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"So you wanna tell me how a pro bono lawyer can afford a loft like this in New York City?"
"You can't tell now, but there's a neon billboard across the street. Keeps most people up at night. Not me."
Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock[src]

Matt Murdock's Apartment is the penthouse apartment where Matt Murdock lives.


Morning Phone Call

Matt Murdock in his apartment

Matt Murdock was woken up by a phone call made by his friend and partner Foggy Nelson, in order to remind him that they had an appointment with a real estate agent in 45 minutes. Murdock was still tired of the fight he had against Turk Barrett and a group of thugs the night before, and Nelson mistook his groans for a women moaning in the bed.

Nelson inquired if there was somebody with him in, and asked if she was a paralegal they previously met. Nelson stopped before letting him answer, saying that he did not want to hear about it, but he immediately told him that he actually wanted to hear everything. Nelson asked what was she like, to which Murdock, in order to hide the truth, only answered that it was violent.

Nelson was amazed about the ease that his friend had to date women, and wondered that he maybe had to pretend to be blind in order to date the same women that Murdock managed to get. Nelson then jokingly lied to him saying that Susan Harris, the real estate agent they were about to meet, was not his type, as she was very homely, so there was no need to be charming to her.

Nelson lied further saying that Harris even told him that blind people were one of God's mistakes. Murdock, knowing that Nelson was lying to him, said that it was a horrible thing to say, and Nelson ended the conversation saying he had to go and bribe a cop. Nelson quickly assured it was a joke in case the NSA was listening to their conversation, but then he reassured he was going to bribe a cop.[1]

Personal Questions

Matt Murdock took Karen Page to his apartment as a way to protect her from the group that was trying to kill her to prevent her from unveiling a conspiracy regarding her former employers, Union Allied Construction. Murdock offered to order food while he prepared the bedroom for her.

Page realized the apartment was a little dark, and as Murdock was not used to switch the light on, he pointed where the switch was. Murdock asked Page if she wanted something to it, but she instead asked him for a shirt she could borrow, as the one she was wearing was wet, given it was raining outside, and

Page told Murdock that she did not want to put Murdock out of his own bedroom and she would use the couch, but he informed that his former guests had told him the couch was not comfortable. Page then suddenly realized the huge Xining Airways sign outside of the windows, but Murdock explained how he managed to obtain a huge discount for the apartment due to nobody wanting to live there with the sign.

Page then asked for permission to ask a personal question, something that Murdock was already expecting, directly answering that he had not always been blind. Murdock joked that the second recurrent question people asked him was how he managed to comb his hair, to which he answered that he simply hoped for the best when doing so.

Murdock explained that he got blind during a car accident when he was nine years old, and he managed to make it through. Page then asked if he remembered how it was to be able to see, something he did, but then he said that despite he was supposed to say that he did not miss it, as taught in trauma recovery, or that he should define himself for what he had, valuing his differences and making no apologies for what he lacked, he would anything to see the sky one more time.

Murdock then asked for permission to ask questions, to which Page nodded before realizing she should agree out loud, causing a funny moment between them. Murdock started wondering about what he would do if he was Page's superior, especially wondering why he would not try to kill her as a first choice. He realized that the assassination attempt was made due to his own intervention with his partner Foggy Nelson, as they appeared out of nowhere before Page could be dealt with, and then the assassination attempt was made to make it appear that Page hung herself in her cell.

Murdock continued thinking out loud realizing that the conspirators were trying to discredit and scare Page, probably because she may still have evidence. Murdock openly asked Page if she still had Union Allied Construction file about the pension fund, something that Page denied. However, Murdock listened to Page's heartbeat, realizing it was faster than normal, something that indicated that she was lying when explaining that she did not kept any copy for herself. Murdock calmed her down, indicating that everything he correctly guessed was simply a thought.

Page went to bed and Murdock also went to sleep in the living room. However, Page was unable to sleep due to the recent events, and silently left the house to return to her own apartment. Murdock, who was able to hear her due to his heightened senses, followed her, but dressed with his black mask and attire.[1]

Drunk Colleagues

Foggy Nelson and Karen Page went to retrieve Matt Murdock at his apartment in the middle of the night. A heavily drunk Nelson started to call out Murdock at the door, even saying he drank an eel in a bottle at Josie's Bar, making Page laugh.

Obtaining no response, Nelson asked Page to call out for Murdock, telling her to pretend he was not there despite having shout a moment before. Page also called out for Murdock, apologizing for shouting and telling him that she would not come to the door if she was him, right before adding that she also drank the eel.

Nelson added they were filled with eel strength and began to shout again, claiming they would stay awake until the sunrise and they would even go to the fish market. Having been awoken by Nelson and Page, Fran, one of Murdock's neighbors, came to her door. Upon seeing her, Nelson and Page apologized to her and promised they would be quiet, but Nelson also offered her to go to the fish market, as he was intending to buy a bluefin.

