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"I always knew that you were weak. Just a scared girl, pretending to be brave. Pretending to be police. Well, you've had your chance. It's my turn now."
―Mayhem to Brigid O'Reilly[src]

Mayhem is a doppelganger of Brigid O'Reilly who had been created from her exposure to the Darkforce and Lightforce.



Mayhem emerges from the water

During an outbreak in New Orleans, Brigid O'Reilly was exposed to a mixture of Darkforce and Lightforce released by the Roxxon Corporation. She was then shot by James Connors and fell into the water, the shock of which triggered her to split into two beings. One version of Brigid was rescued and placed into recovery but lost her motivation, rage and marksmanship skills. The other emerged from the water by herself, full of rage and Superhuman Strength, but lacking empathy or moral inhibitions.[4]

Mayhem confronting Bradford

She then decided to drop off the grid and pursue her would-be-killed James Connors by herself, not knowing that he was absorbed by Tyrone Johnson into the Dark Dimension. After exhausting her leads and killing Connors' former partner for his past crimes, she confined to Francis Xavier Delgado about her lack of purpose. The former priest advised her to take on her rage on those who deserved it, and Brigid used her detective skills and her newfound Strength to become a brutal vigilante. She spend the next eight months uncovering a sex trafficking ring in New Orleans, eventually leading her to attack and slaughter a meeting between the Uptown Block Kings and the Money Hustle Gang.[1]

Massacre at the Rougarou Club

Knowing that there would be a sit-down between the gang leaders at Club Rougaru. She also knew that Johnson who was in contact with her doppelganger was targeting the gangs. Knowing the corruptness of the city especially in law enforcement. Mayhem killed the gang keeping out of sight most importantly Johnson and Bowen's sights. She made herself known after her doppelganger anonymously reported the crime mocking her before taking her place.[1]

Taking O'Reilly Over

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Latour Investigation

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Skirmish at the Tow Truck Station

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Defeating D'Spayre

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"I'm a cop, I can be wherever I want."
―Mayhem to Dagger[src]

In stark contrast to her original's more controlled, law-abiding self, Mayhem is aggressive, dangerous and lawless.

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced Speed: Mayhem's speed is drastically enhanced due to the combined energy of the Darkforce and Lightforce. She was able to quickly squash a bee with her hand and displayed a short burst of superhuman speed.
  • Enhanced Strength: Mayhem has enhanced strength, allowing her to take down numerous foes with ease.
  • Razor Nails: Mayhem has glowing green nails that are sharp enough to cut a man’s throat.

Former Powers

  • Emotion Manipulation: While she was imprisoned in the Dark Dimension, Mayhem had access to the vinyl store manifestation used by D'Spayre to manipulate the emotions of his victims. Mayhem notably used the vinyls to manipulate Tyrone Johnson's emotions, ending the impression created by D'Spayre that Tandy Bowen did not care about him and replacing it with a happy recording of how Bowen cared for him and how much they meant to each other, thus persuading him to resume his search for her friend.


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