"Honor me as your new King."
"Never. You make me sick. You're just a human."
―Maximus and Crystal[src]

Maximus Boltagon is the prince of the Inhumans of Attilan and is the younger brother of Black Bolt of the Inhumans of Attilan. Growing up Maximus desired to wear the crown himself and saw great flaws with Attilan's unfair caste system. Leading an uprising against his family, Maximus took the throne and banished the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family from Attilan. Maximus soon became paranoid about their return and sent assassins to kill his family down on Earth. When Black Bolt finally returned to Attilan to reclaim his throne, Maximus put the city at risk by damaging the protective dome surrounding it. With only moments before the city was destroyed, Maximus confessed all his sins to Black Bolt before he was locked inside of a bunker and was left behind, seemingly trapped forever.


Early Life

Desire to be King

"I wish I could be King."
"Sorry it doesn't work that way, Maximus."
―Maximus and Agon[src]

While Maximus and Black Bolt were teenagers, their father Agon would often lecture them about the duties and the responsibilities of the king of Attilan. While Black Bolt showed little interest, Maximus expressed great respect for the position and openly wished to be the next king. However, the throne was passed from a father to his firstborn son, meaning that Maximus could not be king, unless Black Bolt was killed or somehow kept from reigning. However, Agon tried to comfort his second son by claiming that both Black Bolt and Maximus would accomplish great exploits in the years to come.[2]

Early Forgery

Maximus Forgery

Maximus makes a false decree against his brother

"I assumed you would run off to Earth and we'd never see you again. But instead you killed our parents for no reason at all."
―Maximus to Black Bolt[src]

After Black Bolt underwent Terrigenesis and gained a hypersonic voice which could destroy Attilan if not controlled, Maximus saw an opportunity to drive away his brother and be named King of Attilan in his place. Maximus forged a Genetic Council's decree advocating for brain surgery and seemingly approved by Agon and Rynda. Maximus had Black Bolt read the decree, hoping that his brother would feel disgraced and flee to Earth. However, Black Bolt went to confront Agon and Rynda instead and in his anger, he inadvertently used his voice, which instantly killed Maximus' parents. Maximus never admitted his role in his parents' death.[4]


Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 14.56.09

Maximus finds out his Terrigenesis results

"I feel no different. No difference whatsoever."
"Maximus, your transformation wasn't made manifest until we looked more closely at your DNA. It would seem that you are, in fact, no longer Inhuman."
"What? What are you talking about? Of course, I'm Inhuman."
―Maximus and Kitang[src]

When he came of age, Maximus underwent Terrigenesis only to emerge feeling no different whatsoever and with no gifts that he could find. Having undergone many tests, Maximus was summoned by Kitang who informed that the Terrigen Mist had, in fact, transformed him in a normal human, with no Inhuman DNA at all, meaning that he would never be King of Attilan. This new status opened the prince up to prejudice by his family, specifically, his parents King Agon and Queen Rynda, as well as his future subjects, while Black Bolt was trained to be king in his place.[5]

Training with Gorgon


Maximus training with Gorgon and Karnak

"You have to be smarter and more cunning than anyone in Attilan. It's the only way you'll survive."
Gorgon to Maximus[src]

Considering his lack of abilities and skills, Karnak and Gorgon decided to teach Maximus how to fight, much like the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family. Karnak watched aside giving him tips about fighting as Gorgon threw Maximus around the room. When Maximus began to reject the idea of training, Karnak informed him that it was vital due to his position. They decided to stop when Maximus attacked Gorgon from behind, making him angry. Karnak calmed him down, saying that a sneak attack was smart and cunning, things that Gorgon said Maximus had to be.[6]

Uprising in Attilan

Prophecy of Leadership

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 13.20.55

Maximus saying they should go to Earth

"Nothing? You have nothing to say? We need to go to Earth now, we need to strike first. We've been hiding here too long, let's go to our rightful home!"
"We are not going to Earth anytime soon."
―Maximus and Medusa[src]

Maximus was asked by Black Bolt to attend a Terrigenesis ceremony, where two new Inhumans went through the process, with Iridia developing butterfly wings. However, her brother Bronaja came through unchanged. When Maximus comforted him, contact triggered a seizure in the boy. When he came out of the experience, he told Maximus that he saw him being strangled by "snakes" and pinned against a wall. Maximus walked with the two children back to their home and stood by as Iridia showed off her wings to the population. When a man asked Bronaja what powers he developed, the boy said that he had a seizure, provoking laughter from the people, who called out that he would work in the mines. Maximus came to the boy's defense, saying that his power had not developed yet. The mob reminded him of his privilege and on how it was the only thing keeping him from the mines himself.[5]