Fran angrily closed her door, and Nelson shout to Murdock that he was going to buy the bluefin, knocking at the door of the apartment one last time before leaving the building.[2]

Reason to Continue

Matt Murdock took Claire Temple to his apartment to take care of her wounds, making Temple notice he had some experience, especially for a blind man. Murdock revealed he used to help his father but instead of a vigilante, he was a boxer, though they both received a lot of beatings.

Temple slightly complained for the pain while Murdock tended one of her wounds, making him to apologize. Temple dismissed, saying that she had treated Murdock with worse wounds, but Murdock clarified he was apologizing for having got her into his crusade, as he started it believing the only one who would be at risk was himself.

Temple told him it was her own choice, as he did not ask her to help him when she found Murdock in the dumpster, something that Temple did because, according to Murdock, was a good person, and only got herself to being almost killed.

Temple then asked if it was worth it, or if he had a plan in his fight. Murdock doubted what to say, but he revealed that the only thing he wanted to do was to make the city a better place, but he was starting to feel that nothing was changing and he was making things worse.

Temple reminded him about the boy he rescued from the Russians and the rest of people he had helped, but Murdock wondered about the people that got hurt because of him. To make him understand her, Temple prompted Murdock to feel her heart, and explain what he could know with that.

Murdock touched Temple's chest, noticing that she was scared. Temple said it was true, she was more scared than in any other situation during her life, and she was not alone feeling that, but she told Murdock that he could improve things for all the people that were scared. As Temple called him "Mike" once again, Murdock revealed his true name, Matthew.[3]

Seeing the World on Fire

Claire Temple got up at Matt Murdock's apartment, where she had stayed since Murdock rescued her the previous day. Temple looked at the mirror and began to check the different injuries that the Russians caused when they violently tortured in order to learn Murdock's identity as the man in the black mask.

Temple then had a shower while Murdock cooked for breakfast for her, and she finished, she entered the kitchen wondering if Murdock cooked for every girl he brought to his house. Murdock jokingly answered that he only did that for the girls that kept him alive.

Temple wanted to know more about Murdock, asking if he had a job or if he was one of those billionaire playboys that she had heard about. Murdock told her he had a job, making Temple jokingly regret he was not a billionaire, and then he explained he was lawyer and had his own practice. Temple then wondered about the duality of being a lawyer by day and a vigilante by night, something that even Murdock had not figured how could work.

As Temple sat at the table to have breakfast, she complained for the pain, and Murdock noticed she opened one of the cuts on her back. Temple wanted to know how did he know something like that, and he explained that it was due to the taste of copper in the air.

Murdock began to check her back, and while the swelling around the wound was down, she had a hairline fracture in one of her ribs. That Murdock was able to notice something like that made Temple wonder again how did he do that, and he explained that he could hear her bones as she breathed, and a hairline fracture sounded like an old ship.

Then Temple asked how could he see so much despite being blind, with Murdock explained the true extent of his powers, how he was able to sense many things with his remaining senses, and many more such as balance, direction, changes in air density, vibrations, temperature variations and many more. According to Murdock, all those things he could sense formed what he described as an impressionistic painting, that made him see the world as it was on fire.

Temple then acknowledged that seeing only fire would make her want to hit people, and Murdock joked that he wished he knew he was hitting the right ones.

Murdock then asked Temple to stay with him at his apartment while he figured what to do now that the Russian mob knew about her, and she commented it was quite a way of asking a girl to move in with him. Murdock then kissed Temple, who returned the kiss. As they finished, Temple said she had been wondering if he was ever going to do it.

Murdock prepared to leave, telling her that he would get clothes for her. As he was putting on his tie, Temple asked why did he not go to the police and present evidence against the Russians, but due to his status as a vigilante, the police would surely arrest him. Temple then told him that trying to take down the entire Russian mob alone would probably get him to end in another dumpster.

Murdock then told her that he only needed to take down one man, Wilson Fisk, as he was the "head of the snake", and explained how the murder of a man named Prohaszka in a bowling alley was linked to Fisk, as Prohaszka owned a majority of the Kitchen Cabs company. Temple noticed that its taxis were being turned over at the Veles Taxi Garage where she was taken, so Murdock believed that Fisk hired John Healy, the man that killed Prohaszka.

Temple suggested that he may find a man that seemed to be the man in charge of the Russian mob, as Sergei, the man that was beating and torturing him, only stopped when he heard a name, Vladimir.[4]

List of Locations

Matt Murdock returned to his apartment to enlist Claire Temple's help in examining the phone that he got from Detective Christian Blake, but Temple revealed that the phone was empty and had no number or contacts. Murdock told her that he heard it buzzing, and Temple located a list with four locations.

