"Cut the bullshit. I know you left detention. I know you left the hotel room in Washington. I know you sneak out of this house every night. That's not fine. Peter, you have to tell me what's going on! Just lay it out. It's just me and you."
―May Parker to Peter Parker[src]

Maybelle "May" Parker is the aunt of Peter Parker and the widow of the late Ben Parker. She took on the responsibility of raising Peter alone, as she stood by him during Tony Stark's mentorship, while unaware of how he became an intern at Stark Industries. Parker eventually learned that her nephew was actually Spider-Man, but came to accept his secret identity. However, Parker was soon killed during the Snap, which also killed Peter, only for them both to be resurrected due to the actions of the Avengers five years later. In the wake of the Blip, Parker continued supporting Peter as Spider-Man, while also starting a romantic relationship with Happy Hogan. She would take on an active role in helping her community by working with the Salvation Army in finding new homes for those who were displaced upon returning to life.


Early Life

Raising Peter Parker

May Parker met and married Ben Parker and the two would come to look after their young and orphaned nephew, Peter Parker. The three lived in Queens as Peter grew up. Eventually, her husband died, resulting in Parker having to take care of Peter on her own.[4]

Peter Parker's Secrets

Tony Stark's Surprise Visit

"But you didn't tell me anything. What's up with that? You keeping secrets from me now?"
"I just know how much you love surprises so I thought I would let you know..."
―May Parker and Peter Parker[src]

Parker meeting Tony Stark in her apartment

In 2016, Parker was greeted by Tony Stark at the Parker Residence, where he told her that he had come in person to offer Peter a scholarship. The two seemingly came into a discussion for some time, with Stark complimenting Parker on her walnut date loaves. When Peter got home from school later, Parker greeted her nephew and happily revealed Stark's presence. Stark revealed that Peter's application for a grant from the September Foundation he signed up for in the past had been approved, and Parker then asked why Peter did not tell her about this. Peter, knowing he did not apply for such a scholarship and did not receive one, played along by claiming he wanted to surprise his aunt. Parker allowed him and Stark decided to discuss the details in private.[1]

Caring for Peter Parker

Aunt May

Parker tends to Peter Parker's injuries

"Well, hope you got a few good licks in."
"Yeah, I got quite a few in actually. His friend was huge, like huge! That's way better, thank you."
"Okay, tough guy."
―May Parker to Peter Parker[src]

When Peter returned from his "internship retreat" with Tony Stark, Parker treated her nephew's injuries and came into his room to give him an ice bag for his black eye. When she asked how he got his bruises, Peter claimed that he was in a fight with a Brooklyn guy named "Steve" and "his huge friend". Parker then jokingly wondered how Peter had done during the fight and hoped that her nephew stood up for himself, being assured he got a few punches in. Parker then exited the room to leave Peter alone so he could recover.[1]

Thai Food Meal

Aunt May (Ruined Dinner)

Parker suggests eating dinner at a restaurant

"What's the matter? I thought you loved Larb. Is it too Larby? Not Larby enough. Okay, how many times do I have to say 'Larb' until you talk to me? You know I Larb you."
―May Parker to Peter Parker[src]

Two months later, Parker let Peter Parker's friend, Ned Leeds, into his room so they could build a Lego Death Star together. A few minutes later while cooking dinner, Parker heard a crash from her nephew's room and asked what it was, to which Peter replied it was nothing. She came by the room to find Peter in his underwear and Leeds' Legos scattered over the floor. Parker informed her nephew that they would be eating out tonight at a Thai restaurant as she had burned the turkey meatloaf. Parker invited Leeds to join them but Peter informed her that he couldn't go. She then left and recommended that Peter wear more clothes.

SMH Fan's Guide 65

Parker and Peter Parker eat dinner together

Together, Parker and Peter went to Prachya Thai. At the restaurant, Parker noticed her nephew acting off and wondered what was on his mind, questioning if it was the Larb they were eating. Peter claimed that he was tired out from his internship at Stark Industries, as Parker proclaimed to not be a fan of Tony Stark. Parker tried to offer her nephew advice in trusting his instincts with his work when she saw that Peter was distracted. She turned around to see a NY1 report on the television, showing footage of the Robbery of the Queens Community Bank.

SMH This is my Life 7

Parker asks Peter Parker to be careful

Parker ordered Peter to run for safety if he ever saw something like that happening, worried over the robbery occurring only six blocks away from where they lived. Peter then asked for a new backpack, but Parker exasperatedly noted that this was the fifth he had lost. A waiter then gave her a sticky rice pudding for dessert, which surprised Parker as she did not order it. The waiter insisted that it was on the house and once he left, Peter pointed out that he had given it to Parker out of sheer physical attraction.[4]

High School Party


Parker drives Peter Parker and Ned Leeds to Liz Toomes' house

"Oh, Peter. I know. I know it's really hard trying to fit in with all the changes your body is going through. It's flowering now."
―May Parker to Peter Parker[src]

A few nights later, Parker drove Peter and Ned Leeds to the Toomes Residence as one of their classmates, Liz Toomes, was throwing a party at her house. Parker noted her own love for house parties while waiting outside. Parker complimented Leeds' hat, saying that she found it well-fitted for him. Leeds responded with thanks and claimed that the hat gave him confidence.