Family Dinner


Maximus talking to the Inhuman Royal Family

Realizing that no one had seen Triton for two days, Maximus asked the Inhuman Duodon to show him where Triton was when he saw Triton get shot, Maximus then commanded Duodon to show the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family his apparent fate. This greatly upset Karnak and Gorgon as they were unaware of the mission as well. Black Bolt explained his actions to the family, as the Inhuman Outbreak had created more Inhumans. Maximus disagreed, informing Black Bolt of the overpopulation that Attilan was enduring. Black Bolt then dispatched Gorgon down to Earth to find and rescue Triton.[5]

Advances on Medusa


Maximus tries to manipulate Medusa

"You ever wonder, what your life would be like if you hadn't entered that chamber?"
―Maximus to Medusa[src]

After Black Bolt had sealed himself away in his private chamber to consult on Triton's apparent demise, Maximus approached Medusa and made advances towards her. In disgust, Medusa used her hair to restrain him and told him to leave her alone. After Medusa had left, Maximus realized that the "snakes" that Bronaja mentioned was Medusa's hair, realizing that the boy could see the future.[5]

Coup D'état

Maximus Treason

Maximus taunting the captured Medusa

"I'm sorry... But you have given me no choice."
―Maximus to Medusa[src]

As Maximus was walking down a corridor, Auran passed him a Com-Link, connected to a headset of the military forces pursuing Gorgon, asking Maximus if they should kill him. Maximus gave the order and the soldiers attacked Gorgon, who evaded them. Maximus and several soldiers then cornered Medusa who managed to fend them off until Pulsus used his powers to subdue her. As the guards restrained Medusa, Maximus shaved her head, effectively robbing her of her powers.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 17.42.42

Maximus confronting Black Bolt.

Afterward, Maximus and his men headed to the Quiet Room to find Black Bolt. Maximus told his brother that he brought this onto himself because of his arrogance. When Black Bolt seemingly intended to use his voice, Maximus ordered his men to stop him, but Lockjaw teleported in the room and took Black Bolt away. Then, Maximus ordered to capture Princess Crystal and had her locked in the Quiet Room.[5]

King of Attilan

Hunting Previous Royals

Maximus Crystal TWWDU

Maximus tries to convince Crystal to join his side

"Gather up whatever you need, whoever you need. Then transport to Earth and take care of the Royal Family."
"Take care of?"
"Bring back or kill. Black Bolt definitely kill. Gorgon, too."
―Maximus and Auran[src]

After the Inhuman Royal Family fled to Earth, Maximus informed the people of Attilan before heading to the throne room and summoning Crystal. Maximus told Crystal that he was only acting in the best interest of Attilan and offered her to join him. However, Crystal refused and Maximus ordered her to be locked away in her apartments. Maximus was then contacted by his cousin Gorgon, who taunted him and decided to leave his Com-Link activated so that Maximus could find and fight him. Therefore, Maximus sent Auran to Earth, ordering her to kill Black Bolt and Gorgon and to find the rest of the Royal Family. Afterward, Maximus had Bronaja come to him and share his latest visions: the Genetic Council plotting to kill Maximus. In retaliation, Maximus had all the traitorous members of the Council executed. He then visited Crystal in her apartments and renewed his offer, although he warned her that she should take too much time to think about it.[7]

Difficult Transition


Maximus releases Mordis

"Maximus is King. Of no one."
Crystal disavows Maximus[src]

Maximus visited Crystal once again and asked her if he had changed her mind. He handed her over the text of a speech he wanted her to deliver in front of the Genetic Council so that he could really be recognized as King of Attilan. Crystal reluctantly agreed and Maximus left her apartments, grateful to his sister-in-law. Afterward, Maximus contacted Auran and informed her that Gorgon was challenging them. Therefore, he sent reinforcements to her, including the fearsome Mordis, but not before trying to check if it was safe by using Bronaja's gift.

