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"Maury Tuttlebaum. At least one guy who's seen more dead bodies than me. But every one of them tells a story. Hopefully, Maury can tell me yours."
Jessica Jones[src]

Maury Tuttlebaum is the attendant at the morgue of Riverbank Medical Center who enjoys the taste of expensive food.


Unexpected Visitors

"This is Trish Walker."
"And I'm Maury Tuttlebaum. What's your point?"
Jessica Jones and Maury Tuttlebaum[src]

Maury Tuttlebaum is a physician in the morgue of Riverbank Medical Center. Since his shift is usually quiet, he spends time reading from books and magazines that discuss food and restaurant reviews.

One day, Jessica Jones and Trish Walker entered the morgue wanting to see the recent entries while Tuttlebaum was reading Food Connoisseur. In order to get access to one of the bodies Jones used a fake identity and said she replaced one of the medical examiners. Since Tuttlebaum did not receive any calls authorizing an after-hours visit he told them to leave.

In a second way to get access to the body, Jones asked if he knows who Trish Walker was. After hearing the name Tuttlebaum seemed unimpressed and even after Jones told him about Trish Talk and sang the intro to It's Patsy he send them away since they are not in the list.

With her first two tries to convince Tuttlebaum to let them through failed Jones came up with a third way. She told Tuttlebaum, who had been reading a magazine about food before Jones and Walker entered, that Walker could get him a table at any restaurant in town. Tuttlebaum, who could appreciate a good meal asked for a table at Saterre, a French restaurant in town. Walker, who knew the chef gave him a call and got Tuttlebaum a table. Walker also recommended the duck confit.

Satisfied with this Tuttlebaum allowed Jones and Walker five minutes but warned them not to anything crazy. He told them that they receive the body of an older male an hour ago and asked how they knew about it. Jones was unwilling to tell him. Tuttlebaum then showed them the body and explained how he died. Since the body was not the one Jones was looking for she asked if Tuttlebaum could give them a call every time they receive an old male. To make sure Tuttlebaum would call them Walked told him he would get him the chefs table at Per Se and thanked him for his help.[1]

Text Message

Later, Tuttlebaum texted Jessica Jones and told her of the arrival of another body; however, Tuttlebaum left Riverbank Medical Center before Jones arrived, leaving her to talk to another attendant.[1]

Unidentified Head

"Listen, I'm offering you a favor. You in?"
"In exchange for what?"
"That dismemberment on Orchard Street. I want to catch who did it."
Trish Walker and Maury Tuttlebaum[src]

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Transporting the Corpse

"You gotta get the bodies out to make room for whatever the heck they're doing in my morgue. Things are gonna be backed up for days."
"You know what happened here, don't you? A celebrity got attacked by a crazy fan. That's why I went to work in a morgue. To get away from all this noise."
―Maury Tuttlebaum and Vernon Muñoz[src]

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