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"This whole godforsaken planet is evil."
Will Daniels[src]

Maveth[1] (Hebrew for Death, spelled מָוֶת)[2] is a planet light years from Earth. Thousands of years ago, it was home to an advanced, utopian civilization that was destroyed by the exiled Inhuman Hive. In the 21st century, the planet was the home of Will Daniels from 2001 to 2015 and temporarily housed Jemma Simmons for approximately six months.


Arrival of Hive[]

"There used to be nine cities on this planet. The beings who lived there were fairly advanced. But they feared change. They were easily divided. They warred among themselves, destroyed their entire race."
Hive to Leo Fitz[src]

Remnants of one of the nine cities of Maveth

Maveth was believed to have once been a beautiful paradise. The planet was home to nine technologically advanced civilizations, which thrived in nine different cities. However, the peace was broken and Hive, a powerful Inhuman who was banished from Earth through a Monolith, observed as the people of the nine cities destroyed each other through war, leaving Maveth a desolate wasteland.[3]

Maveth HYDRA statue

Sculpture of the HYDRA symbol

On Earth, meanwhile, the Inhuman's ardent disciples established a secret society with the central goal of returning Hive to Earth so he could resume his conquest of the planet. Over the course of many thousands of years, this society evolved into the international paramilitary terrorist organization HYDRA. Using the Monolith, the society would transport chosen human sacrifices to Maveth so that Hive could inhabit a new host, effectively ensuring he lived as long as it took for them to bring him back.[4]

19th Century[]

In 1839, several of HYDRA's lords and nobles held a meeting at HYDRA Castle in Gloucestershire, England. Lord Manzini, who had been chosen, was transported to Maveth through the Monolith, never to return.[2] On Maveth, the lord was quickly intercepted by Hive, who killed the human and used his body as a host.[5]

20th Century[]

"We do the ceremony the right way and let fate decide."
Gideon Malick to Nathaniel Malick[src]

In 1970, Nathaniel Malick was sent through the Monolith to Maveth. Upon arriving on the deserted planet, Malick was killed and his body possessed by Hive.[5]

Throughout the 1990s, Gideon Malick, a head of HYDRA, who had allowed his brother Nathaniel to be sacrificed and sent to Maveth years ago, came into possession of the Monolith. He funded Project Distant Star Return, a contracted NASA mission with the hopes of secretly bringing Hive back from Maveth.[4]

NASA Expedition[]

Studying the Monolith[]

Will Astronaut

Will Daniels at the time he arrived at the planet

"What's this light coming from?"
"There's a luminescent substrata below us."
"It's warm."
"It's a natural source of heat; keeps the planet warm without sunlight."
Jemma Simmons and Will Daniels[src]

Will Daniels, a test pilot for the Air Force, was recruited by NASA in 2001. He was offered the chance to join Project Distant Star Return. Always wanting to experience the most difficult of challenges, Daniels eagerly volunteered alongside scientists S. Austin, Brubaker and G. Taylor and was given the task of protecting the scientists while on the planet. Once they arrived, they set up base and began work while waiting for NASA to figure out a way to bring them home.[6]

Losing the Crew[]

Astronaut graves

The fallen NASA astronauts' graves

"It has this way of getting inside your head and just making you crazy. Austin threw himself off a cliff. Brubaker set himself on fire. Taylor took an axe to the gear and then he came after me. I had one job; keep them alive."
Will Daniels to Jemma Simmons[src]

One day, the NASA crew decided to explore while Will Daniels stayed behind and protected the camp. During this time, a huge sandstorm briefly swept the land. When they returned, each of the scientists began losing control of their sanity. Before long, S. Austin and Brubaker committed suicide by jumping off a cliff and setting himself on fire, respectively. G. Taylor's madness caused him to destroy much of the camp before attacking Daniels; after a brief fight, Daniels was forced to kill his friend and bury his body alongside the others.[6]