She began to read them, and Murdock recognized them as Troika Restaurant, the place he had rescued a kidnapped boy. He assumed that it was list of the different hideouts of the Russian mob led by Vladimir Ranskahov.

Temple asked where did he obtain that phone, and he answered that he got it from a cop. Temple did not mean that when she advised Murdock to go to the police, but he then clarified that the cop was working for Wilson Fisk, and he even killed one of the Russians inside the precinct.

Murdock was sure that he would find Ranskahov at one of the locations of the list, and got ready to go. Temple asked what was he going to do, to which Murdock replied that whatever it took. Temple was horrified with that answers, explaining that the day he told another Russian that Murdock hurt people because he enjoyed it, he did not and could not believe that, because if she believed it, that would mean that Murdock was not the man she believed.

Murdock said that he needed to be the man the city needed, but Temple told him that was simply an excuse. Murdock then asked if he should let them tear Hell's Kitchen apart, to which Temple answered that she had realized that Murdock's activities were important to many people he had saved, but she could not let herself fall in love a man that is near to become what he hated. Murdock simply told her that she was right and she should not, and left, while Temple started to cry inside the apartment.[4]

Recruiting a Former Student

Matt Murdock took Stick to his apartment. The old master opined the place was a shithole despite the rent Murdock had to pay, and Stick soon noticed that a woman had recently been there. However, he was relieved that she would not return, as Stick considered things like women, the furniture or having an apartment as mere distractions.

Stick was also surprised to find that Murdock used silk sheets, but it was because cotton felt like sandpaper on Murdock's skin due to his heightened senses. Stick continued to disapprove Murdock's life style, but then Murdock said that he managed to made something of his own life despite Stick abandoned him.

Stick then admitted that he was proud of all the things Murdock did and what he became, but considered that all those distractions would lead to Murdock's death, as he was a warrior, and advised him to cut loose of everything, including women, comforts and his job, that according to Murdock, was not as fancy as Stick believed.

Stick asked Murdock if he had friends or other people he cared about, and when Murdock admitted he had two, Stick told him to abandon them for their own sake, as having ties with Murdock would led to his friends' suffering and Murdock's own death.

Stick considered relationships as a luxury for men like them, so Murdock asked if that was the reason Stick abandoned him when he was just a kid. Stick only said that he had his reasons, and then told Murdock he was still a kid, mocking him as if he was complaining about Stick's abandonment.

Murdock told him not to push the situation too far, and then Stick that he was only trying to teach Murdock how to stay alive. Stick then mocked about Murdock's father, Jack Murdock, saying that at least he got paid when he died. Enraged, Murdock attacked Stick, but the old man grabbed his arm in a way that Murdock had never been able to escape while he still was being trained by Stick.

However, this time Murdock was able to escape and retaliate. Not wanting to fight, Stick began to laugh and lowered his defense, noting that it took Murdock 20 years to learn how to escape from that move. Murdock noted that he had learned many things since Stick left, for example, that Stick was "a dick", something he himself agreed before asking for a beer.

Murdock asked the true reason of Stick's return, and he claimed that it was the war that he sometimes spoke about when Murdock was a kid. Murdock asked who he was waging war against, as he never explained it, and Stick revealed it was, mostly, against the Japanese.

Murdock told Stick he did not want him waging war with the Yakuza in the streets of Hell's Kitchen, making Stick laugh for mistaking that organization with the Yakuza. Stick then explained that the man who was talking to Leland Owlsley was known as "Nobu", but what Stick did not want him, but the weapon he was bringing to New York City and would arrive at the docks that night. When asked, Stick only revealed that the weapon was known as Black Sky, the bringer of shadows, without detailing its true nature.

Murdock prompted Stick to say that he needed his help, but Stick twisted his words, saying that he needed Murdock to help himself, as given Nobu Yoshioka's relationship with Wilson Fisk, attacking Yoshioka would also hurt Fisk. Murdock was surprised that Stick knew about Fisk, but Stick only said that he knew many things, such as that the beer Murdock offered him sucked.

Murdock pointed the fact that after everything Stick just said about abandoning friends, he needed one. Stick said that he did not need a friend, he needed a committed soldier and not an idealist afraid of doing what needed to be done. Stick reminded Murdock that people die in a war, and then asked how many men had he killed while protecting the city.

Murdock remained silent, and Stick realized that Murdock had never crossed the line, reminding him that maybe someday he would need to kill to avoid being killed, and asked what he would do then. Murdock pointed that Vladimir Ranskahov asked the same thing recently right dying, but he was not the one that killed him.

