"He's lying."
"Come on man, the job pays well but not good enough to lose a kneecap over, you know what I mean!"
Will Simpson and Matt[src]

Matt is a private bodyguard who was hired by Kilgrave.


Private Security

"Kilgrave didn't tell you to do this?"
"Is he the client? I never spoke to him."
Jessica Jones and Matt[src]

Matt was tasked to guard Kilgrave who contacted a private security firm and requested a group of bodyguards to protect him. Following Kilgrave, Matt spotted Jessica Jones who approached unconsciously Kilgrave and told her to stay back. However, Jones pushed him out of her and grabbed Kilgrave, carrying him to the van and driving away. Using the tracker on Kilgrave, Matt and his group of bodyguards tracked him and followed the van.

Bodyguards approached them and tazed Trish Walker, while Will Simpson attacked Matt. Despite Matt was beaten up by Simpson, the bodyguards outnumbered him and Jones and took Kilgrave with them. Simpson then tied up unconscious Matt and decided to use him to find where the bodyguards took Kilgrave.[1]

Kidnapped by Will Simpson

"You work for that psychopath."
"No I work for a firm, I just guard who I'm told. The client thought that he might get attacked, frankly I just thought he was some paranoid nut-job with a lot of cash."
Will Simpson and Matt[src]

Will Simpson and Jessica Jones took Matt to the parking lot, interrogating him about Kilgrave. Simpson threatened to torture Matt until he tells everything he knew but Jones reminded him that Kilgrave enthralled him, so torture would be meaningless. However, Matt told Jones that Kilgrave did not enthrall him but hired him for protection. Simpson struggled to believe Matt and demanded him to tell where Kilgrave was taken but Matt did know, due to the rules of the work. Simpson then demanded him to tell everything about his firm and contacts with Kilgrave, however, Jones stopped him, as Kilgrave would change the bodyguards.[1]




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