Now alone on the planet, Will Daniels used his skills to build an underground home as well as various traps and hideouts to protect himself. He became certain that there was a being in the sandstorm which caused his crew to turn mad and as a result did everything he could to avoid the storms and protect himself. After months of living alone, Daniels came to the decision that he would never be rescued and would live out the rest of his days alone on the planet.[6]

Other Worldly Experience[]

Jemma still on planet

Jemma Simmons arrives on Maveth

"There has to be a sunrise, eventually."
Jemma Simmons[src]

Finding herself on another planet after being abducted by the Monolith, Jemma Simmons waited for hours for someone to find her and extract her. After twenty-two hours, she noted that the sun had not risen. Simmons kept herself grounded by talking to a picture of Leo Fitz on her cell phone; as she made markers from stones showing the direction she was going, Simmons talked to herself about the date they had planned. Realizing that a normal human can live without water for one hundred hours, Simmons sought water; she found it after one hundred and one.

At one hundred nine hours, Simmons swam through the water, finally finding time to relax. Suddenly, she was grabbed by a plant in the water and almost drowned; Simmons fought it and detached a tentacle. After eating it, she decided that she would grow weak if she did not continue to have food. Simmons returned to the pond and killed the creature cooking and eating it while continuing to look at the image of Fitz on her phone.[6]

Meeting Will Daniels[]

Curious Jemma

Jemma Simmons meets Will Daniels

"You were right, Will. I saw It, whatever it is. Something was out there."
Jemma Simmons to Will Daniels[src]

Jemma Simmons roamed the planet for a time, scavenging food and water. She heard movement and investigated it, only to fall down a hole and be trapped by a cage. As she fainted, she saw a man near the cage. Waking, Simmons waited in the cage. Eventually, the man came to check on her and realized that she was real. Simmons introduced herself, and the man brought her food.


Jemma Simmons stuck in a cage for hours

Forming a plan to escape, Simmons faked a stomachache and lured the man into the cage to investigate. Simmons hit the man with the food bowl and escaped the cage, exiting the cave and running from the man. However, she fell and hurt her leg, allowing the man to catch up to her and bring her back to the cave. The man introduced himself as Will Daniels and stitched up Simmons' leg. Daniels asked what year it was, and Simmons informed him that it was 2015. Daniels told Simmons that he had been on the planet since 2001, and told her his story, showing her all his old NASA equipment. Simmons showed him her phone, and the two watched a video of her birthday celebration.

Simmons In Another Planet

Jemma Simmons runs from Hive

Simmons did not believe Daniels' stories of a Hive on the planet, and decided to venture into the area Daniels had dubbed the "no fly zone". While there, she saw the stars and began to formulate a plan to escape the planet. A sandstorm began and Simmons saw a figure in the dust;[6] running, she received a head wound, which she treated by applying dirt to it.[7] She made it back to Daniels and told him that she believed him. Simmons explained her plan to Daniels, thinking of using his equipment and her phone to calculate new portal openings.[6]

Fleeing "Death"[]


Jemma Simmons and Will Daniels go to the portal

"There's no hope on this planet."
"That's what I used to think. Then you showed up."
Jemma Simmons and Will Daniels[src]

For days, Jemma Simmons and Will Daniels were working on a way to turn on his computer. Once it was activated, they calculated the movement of the stars and tried to locate the next place the portal would open. After the battery of her phone was dead, she found the location and the time of the next portal, in the "no fly zone". Daniels explained to her that a canyon separated between them and the portal. As they prepared to go there, Simmons told him that she had a message in a bottle for Leo Fitz in case they would not reach to the portal. When they arrived to the canyon, it was longer than they expected. Daniels thought that Hive caused it. The portal opened in the other side, and Daniels shot the bottle toward it, but the portal was closed before the bottle reached it.