Stick then prompted Murdock to help him me destroy Black Sky, as Fisk would be afraid of him because he had attacked the man that he was afraid of. Murdock made Stick promise he would not kill anyone, and he raised his hand and swore it, right before calling Murdock a coward.[5]

Catching Up

Matt Murdock returned to his apartment following the Attack on Black Sky, hoping to find Stick and ask him for answers, and Stick was already there waiting for him. Murdock threw back the wooden sticks that he was handed during the battle, and then asked why Stick did not fulfill his promise of not killing anyone. Stick simply said that he followed his mission, as Black Sky, whom he called a "thing", was not a child.

Murdock said he heard Black Sky's heartbeat, and it was light and fast, indicating he had not reached puberty. However, Stick told him that, if he had focused beyond his feelings, Murdock would have sensed its true nature.

Stick told Murdock that he was as blind as he had ever been, to which Murdock replied once again that he should have stayed and finished training him. Stick revealed the reason he left, as Murdock wanted a father figure from Stick, while what he wanted from the boy was a soldier. Murdock then guessed that they were both disappointed.

Stick tried to left and gave Murdock his farewells, but Murdock told him that he would not let his former master to find and kill Black Sky. Stick revealed that he had already killed him, as while Murdock was dispatching Nobu Yoshioka's men, Stick catched the van were Black Sky was being transported and shot an arrow to his heart.

Infuriated, Murdock attacked Stick over the living room and, at first, Stick gained the upper hand, taunting Murdock for his inability to defeat even an old man. Murdock counterattacked, but Stick knocked him down again. Stick taunted Murdock even more, telling him to get up with the same tone he used during Murdock's training, while kicking him.

Murdock grabbed one of the wooden sticks and tried to use it as a weapon against his old master, but he disarmed Murdock and used the stick against him until Murdock disarmed him. Murdock finally gained the upper hand, knocking Stick against the stairs, and when Stick almost choked him, Murdock jumped and flipped in the air to make Stick hit the floor.

Finally defeating Stick with two kicks in the head, Murdock warned him to get out of New York City. Stick began to laugh, saying that perhaps there was still hope for Murdock to become the warrior he thought he would be, saying it had been nice to catch up with him. Stick departed, telling Murdock that he could keep the wooden sticks as he would need them, and left him alone in his apartment.

Once left alone, Murdock found that Stick had left the bracelet that Murdock made for him as a kid, as Stick had kept it after all twenty years. Murdock could not prevent crying after realizing it.[5]

Ready for Work

Matt Murdock got up at his apartment following a fight he had with his former master Stick the night before. He quickly stitched a wound in his eyebrow and got ready to go to work.[6]


Matt Murdock heard Wilson Fisk's press conference at the New York City Hall, where he twisted Murdock's own words, and blamed his alter ego, the man in the black mask, for the crime and wave of terror the city was suffering.

With that press conference, Fisk dismantled Murdock's attempt to bring Fisk into the light as a criminal, as Fisk announced himself as a philanthropist and a savior for New York City.

Enraged, Murdock threw his laptop to the floor, hearing how Fisk used Murdock's words to defend his own acts.[6]

Faith Crisis

Matt Murdock returned to his apartment and struggled with the option of killing Wilson Fisk in order to avenge the death of Elena Cardenas. Murdock hesitated, but he ultimately opened a chest where, he kept hidden his costume and black mask under many of his childhood's mementos, including his father's last boxing robe and training gear, photographs, the first aid kit he used to stitch his father's wounds and Murdock's first Braille alphabet.

Murdock crossed himself asking for God's forgiveness for what he was about to do, and then he donned the black suit and mask and went to chase Fisk.[7]

Truth Discovered

A heavily drunk Foggy Nelson went to speak to Matt Murdock at his apartment in the middle of the night, wanting to speak to Murdock about what they needed to do following the death of Elena Cardenas. Crying, Nelson told him that they needed to keep going and stop Wilson Fisk, making him pay for what he did to Cardenas and everything else.

Nelson heard a crash inside the apartment, so he rushed to the roof access and entered the apartment. He called for Murdock, saying that he had heard a crash that sounded as if he had fallen and could not get up. Nervously, Nelson grabbed Murdock's cane to use it as a weapon if needed, and warned that if there was any intruder he would deal with him.

The man in the mask emerged from Murdock's bedroom, and Nelson asked him what did he do to Murdock. The masked man was unable to answer, and fell to the ground due to being heavily injured. Nelson was about to call 911 to inform them about the masked man, but he decided to remove the mask and see who was behind it.

Nervously, Nelson lifted the mask, and shockingly learned that the so-called Devil of Hell's Kitchen was Murdock himself.[7]

Day of Truth

The Truth About Blindness

Matt Murdock regained consciousness at the living room of his apartment, and began to groan in pain due to the extensive injuries he sustained the previous day. He checked the injuries, and then tried to get up, but Foggy Nelson, who was at the kitchen, advised Murdock not to do it, as he would not do it if he was Murdock. However, he acknowledged that maybe he would do it, as it turned out he did not know anything about Murdock.