Divide -- And Conquer 2

Maximus tells Crystal to make her statement

After summoning the remaining members of the Genetic Council, Maximus headed to the throne room. Crystal joined them and asked for Lockjaw to be released and be brought to her as people would be suspicious if they were not seen together. However, Maximus refused out of fear that Crystal would teleport away. Crystal agreed to make her statement without Lockjaw, but she quickly disavowed Maximus in front of the Council before fleeing to the Quiet Room, where Maximus had kept Lockjaw, and teleporting to Earth. Maximus claimed that the Inhuman Royal Family was running away from their responsibilities and that he would lead Attilan no matter what.[2]

Actual Goal

"Although there may be growing pains, a society must innovate if it is to progress, achieve, expand, advance, and evolve. We will no longer be forced to live the life we are destined. We... I will be free to accept the life I deserve."
―Maximus to Tibor[src]

Following Crystal's escape, Maximus met with Tibor and blamed him for forsaking their friendship after they underwent Terrigenesis and Maximus became a simple Human while Tibor gained a seat in the Genetic Council. Although Tibor claimed to still be Maximus' friend, Maximus disbelieved him and briefly choked him against the wall before declaring that only time could tell whether Tibor was saying the truth. Later, Maximus was called by the geneticist Evan Declan, whose research on the Inhumans he was secretly funding and discovered that Black Bolt was at Declan's lab. Without revealing that Black Bolt was actually his brother, Maximus told Declan to kill him as he was too dangerous, but Declan refused, stating that Black Bolt could be the key to understand the process of Terrigenesis and that killing him would hinder his research.

Maximus summoned the Genetic Council in the throne room and exposed his objective: finding the portion of DNA responsible for the acquisition of Inhuman powers thanks to Declan's research, and then splicing these genes and putting them into his own DNA so that he could undergo Terrigenesis a second time and gain real powers. Tibor advised him against it as the consequences of such genetic experimentation could be severe, but Maximus ignored his warning, demanding that Tibor proved his loyalty to him. After the meeting, Maximus called Auran and informed her that he knew where Black Bolt was. Maximus directed his team to Declan's lab but ordered them not to kill his brother. Feeling that the Genetic Council would be a problem to his plans, Maximus had all of its members but Tibor gather in the throne room one more time, where they were executed by the Attilan Royal Guard while Maximus further explained his ambitions to Tibor. When Tibor asked for Maximus' forgiveness regarding their previous friendship, Maximus stated that he thought forgiveness was overrated and simply left.[8]


"Forgive me, but some Inhumans might wonder if this is for the good of Attilan or for the good of Maximus."
"What? How dare you suggest that this was all for me?"
"I'm speaking to you as a friend."
"I don't need friends who constantly tear down my plans."
Tibor and Maximus[src]

Maximus tried to call Auran to have an update on Black Bolt's capture, but as she did not answer, he called Locus' Com-Link, only to be answered by Medusa and Black Bolt, who had escaped from Auran and captured Locus. Medusa told Maximus that Auran and Mordis had been taken down and that they would soon come after him. Ending the call, Maximus summoned Tibor in Attilan's Control Room and ordered him to recruit new soldiers among the Attilan population to be sent to Earth in an attempt to assist Auran and take care of the Inhuman Royal Family once and for all. Although Tibor was reluctant at the idea, stating that the people would not appreciate that decision, he chose to obey and left. Afterward, Maximus called Auran, who had regained consciousness at the Declan Research Facility Lab, and ordered her to protect Declan without revealing that she was working for Maximus. Maximus also informed Auran that he would soon send her some backup.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 19.28.30

Maximus speaks to his deceased father

Tibor went to see Maximus in the throne room and told him about the conscription, stating that only Loyolis, Bronaja's father, was willing to accomplish the mission. When Tibor voiced doubts about the fact that Maximus was really working in the best interest of Attilan, Maximus got angry and dismissed Tibor. After Tibor left, Maximus talked to a statue of his deceased father, claiming that none of this would have happened had his Terrigenesis gone another way.[3]

Failed Conspiracy

Maximus Bronaja TGNIG

Maximus and Bronaja talk about Tibor

"You think I'm stupid. Is that what you all think? That I'm a stupid human? That I can't tell if someone is lying to my face?! Your arrogance has blinded you! Nothing is going to stop me! Nothing!"

After sending reinforcements to Auran, feeling little concern at the idea that they could all be wiped out by Black Bolt, Maximus met with Tibor, who reported rumors about a rebellion against Maximus' rule. Maximus ordered Tibor to investigate the matter, enraged at the idea of a conspiracy against his life. Later, Maximus summoned Bronaja, who noticed that Maximus was surrounding himself with more and more guards. Suspecting that even Tibor could be a traitor, Maximus touched Bronaja to be provided with a glimpse of the future. Bronaja answered that he simply saw Maximus and Tibor discussing and that Maximus should trust Tibor. Still having doubts, Maximus requested that Bronaja is with him when he would meet Tibor.

