"You are a B-list radio personality who has to resort to dirty threats to stay relevant."
"Says the dirty old man hiring desperate young girls to pretend he cares."
―Max Tatum and Trish Walker[src]

Maximilian "Max" Tatum is a movie director.


Sour Negotitations

"You are going to give me what I want."
"Or what?"
"Or I'll go public on what happened between us. I was a child! You were forty!"
"You were sixteen going on thirty."
"Fifteen! And my mother pimped me out for the lead in your crappy movie!"
Trish Walker and Max Tatum[src]

Tatum was in production of a movie when he was approached by Trish Walker, whom asked to speak with him privately. After hours of work, he spoke with her in his trailer, in which Walker attempted to request that he gave her access to records at Metro-General Hospital; rejecting to do so, Tatum was threatened by Walker to go public about the assaults committed when she was a young actress, given 48 hours to comply. He chugs a glass of an alcoholic beverage before storming out of his trailer.

Later, he was approached by Malcolm Ducasse about the claim. Tatum told Ducasse that Walker crawled into his bed, taking a punch to his nose before Ducasse walked away.[1]

Threat Received

"I'm surprised that perv came through. I should have punched him in the Tesla years ago."
Jessica Jones to Trish Walker[src]
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Leaving off the site, Tatum had encountered Trish Walker and Jessica Jones, Walker informing him that time was up. He expressed his anger in showing his lead actress the video of their conversation three days ago and quickly dismissed the publicity of his confession. Gradually, Tatum was threatened by Jones, whom shoved him and held him against the hood of his car. When Jones implied that he had assaulted other young actresses, Tatum admitted that he had not and was in love with Walker.[2]






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