Murdock asked Nelson if he stitched his injuries, but he revealed that it was actually Claire Temple who did it. Nelson explained that Murdock told him to call Temple after hitting him for trying to take Murdock to the hospital. Murdock apologized for it, as he did not remember what happened.

Nelson acknowledged that Temple was attractive, just as he had guessed before actually meeting her, but he was sure that Murdock already knew that. Very disappointed with his friend, and wanting to know the truth, Nelson asked Murdock if he was actually blind.[8]

The Truth About the Gifts

Matt Murdock explained to Foggy Nelson how his enhanced senses allowed him to perceive his environment in a way beyond sight, comparing it to seeing the world on fire but without having actual sight. Nelson, wanting to know the whole truth behind Murdock's activities as the man in the mask, simply asked if he could see or not despite Murdock's explanation and placed his middle finger before Murdock's face, asking him how many fingers was he holding up.

Realizing that Murdock had been able to "see" his finger, Nelson told him that he had felt sorry for him all those years since they met, though Murdock said he had never asked for that. In turn, Nelson said he never asked to be lied to, as he believed they were friends, and despite Murdock told him they still were, Nelson was hurt that Murdock had lied to him since the day we met.

Murdock then asked if he expected to introduce himself by saying that he was affected by a chemical substance when he was a kid that gave him heightened senses, and revealed he did not even told his own father about it. Nelson pointed that he told it to Claire Temple, though Murdock said that the only reason he did was because Temple found him half dead inside a dumpster. Nelson said that Temple did not say anything about Murdock when she came to treat his injuries, though she seemed to be a nice person.

Nelson paused for a moment before asking Murdock if he was responsible for the bombings and the shooting of policemen a few days before, Murdock explained that Wilson Fisk was behind everything, and he was also responsible for his injuries together with Nobu Yoshioka, who happened to be some kind of ninja.

Nelson then asked him what did Murdock believed he was doing as he was supposed to be helping people as a lawyer, and though Murdock said he was actually helping people, Nelson told him that what he was could be only called as being a vigilante, someone acting outside of the law.

Their conversation was interrupted by a phone call from Karen Page, who called at Murdock's phone. Before he could take it, Nelson grabbed the phone, and Murdock asked him not to reveal his secret to her. Nelson realized that every time they had called him and he did not answered, either to invite him to come for drinks or to make sure he was okay during the bombings, he simply hit the ignore button as he was acting as the man in the mask.

Page then called Nelson's phone, and he answered, lying to her saying he was at Murdock's apartment because Murdock had been hit by a car. Page told him she was going to the apartment, but Nelson asked to stay at the Nelson and Murdock Law Office as there was nothing she could there, but he promised that he would call if they need anything.

Nelson was hurt for having lied to Page because of Murdock, and demanded to know everything regarding his activities as the masked man due to it.[8]

The Truth About the Friendship

Foggy Nelson then checked the chest where Matt Murdock hid the clothes he wore as the man in the mask, and asked where did he get all those items. Nelson was surprised when Murdock told him he bought them on the Internet, as he believed that heroes, villains and vigilantes stitched their uniforms themselves.

Murdock jokingly told him that he never learned how to sew, but Nelson pointed that he learned how to fight, as he saw how Murdock moved in news footage after the bombings. Nelson guessed that Murdock's father, who was a boxer, did not teach him any of that.

Murdock told him that his father did not want him to fight, just like he had already told Nelson since they met, it was an old man named Stick who found him at Saint Agnes Orphanage. Murdock began to explain that Stick was blind, and shared his gifts, but Nelson interrupted him saying that a blind old man teaching him martial arts just sounded like the plot of Kung Fu.

Murdock continued explaining that Stick not only started his training, but he also taught how his blindness was not a disability, and he helped understand the full scope of his enhanced senses. Nelson asked him what was what he could do, and Murdock told him that it was hard to explain, and his senses allowed him to know things.

Nelson asked if he could read his mind or predict, and Murdock began to recite facts about Nelson that he perceived with his senses, such as he had not showered since the day before, that he rinsed his face in the kitchen sink, that he had onions for lunch two days before, that he was hungry and tired, or that as he was talking, Nelson's heart beat faster.

Nelson was surprised that he could hear a heartbeat, and Murdock explained that it helped to anticipate behavior, especially to know when someone was lying. Nelson realized that was the way he knew Karen Page was telling the truth when they first met her, but he was disgusted that he listened to heartbeats without permission, as it was weird and invasive.