Maximus Executes Tibor

Maximus executes Tibor

Maximus ultimately figured out who was conspiring against him, including Tibor. He arrested his former friend in the Control Room and arrested, waiting for the rebels to come and try to kill him. There, Maximus informed them that he had arrested their families and ordered them to drop their weapons, to which they complied. When Tibor claimed that Maximus would fail, all the same, Maximus slit his throat and ordered the rebels to be taken away. Maximus then confronted Bronaja about not warning him about Tibor's treason and compelled Bronaja to pledge his loyalty to him.[6]

Return of the Royal Family


"Warn me? You are in no position to do anything. Extend grace? Become one of you? I have always been one of you, and now I am King! And will remain so."
"You accepted."
"I rescued someone you took prisoner. He is a friend of mine, and I would do anything for my friends. I decline your offer."
―Maximus and Medusa[src]

Following Gorgon's death, the Inhuman Royal Family decided to negotiate with Maximus. They sent Crystal to Attilan to return Maximus' team and asked for a parley, which Maximus accepted, glad to see that his family came to him and not the other way around. Maximus then waited for Auran to wake up. When she did, she expressed disappointment at the idea that Maximus had only devised his coup to have a change of undergoing Terrigenesis again. However, Maximus angrily rebuffed her, claiming that he was tired of being treated as an inferior Human and that he would become the most powerful Inhuman ever seen. Before going to the parley, Maximus held a eulogy for his late cousin Gorgon in the throne room, expressing his wish to avoid more bloodshed.

Havoc in the Hidden Land 12

Maximus waits for the Inhuman Royal Family to parley

At midday, Maximus met with the Royal Family for parley, noticing that they had brought Evan Declan with them. Black Bolt and Medusa offered to pardon Maximus for his crimes and to grant him the opportunity of undergoing Terrigenesis a second time with help from Declan if he surrendered the throne. At first, Maximus agreed but once his guards took Declan, he refused Black Bolt's terms, stating that he had lied only to rescue Declan. The Royal Family left the parley while Maximus went to see Declan in the apartments Maximus to discuss his research and his wish to undergo Terrigenesis, intending to select a power in Declan's list of known abilities.

The conversation was interrupted when Auran informed Maximus of several malfunctions occurring throughout Attilan. Maximus ordered Auran to investigate the matter and took Declan to the Terrigenesis Chambers, where they found Gorgon's body after Karnak and Auran secretly tried to revive him. Understanding that the Royal Family was still in Attilan, Maximus left with his guards, only to be defeated in a fight and captured by Triton. Maximus was brought to the Royal Bunker, where he revealed that he had enacted a fail-safe: if he was not released in time, the protective dome surrounding Attilan would collapse, destroying the city and its inhabitants.[9]

End of a Revolution

"I am the King of Attilan..."
―Maximus after being abandoned on the Moon[src]

Maximus' revelation surprised the Inhuman Royal Family who struggled about what to do while Maximus bragged that he would lead the Inhumans to Earth, although Black Bolt warned him that this would bring an enemy more fearsome than the Humans. Black Bolt and Triton then took Maximus through the tunnels to reach the Control Room. As guards were after them, Maximus tried to warn them, but Triton left to stop them while Black Bolt took Maximus further away. Maximus then blamed Black Bolt for having become the King of Attilan though he had claimed he did not want to. Maximus also revealed that he mastered sign language and was perfectly capable of understanding his brother for a long time.

Exiting the tunnels, Maximus and Black Bolt met a group of Inhumans loyal to Maximus who helped him to escape. Maximus went back to the Terrigenesis Chambers, where Auran informed him of Evan Declan's death and that the Royal Family had stolen the Terrigen Crystals, preventing him from undergoing Terrigenesis. Maximus summoned Bronaja, hoping that he would be able to locate the Crystals. Maximus touched Bronaja, who told him that he had seen Maximus as the undisputed King of Attilan without the Royal Family around. Maximus then headed to the Control Room and delivered a speech to the people of Attilan, calling for an open war with the Royal Family.

