"You broke a man's neck. I heard about it on Trish Talk. Some guy does you wrong and you kill him, but now the vigilante hero's gonna judge me?"
"A hero would have you locked up for soliciting murder. A vigilante would beat the shit out of you. Now which one am I?"
―Mavis and Jessica Jones[src]

Mavis was the owner of the Slice City pizza parlor in New York City.


Cheating Boyfriend

Hiring Jessica Jones

"I should've known. No pizza run takes that long. He was so sweet to me. I was gonna make him manager. I feel so humiliated."
―Mavis to Jessica Jones[src]
2x01 SliceCity

Mavis has a meeting with Jessica Jones

Mavis visited Alias Investigations and hired Jessica Jones to collect evidence on Rafi of dishonesty. After being informed of his affair with another woman, she attempted to hire Jones to kill him without paying for her prior services. She became upset by Jones announcing to Rafi that she was being baited into killing him over the affair, Mavis citing that Jones murdered Kilgrave. Quickly, she was pushed into a chair and threatened by Jones before being left alone in the parlor.[1]





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