Suddenly, Nelson realized that since they met years before, Murdock knew every time he was not telling the truth, and that he simply played along. Disappointed, Nelson told him that he would kick Murdock's ass if he was not half dead, and sadly asked him if anything had ever been real in their friendship.[8]

The Truth About Killing

Foggy Nelson received a phone call from Sergeant Brett Mahoney, who informed that the junkie that killed Elena Cardenas had been found dead after jumping from a building. Nelson thanked Mahoney for calling him with the news.

As he ended the phone call, Nelson went to the living and updating Matt Murdock about the news, as Murdock told him that in order to hear something, he should concentrate and focus on letting the sound in. Nelson explained what Mahoney told him about the junkie, and asked Murdock if he killed that man.

Murdock said that he told the junkie to turn himself in to the police, but Nelson, who did not trust Murdock anymore, asked him if that was the truth, given that he could not listen to heartbeats. Murdock assured again that he did not kill anyone, it was Wilson Fisk covering his tracks.

Nelson asked Murdock if he ever went that far, and Murdock told him that he had never killed anyone, but admitted that she wanted to after what happened to Cardenas. Murdock explained that he went to a warehouse where Fisk was supposed to be, with the intention of killing him.

Nelson was disappointed, stating that it looked like it was not enough to be judge and jury for Murdock, he wanted to be also executioner. Murdock said he thought he did not had a choice, and Nelson asked what happened to his idea of going after Fisk through the legal system making the law work for them. Murdock said that, as they both should knew, sometimes, the law was not enough.[8]

The Truth About the Beginning

At dusk, Foggy Nelson stared at the window, thinking about what to say to Matt Murdock. Murdock noticed that Nelson wanted to say something, but he said that he did not want to. Murdock explained that Nelson's breathing changed whenever he was about to speak, though Nelson told him that was just showing off.

Nevertheless, Murdock prompted him to say what he needed to say. Nelson began to confront Murdock about the whole truth that he learned that day, blaming him for dressing in a mask just to beat people up. Murdock told him that it was not that simple and he already knew it, but Nelson told him that he did not know anything. Trying to understand Murdock, he summarized, starting with the fact that Murdock got his gifts when he was a kid, and asking how did he get from that to what he was doing now.

Murdock explained that, when he was a kid, he played a game during the nights while listening to the sirens he heard, and inventing stories for everyone of them, such as ambulances, robberies or fires. However, when he lost his sight and his senses developed, he realized how many sirens there were, and how much the city suffered every night.

Nelson asked if he had been acting as a vigilante since he was a kid, but Murdock revealed that, at first, he wanted to make his father proud and not to fight, blocking what he heard for years. However it all changed one night a short time after they quit Landman and Zack, when he heard a little girl crying because her father abused her each night.

Although Murdock called Child Services, the man was very clever, as he did not leave any mark on his daughter, and his wife could not believe it and defended her husband. Murdock explained how he was the only one who could help that girl, and investigated the man's routine and attacked the man when he was alone, putting him in a hospital for a month, and feeling such relief that he had never slept better.

Nelson told him that it seemed that he decided it just one day, but to do what he did, Murdock should have continue training for years since Stick left him. Nelson guessed that justice was not the only reason that Murdock had to be a vigilante, that it maybe it was also an excuse to hit people and he could not stop himself. Seriously, Murdock told him that he did not want to stop.[8]

The Truth About the End

Matt Murdock cleaned the blood that was dripping from his most serious injury on his stomach. Foggy Nelson, teary-eyed and sitting in front of him, told Murdock that he was going to get himself killed, and even though Murdock claimed he could take care of himself, he asked what would happen to the rest of them.

Nelson said that he and Karen Page were a part of Murdock's activities without having a say in it, but Murdock said that if he gave up, nobody would stop Wilson Fisk. Nelson told him the law would, but Murdock then replied that it did not stop him for Elena Cardenas.

Murdock asked Nelson if he could have prevented Cardenas' death by putting a mask he would not have done it, and Nelson, crying, told him that it was not fair. Murdock replied that the world was not fair, so he was doing everything he could to make it a better place.

Nelson said that Fisk used those words, who actually were twisted from Murdock's own message, and confronted him over the fact that he even tried to kill Fisk, which was precisely the way Fisk solved his problems. Murdock acknowledged that he made a mistake, but Nelson told him that attempted murder was not a mistake.

Nelson asked Murdock if he had ever thought what would happen if he went to jail or died, as nobody would believe he or Page did not know about his vigilantism. Murdock began to cry, saying that the city needed him in the mask, and Nelson, while acknowledging that he may be right, said he only needed his friend, and that he would not have kept such a secret from Murdock.