Inhuman parley

Maximus negotiates with Medusa

Later, Maximus was informed by Auran that the Royal Family wanted to try to negotiate one last time. Maximus met with Medusa in the throne room and confronted her about abandoning him after Maximus was turned into a simple Human. Medusa offered to trade one Terrigen Crystal in exchange for the throne and the safety of Attilan, but Medusa shattered the Crystal when Maximus demanded it. Maximus ordered Auran to kill Medusa, but Auran refused, as she had guaranteed her safety. Medusa then left and the Royal Family ordered the evacuation of Attilan. Maximus listened to the speech with Auran and declared that the people would never follow them. Auran unsuccessfully tried to change Maximus' mind, but Maximus was too deep in his megalomania to hear her.

Maximus Abandoned

Maximus is left to die in the collapsing Attilan

Abandoned by everyone, Maximus went to the Contol Room, where Black Bolt met him. Maximus admitted that he could not prevent the dome from collapsing. Believing that they would soon die, Maximus revealed his role in the death of their parents. Maximus expected his brother to kill him, but Black Bolt simply knocked him unconscious and brought him to the Royal Bunker. Black Bolt then abandoned his brother in the bunker, locking him away and collapsing the building above the Bunker. Maximus declared himself the King of Attilan, realizing that Bronaja's vision had come true but not as he expected.[4]


Maximus was an extremist revolutionary since he was obsessed with repopulating the Earth and gathering the Inhumans of the Earth. Ever since his brother was announced as the king of Attilan, Maximus has shown an incredible amount of jealousy towards his brother Black Bolt. Maximus fought with a heavy hand for the freedom of the people of Attilan, above all they were against the caste system. In spite of the fact that he is shown to be a calm and quiet individual, Maximus actually enjoys the pain of others, as shown when he taunts and antagonizes Medusa who was captured by his men. When Maximus became the King of Attilan, he was feared by his people.

Powers and Abilities

Former Powers

"I'm not one of them Gorgon! I've never been to Earth, regardless of what my genes might suggest I'm an Inhuman like the rest of you."
―Maximus to Gorgon[src]

As an Inhuman, Maximus had the potential to undergo Terrigenesis. However, instead of granting him enhanced abilities, his transformation stripped him of his Inhuman genes, effectively turning him into a normal human.[5]


  • Master Tactician: Maximus is a master tactician, as demonstrated by his ability to stage a military coup d'état, overthrow his older brother Blackagar and take over Attilan. To that end, Maximus managed to rally most of the Attilan Royal Guard to his cause without their leader Gorgon being aware of this. Maximus is also a master manipulator. He managed to manipulate almost all the people in Attilan to choose him as the new king instead of Black Bolt, whom he had overthrown earlier, and even attempted to manipulate Medusa to join to his side. On several occasions, Maximus delivered passionate speeches to the people of Attilan, claiming that he was acting in their best interest and that he would lead them to Earth, and people usually cheered and applauded after his speeches.
  • Sign Language: Maximus is able to understand Sign Language.
  • Combatant: Like all members of the Inhuman Royal Family, Maximus received training in hand-to-hand combat, under the supervision of Gorgon and Karnak. After Triton returned to Attilan, and took out the rebellious guards, the two engaged in a fight, but Maximus was quickly outmatched by Triton's superior combat skills.







Appearances for Maximus

In chronological order:


  • In the comics, Maximus is an Inhuman, who was subjected to the Terrigen Mist as an infant, showing no sign of any mutagenic change, only to develop psionic powers as he matured.

Behind the Scenes

  • Iwan Rheon was initially hesitant to accept the role of Maximus out of fear that the character was too similar to Ramsay Bolton, whom he portrayed in Game of Thrones: "My fear was I’d be doing the same thing again. It's that fear of being typecast and you just end up repeating yourself, but as we discussed it more and more, I realized that wasn’t at all what we were trying to create with the show."[10]
  • Rheon explained that Maximus is “[this] young man who went through Terrigenesis and he became nothing, in this society, which is all about what power you have, he’s the lowest of the low. The only reason he’s not working down in the mines is that he’s the brother of the king even though he feels like he’d be a much better king."[10]
  • Rheon calls Maximus a "man of the people".[10]
  • Rheon acknowledges that the character is an antagonist, but he wouldn't refer to him as a villain, saying “[We] try to show the side of him that he’s trying to genuinely change the world and try to help out the people who he believes are living in terrible conditions in the caste system. He believes his brother is not doing anything, so he believes he has to do something himself. He’s perhaps more of an antagonist than a villain. It’s just two opposing ideas. He’s a passionate politician who wants to change things for the better for the people — and maybe for himself."[10]


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