Jemma Simmons and Will Daniels share a kiss

In their hideout, Simmons admitted that there was no hope on Maveth, and it was hell. Daniels told her that he had also thought so, until he met her. The two then kissed.[6]

Simmons Leaves[]

"Jemma, go. You can make it."
"I'm not going without you."
Will Daniels and Jemma Simmons[src]

Due to research into the stars conducted by Jemma Simmons, she and Will Daniels were able to determine when the sun was due to rise over the planet, the first sunrise in eighteen years. The pair shared a kiss as they stepped outside and waited to see for the sun for the first time in over a decade. Suddenly Simmons spotted a flare being fired in the distance and determined it must be Leo Fitz finally having found her.


Jemma Simmons is found by Leo Fitz

Simmons ran across the desert with Daniels as they tried to find the source of the flare, but became separated as a sandstorm appeared. Simmons spotted what appeared to be a NASA astronaut and called out to Daniels that his team had found him, but Daniels warned her that it could only be the deadly being on the planet trying to trick her mind. Daniels ordered Simmons to run as he drew his gun and engaged the creature, firing his only bullet at Hive while Simmons followed the sound of Fitz's voice,[6] Hive killed Daniels and took control of his body.[3]

She moved towards the light and encountered Fitz, who had thrown himself into the activated portal to find her. Crawling to him as the sandstorm worsened, she tried to reach him, only for him to be pulled away from her as the rope he was attached to began to take him back. Refusing to give up, Simmons dragged herself back towards Fitz, and they both grabbed hold of each other's hands and made it back through the portal before it exploded. Safe in the English castle, Simmons hugged Fitz as Phil Coulson, Bobbi Morse, Elliot Randolph, and Alphonso Mackenzie stared at them.

Will Sun

Hive in control of Will Daniels' dead body

As the sun rose over the planet, the sandstorm ended, as Simmons had disappeared into the portal to be reunited with her friends back on Earth.[6] Hive, using Daniels' body as a host,[3] witnessed the sun once again set and the planet was plunged into a darkness which would last another fourteen years. Hive threw Daniels' gun at the ground and returned to his hideout.[6]

HYDRA's Final Mission[]

Maveth Fitz and Ward

Leo Fitz and Grant Ward in Maveth

"I'll be damned... Tatooine."
Phil Coulson[src]

In order to retrieve Hive back on Earth, Gideon Malick sent through the portal an HYDRA team led by Grant Ward and guided by Leo Fitz. Phil Coulson also went through the portal, to kill Ward for his crime.[1] After a few hours, the HYDRA team saw a structure shaped as the HYDRA symbol. Later, Fitz found a hole in the ground and escaped through it. Ward ran after him and found him along with Hive, who was inside Will Daniels'. Fitz promised that "Daniels" would show them the way to the portal and begged Ward not to kill him. Ward agreed and Fitz helped Hive walk.


Grant Ward and Hive lead the team

Hive led the team to the location of the next portal. During a sandstorm, Hive killed some of the soldiers and escaped from the team with Fitz. After the sandstorm was over, Ward saw the soldiers' bodies, when suddenly the rest of his men were killed by Coulson. Coulson pointed his gun at Ward and forced him to lead the way to the portal. Fitz and Hive were close to the portal's location, when Fitz discovered who he really was. Hive attacked him and the two then fought each other.

310 43211

Phil Coulson kills Grant Ward

Coulson saw Hive ready to kill Fitz and he shot him. Ward used the distraction and attacked Coulson. The portal was reopened and Hive tried to reach for it. When a standard firearm proved completely useless on Hive, Fitz shot the dark Inhuman with a flare gun, burning Daniels' body to a crisp. Coulson managed to defeat Ward and with his robotic hand, he crushed Ward's chest, causing his death. However, Hive survived the destruction of Daniels' body and made use of Ward's body as a new host. The dark Inhuman followed Coulson and Fitz, escaping back to Earth through the portal.[3]


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  • Following its introduction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Maveth was also introduced in the Mainstream Comic Universe. In the comics, Maveth is a dead planet reclaimed by the Chitauri, in order to obtain the Phoenix Force Bomb that was sealed in the vault of its former emperor.


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