Murdock told him that he could not know that, but Nelson, while walking to the door, told him that he indeed knew. Murdock called him and asked him to wait, but as he was unable to move, he could not prevent Nelson from leaving the apartment.[8]

Get Well Soon

Karen Page went to visit Matt Murdock at his apartment and began knocking on the door, waking him up. Page asked him to open the door, as she had been unable to contact Foggy Nelson ant there was nobody at the Nelson and Murdock Law Office.

Murdock opened the door and Page noticed the wounds on his face and body, pointing that Murdock looked like shit, though he claimed that he felt even worse. Page asked if they were going to sue the one responsible, and go after the owner of the car that hit him, as Nelson lied to her and said that Murdock was involved in a car accident. However, Murdock said it was his fault, and should have been more careful.

Page also realized that the apartment was also damaged, as Murdock had not cleaned up or repaired all the things that were broken when he fought Stick. Murdock opened a bottle of beer and began to drink, Page asked if it was not a little early for drinking, but Murdock said that it depended on the kind of day someone was having. Murdock offered Page another beer, but she refused.

Page then asked where Murdock was when the car hit him, something that Murdock believed did not matter, but Page knew that there was no car. She then asked if it had anything to do with Wilson Fisk, especially with the fact that Murdock went to visit Vanessa Marianna, but Murdock simply reassured it was his own fault and asked Page to leave the subject.

She then asked if somebody broke into the apartment, something he denied, but she then sarcastically said that then no one beat Murdock either. Murdock did not answer that, and simply gave another sip to his beer.

Page sat in front of Murdock and asked if he remembered the last time he was at the apartment, how she scared and terrified, but Murdock made her feel safe and able to trust him. Murdock pointed that she then lied to him by denying she had the pension file from Union Allied Construction. The reason she had for lying to him was that he did not want anyone else to get hurt after what happened to Daniel Fisher, because of what I was doing.

Knowing that Murdock would not give her any other explanation, Page revealed that she found an old misfiled archive at the county clerk's office, a marriage certificate for Wilson Fisk's mother, Marlene Vistain, date two years after the reports that Fisk altered said that she died.

Page explained that she went with Ben Urich to the Saint Bénézet Retirement Care facility where she was living, making Murdock worry because Fisk could have people watching for his mother and Page said she was careful, and that she did not leave her real name. Murdock told her that he should talked either to him or Nelson before doing something like that, but she tried calling them both, but none of them answered-

Page explained how Fisk's mother had some mental issues, but that she revealed that Fisk killed his own father when he was 12, bashing his head in with a hammer, and that his mother him cover it up. Murdock told her that, given Fisk was a minor then, it was not going to be enough to incarcerate him, but Page said that it was proof that Fisk had been lying and altering every file about his life.

Murdock then said that the words from an old woman with mental issues was not enough, and Page pointed that him or Nelson had not any better plan to deal with Fisk. Murdock asked if she spoke to Nelson, though she revealed that the last time was the day before on the phone, when Nelson covered what actually happened to Murdock.

Murdock told Page to return to their office and wait for Nelson and telling what she had found. He was about to ask her to tell Nelson something else, but then he told her to simply inform Nelson about what she discovered. Murdock also asked her to be careful, but she then said that he should follow his own advice.

Before leaving, Page handed him a balloon she brought as a "get well soon" gift, explaining it had a monkey on it, and Murdock grabbed it as Page let, letting it slip between his finger until the balloon rose to the ceiling.[9]

The City's Martyr

Matt Murdock called Claire Temple to help him treat his wounds, as he had reopened some of them while trying to figure out how much could he move. Temple advised him to rest and let his body heal itself, though Murdock explained he meditated for doing that, as it was something he learned as a kid and helped him to deal with the pain and to heal faster.

Temple asked him if that was the reason he was still alive, and Murdock told her it was either that or simply that he was a contrary son of a bitch. Temple also insisted that Murdock needed to ease up, and reminded her advice to use body armor.

Murdock explained he attacked Wilson Fisk at the Pier 81 Warehouse and he could not cut hm because he wore an armor in the lining of his suit that was light but tough. Murdock said he had never come across before something like that, and Temple reminded him that those were things someone obtained when he had all the money in the world.

Murdock invited Temple for a drink, but she simply refused. He noted that it was the second woman that refused his invitation that day, and despite Temple misunderstood his words, she told him it did not matter, as she had to leave and pack her belongings. Temple revealed she was going to leave New York City for a while.

Temple asked Murdock if he was going to miss her, and he asked in return what would happen if he actually would. Temple then revealed she did not think that she was going to see Murdock again, at least alive, after his last call the night of the explosions.

Murdock explained she left a message when it was over, but he did not what else to do, given that Temple did not want to move forward with their relationship. She reminded him what it could have been, but he pointed that only in case he stopped. Temple was aware he was not going to stop, and he said that not until the city if safe from people like Fisk.