Aunt May - HaveFunOkay

Parker tells Peter to have fun

Peter was nervous as he thought that it was a mistake coming to the party. Parker then teased her nephew by bringing up him going through puberty and feeling apprehensive about his own bodily changes until Peter had finally relented. Before the two got out of the car, Parker encouraged Peter to have fun at the party and Leeds waved bye as she drove away.

A few days later, Parker picked Peter up after his Academic Decathlon competition in Washington, D.C.. Following the Rescue at the Washington Monument, Parker was worried for her nephew's safety and hugged him in gratitude upon seeing he was alright.[4]

Confronting Peter Parker

SMH Fan's Guide 13

Parker confronting Peter Parker

"I'm sorry I made you worry."
"You know I'm not trying to ruin your life."
"Yeah, I know."
"Just... I used to sneak out too."
Peter Parker and May Parker[src]

Having received a call from Midtown School of Science and Technology about her nephew attempting to skip school and leaving detention early, Parker repeatedly tried calling Peter, to no avail. After hearing about an attack on a New York ferry, Parker called Peter's friends, Ned Leeds' mother, and even five police stations regarding his whereabouts. When Peter finally came home, she was anxious over where he'd been all day and sternly confronted the young Parker over his uncharacteristic disregard for his education. In a frustration, Parker then noted how she was aware that Peter also left the hotel room in Washington, D.C. and snuck out of their home each night but did not know why.

Peter and Aunt May

Parker comforts Peter Parker

Desperate for answers, Parker demanded from her nephew to know what had been going on with him the last few months without her knowledge. A crestfallen Peter admitted that he had lost the Stark Industries' internship, which Parker immediately believed due to the genuine tears and shaking in his voice. She simply embraced her nephew, while he then apologized for getting her so worried about him lately. With a comforted understanding, Parker then finished their conversation by noting that she used to rebel as well in her youth. She recommended that Peter take a shower, claiming that he smelled like garbage.[4]

Homecoming Dance

SMH Fan's Guide 61

Parker is asked to help Peter Parker get ready

"May! I need your help!"
Peter Parker to May Parker[src]

Several days later, Peter Parker ran into their house and told Parker that he needed her help in preparing for the Homecoming Dance, as he had gotten a date with Liz Toomes. Parker helped Peter out by giving him a suit to wear and a corsage for Toomes, as well as helping him learn how to tie a Windsor Knot.

SMH Fan's Guide 67

Parker teaches Peter Parker how to dance

Parker even taught Peter to dance, which he found quite awkward, but the unwavering support and care from his aunt allowed the young Parker to relax as he prepared himself for Homecoming. On the night of the dance, Parker drove Peter to the Toomes Residence. Once they arrived, she gave Peter some final advice on his date etiquette before driving off.[4]

Secrets Revealed

Spider-Man's Identity

What the fu-

Parker discovers her nephew is Spider-Man

"What the fu—?!"
―May Parker[src]

A few days after the homecoming dance, Parker walked into Peter's room and found him in his Spider-Man Suit, startling her. She cursed loudly in response upon deducing that her nephew and Spider-Man were the same person.[4]

Snapped and Blipped

May Parker (Avengers Endgame)

Parker with her nephew at Tony Stark's funeral

In 2018, Parker was among those killed by the Snap after Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to snap his fingers and wipe out half of all life in the universe.[5] In 2023, Parker, along with all the other victims of the Snap, was resurrected when Bruce Banner snapped his fingers to revive all those killed. When Parker returned to life in her apartment, she was shocked to discover that a new family was now living in her home.[2] In the aftermath of the Battle of Earth, Parker attended Tony Stark's funeral along with Peter Parker after Stark had sacrificed his life to destroy Thanos and his army. Parker consoled her nephew over his mentor's death as they watched Pepper Potts and her daughter place Stark's Arc Reactor in the lake.[6]

Helping the Community

Spider-Man & May Parker

Parker and Spider-Man showing their support

Following her return, Parker made herself active as a member of the Salvation Army by helping other victims of the Blip find new homes after their return. In 2024, eight months after being resurrected, Parker organized a homeless support shelter at the Urban Sports & Cultural Center and had Spider-Man act as a celebrity guest for a fundraiser to bring in news coverage. Parker then shared her story of being brought back into existence before she introduced Spider-Man to the audience.[2]

Peter Parker's Trip

Happy & May

Parker and Happy Hogan continue their flirting

During her nephew, Peter Parker's school trip to Europe, Parker was in a momentary relationship with Happy Hogan, but was routinely calling in to check up on him. Upon his return, due to Mysterio's involvement, Parker greeted him at the airport while trying to dissuade security from giving her a ticket for illegal parking.[2]

