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"Things in our lives only hold us back if we let them. When one of us rises, we all do, and there's nothing selfish about that."
―Max to Gert Yorkes[src]

Max is an intern at Wizard who was tasked with giving out free Corvus phones.


"It's not like we're just giving them away to cute girls at hipster breakfast spots. L.A. is full of kids who don't have anyone. On the WizPhone Corvus, people have an immediate community of fellow users. And that means power to the disadvantaged, which should be the point of anything we put our time into, I mean, don't you think?"
―Max to the Runaways[src]

Max was a student at the University of Southern California. As part of his internship program, he also worked for Wizard, and was instructed to freely give the new Corvus WizPhones to people in the street. Unbeknownst to Max, the phones were actually part of Morgan le Fay's plan to take over the world, but Max was protected from the phone's nefarious effects thanks to a spell put on him without his knowledge.

During one of these distributions, Max overheard some of the Runaways discussing while queueing next to the Fred 62 restaurant. Interested in what Gert Yorkes was telling about cognitive bias, he engaged in a conversation with her, although there was some tension due to Chase Stein's presence, as both Yorkes and Stein had recently broken up. Max explained to the Runaways that he was giving free Corvus phones, explaining how they were innovative. He then remained outside of the restaurant continuing his work while the Runaways went to grab something to eat.

Max is assaulted by Gil

However, Max accidentally bumped into Gil, a young man with a Corvus. This caused the phone to fall on the floor and get damaged, which greatly angered Gil. As a result, Max was brutally assaulted by Gil, ending up with a cut on his arm. Gil got more violent, threatening to thrust a corkscrew in his eye, but Max was saved by Molly Hernandez who threw Gil away using her superhuman strength. The Runaways then called an ambulance for Max. Max remained with Yorkes during the medical exams, holding her hand during the procedure as he was uncomfortable with needles.

Max befriends Gert Yorkes

Max then admitted that he would like to know Yorkes better and they exchanged their phone numbers so they could remain in contact with Yorkes using her new Corvus phone. Before parting ways, they discussed their purposes in life and Max incited Yorkes to be more willing to do what she really wanted to do. Max and Yorkes subsequently spent a lot of time texting each other. When told by Yorkes that Stein thought there was something evil about the Corvus phones, Max replied by sending her a funny picture dismissing the theory as crazy.

As a Wizard employee, Max had been invited to a party held by the company to announce the worldwide launch of the Corvus phones. He asked Yorkes to come with him, which she agreed, and waited for her to join him at the party. Once again, the situation was quite awkward due to Stein being present and asking questions about the Corvus with a heavily accusing tone, although Max actually knew little about the phones. He then went to find some food for Yorkes while she remained to discuss her relationship with Stein.

Max and Gert Yorkes discuss the Corvus phone

Having found some food in the kitchen, Max returned to Yorkes, who suggested they took something to drink. Max and Yorkes then discussed further, with Yorkes being reluctant to talk about her previous relationship with Stein. Instead, the conversation drifted towards the Corvus phones, and Max was told that the devices seemed to increase the aggressivity of their users, and that Stein had found a black feather inside one of them, which had then turned to ashes. This left Max deeply puzzled as he genuinely knew nothing about it.

Max encounters Bronwyn

Max then remained alone as Yorkes told him that she would rejoin her friends to see if they had found something about the phones. He was then approached by Bronwyn, who reminded him that he had signed a non-disclosure agreement regarding the Corvus technology. Max insisted that he had not shared anything relevant to Yorkes and asked Bronwyn about what Yorkes had said regarding the anger outbursts. In response, Bronwyn told him about the protection spell put on him before casting another spell which erased Max's memories, leaving him heavily bewildered as to what had happened.[1]