Temple said that it meant he was never going to stop, as there would always be something it needed protection from. Temple remembered some words Murdock told her, that he was the man the city needed, but she believed he was also the man the city created. Murdock then apologized for being pulled back into his activities again, but she said that at least she got to see him shirtless again.

Murdock thanked Temple again for everything, knowing that it probably did not mean anything, and she promised to be there when he really needed her, but she could not promise anything beyond that. She then told Murdock that one of the few things she remembered from Sunday school was the martyrs, the saints and the saviors always ended the same way, bloody and alone. Murdock told her that he never said he was one of those, but Temple answered that he did not have to do it.[9]


Matt Murdock returned to his apartment and began to meditate to heal his wounds. During his meditation he vividly relieved his fights against Nobu Yoshioka and Wilson Fisk, and how they hurt him and hit him.

As he finished his meditation, he went to the chest where he stored his black mask and clothes and donned it to chase a criminal in the night.[9]

Open Wound

Matt Murdock called Karen Page to inform her that he had a rough morning and was not going to the office, while he cleaned the most serious injury he sustained during his duel against Nobu Yoshioka, that had opened once again.

Murdock also told her that he was working on something that might help them with the investigation regarding Wilson Fisk. Murdock asked Page to stay out of it until he knew for sure and to tell Foggy Nelson to do the same. Page agreed to do it, and Murdock promised that everything was going to work.[10]

Rental Bills

Karen Page meets Foggy Nelson at the apartment

"Are you living here?"
"No. God, no. I'm just paying the bills, or some of them until Matt gets back, but-"
"Matt's being evicted."
"Yeah, I need you to help me convince his landlord to give me an extension."
Karen Page and Foggy Nelson[src]

As Matt Murdock was believed to be dead in the wake of Destruction of Midland Circle, Karen Page refused to believe that her friend is dead. Believing that Murdock could be alive, Page was paying for his rental bills to keep his apartment until Murdock's return. However, the landlord still wanted to evict Murdock and rent the apartment to someone else.

Page then called Foggy Nelson, asking him to meet at Murdock's apartment. Once Nelson was there, Page informed Nelson about Murdock's eviction and asked him to convince the landlord to give Page an extension. However, Nelson stated that Murdock is gone and Page needs to accept it. Page accepted Nelson's words, admitting that he was right, but said that she is feeling that Murdock is alive. Unable to convince Page, Nelson proposed to pay for current bills, however, Page wanted to share the payment.[11]

Changing Clothes

"He's not here. I called. Even asked Fran down the hall if she saw anyone poking around. She would know. She pokes."
Foggy Nelson to Karen Page[src]

Following his meeting with Foggy Nelson, Matt Murdock returned to his apartment where he changed his clothes. Outside of the apartment, Murdock took a taxi and asked Malik Saini to drive him to Ryker's Island, paying with money from Nelson's wallet.

Meeting in her office, Nelson informed Page that she was right and Murdock was alive all this time. Page and Nelson headed to Murdock's apartment where she called him up, with no response. Nelson attempted to ask Fran did she heard anyone in the apartment but she answered that she did not hear anything.

Enraged Page wondered why Murdock allowed them to believe that he is dead and Nelson noted that he changed after the Destruction of Midland Circle. Page was still upset about Murdock but accepted that he made his choice to live without them. She then stated that they cannot hope for Murdock anymore and they need to take down Wilson Fisk by themselves. Before they could live the apartment, Nelson noted Murdock's glasses on the dresser, figuring that he was there.[12]

FBI Prosecution

Surviving the attack, exhausted Matt Murdock returned to his apartment where he left his clothes. Before he could take a break, Murdock heard people outside of the apartment ready to break into the place and apprehend Murdock. Murdock was able to escape through the window before FBI agents led by Ray Nadeem stormed his apartment. Agents made sure that the apartment is empty while Nadeem noted wet clothes on the floor, noting that Murdock recently was there.

As Wilson Fisk stated that Matt Murdock was his criminal accomplice, Nadeem and other agents examined the apartment in order to find any evidence. He also tasked Fremont and Johnson to find Karen Page and bring her there. Once Page was brought to the apartment, Nadeem questioned her about Murdock and his current whereabouts. Page stated that she did not know where Murdock was and denied all partnership between Fisk and Murdock.

However, Nadeem showed her the check from Confederated Global Investments with Page's insignia that was presented to Nelson and Murdock by James Wesley. Page answered that she did not know anything about Wesley and his ties with Fisk and attempted to change the topic. Page informed him about Fisk's shell company Vancorp, that Fisk used to purchase the Presidential Hotel through Red Lion National Bank. As Nadeem answered that he will check her leads later, Page left the apartment, fearing that FBI could find out that Wesley was killed by her.[13]


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