"I just don't have a great track record with shrinks."
"We're not shrinking. We're expanding."
―Maynard Tiboldt and Jessica Jones[src]

Doctor Maynard Tiboldt is a noted hypnotherapist, and was scheduled to appear on Trish Talk to talk about the effect of trauma affecting powered people. Later, in an effort to remember what IGH had done to her, Jessica Jones agreed to undergo hypnotherapy from Tiboldt.


"Dr. Tiboldt, I'm so sorry. Jess, you said you were willing to try."
"To remember, yeah. Not to work out my crap with some pseudo shrink."
Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

Dr. Tiboldt was a guest on Trish Talk with Trish Walker. Later, Trish brought Dr. Tiboldt to Jessica Jones to help her explore her lost memories about IGH.




  • In the comics, Maynard Tiboldt is the leader of a travelling circus and the supercriminal known as the Ringmaster, who uses his hypnotic abilities to enthrall both his enemies and his minions.


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