Relations With Hogan

Before his date with Michelle Jones, Peter Parker had a sit-down with Parker and Happy Hogan, questioning their relationship. While Hogan was sure of them being together, Parker attributed their time as a fun summertime fling, with mutual attraction but no real interest. Due to this, Hogan was taken aback and they both exchanged glances. During the couple's banter of trying to make more sense of what they actually wanted, Peter left Parker and Hogan to meet up with MJ.[2]


"You know, it's so hard for me to believe that she is someone's aunt."
"Yeah, well, we come in all shapes and sizes, you know."
Tony Stark and May Parker[src]

May Parker cares deeply for and is very protective of her nephew Peter, having to raise him alone after the death of her husband. She constantly worries about Peter and gives him advice, including that she believed Tony Stark's "internship" may not be the best thing for him; Parker was personally wary of Stark since his mentoring seemingly left Peter distracted and tired, which took away from his school life. However, she seems to have let go of this resentment by the Blip, attending Stark's funeral after his sacrifice.

Parker is a lively woman with a playful, witty disposition, encouraging her nephew not to grow up too fast and enjoy being a teenager. She is seen as Peter's confidant and friend as well as his guardian, helping him prepare for his date with Liz Toomes and later, asking out Michelle Jones. Parker has been a subject of attraction to both Stark and Delmar, which is further evident when a waiter at a Thai restaurant flirted with her and gave her free food, though she seems fairly oblivious to this. However, Parker is very perceptive and sharp-minded; she was able to deduce that there was something else going on with Peter due to him keeping secrets, skipping class and sneaking out, but couldn't quite quite put her finger on it. Parker is also an avid reader, based on the many books seen in her apartment.

Parker is very kind, devoted and selfless, always putting her family first; Peter was reluctant to tell her about him being Spider-Man in fear of putting Parker under more stress than she was already in. Contrary to Peter's concerns however, Parker proved to be very supportive of her nephew's activities as Spider-Man after she witnessed him wearing the suit. Parker encouraged Peter to continue his heroics in the wake of Stark's death and helped with Spider-Man's publicity at charity events, both to give Peter exposure and bring awareness to the less fortunate.


SMH Fan's Guide 61

Parker inside of her apartment

  • Parker Residence: The Parker Residence is the apartment home to Parker and her nephew, Peter. When Tony Stark is required to bring Captain America and his team into custody, he tells Parker that Peter has applied for a "grant" and is going to Germany. After Spider-Man's battle at the airport with the Avengers, Parker tended to Peter's bruises in his room. Two months later when Peter returned home from school to the residence, Peter then discovered that Stark had returned his suit. Spider-Man put on the suit again, only for a shocked Parker to discover him in it, unmasked.






Appearances for May Parker

In chronological order:


  • Differently from the comics, May Parker is Italian-American like Marisa Tomei, the actress who portrays her.
  • May's relationship with Happy Hogan, a Stark Industries employee in the MCU, is similar to the relationship her mainstream universe counterpart once had with Tony Stark's butler, Edwin Jarvis, in the comics.

Behind the Scenes

  • May Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the fourth live-action incarnation of the character, following incarnations portrayed by Jeff Donnell, Rosemary Harris and Sally Field.
  • The casting of Marisa Tomei as May Parker received some backlash on social media, with some claiming that she was too young and attractive to play the character, who has previously been a much older woman in various other incarnations.[7] Stephen McFeely explained that this change was made to fit with Marvel Studios' approach to Spider-Man, as they had found it unrealistic for a teenager to have such an elderly aunt: "We were all in lockstep pretty early on to make him as naturalistic as possible, in addition to being as young as possible. So what is it really like for a 15-year-old kid? Where does he live in Queens? That’s partly why his aunt isn’t 80 years old; if she’s the sister of his dead mother, why does she have to be two generations ahead?"[8]
  • Jonathan M. Goldstein revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that May had a boyfriend in an early draft of the script for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and that he and John Francis Daley were not opposed to exploring this idea in future installments: "We loved the idea of a cool aunt. In an early draft we actually even had her dating a guy, and part of her relationship with Peter was this inappropriate frankness. It didn’t make the cut, but I could see in the sequel she could get a boyfriend. She doesn’t have to be a mourning widow."[9] Spider-Man: Far From Home seems to recycle the idea, featuring May forming an amicable relationship with Happy Hogan.
  • Following the release of Avengers: Infinity War, Joe and Anthony Russo revealed that May Parker was one of the people who survived Thanos' snap.[10] However, the Russos' statement was later retconned by Jon Watts in the lead up to Spider-Man: Far From Home.[5]
  • Dana Jones was a stunt double for Marisa Tomei in the role of May Parker.
  • Grace Marie Williams was a stand-in for Marisa Tomei in the role of May Parker.
  • Jennifer Finley was a photo double for Marisa Tomei in the role of May Parker.


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