"It seems like you've taken a liking to this mutt... Hey, if I don't get my money, everything I've done to you, I'm doing double to poor Fido here, huh?"
Finn Cooley to Punisher[src]

Max is a guard dog previously owned by the Kitchen Irish who was later adopted by Frank Castle.


Guard Dog

Rescued by the Punisher

Max 8

Max as a guard dog for the Kitchen Irish

Max was a guard dog for the Kitchen Irish at the Burren Club, to keep unwanted visitors away. Max survived the Massacre at the Burren Club, as the Punisher attacked and killed most members of the Kitchen Irish that had gathered in the club. Castle decided to adopt Max and make him his pet and companion.[1]

Tortured by the Kitchen Irish

Max 6

Max being threatened with torture by the Kitchen Irish

When the Kitchen Irish came looking for Frank Castle seeking revenge and wanting their money, they found his apartment with Max inside. The Kitchen Irish then took Max from the apartment, and Castle was forced to watch helplessly in hiding as they carried Max away. While the mob tortured Castle, they brought Max into the room and forced him to tell them the location of their money for they would torture Max as well. Not wanting Max to get hurt, Castle promised to tell them where the money was.[2] From there, the destination of the dog is unknown, it is not known if Castle is still the owner of the dog or has simply disappeared.  





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