"Submit willingly or entertain me. These are your options."
―Maston-Dar to Quake[src]

Maston-Dar was the finest Kree warrior of Faulnak's armies who, upon their arrival at the Lighthouse, was given the task of finding and capturing Quake and all the other Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. who were attempting to escape Kasius. Before Maston-Dar could bring all the agents into his custody and deliver them back to Faulnak, however, he was unexpectedly betrayed and killed by Sinara.


Kree Soldier

Protecting Faulnak

"Your best has proven inadequate. You remember my man, Maston-Dar, here? He'll make quick work of this."
Faulnak to Kasius[src]

Maston-Dar arriving inside of the Lighthouse

As the best warrior of Faulnak and his own personal guard, Maston-Dar developed a reputation as a highly skilled killer, preferring to use the weapons of his enemies rather than Kree weaponry, as he felt this made the fight more evenly matched.[1] Having heard of an auction happening, Maston-Dar accompanied Faulnak from Hala all the way to the Lighthouse where Faulnak intended to purchase and enslave Quake from his brother Kasius. Maston-Dar attended the fight between Quake and Sinara, standing close behind Faulnak throughout while the two Kree brothers spoke in private.

Maston-Dar being shot in the face by Boshtok

As the brutal battle in the fight pit had reached its conclusion with Quake using her Inhuman powers to finally subdue Sinara, Maston-Dar remained behind Faulnak until Boshtok the Marauder suddenly assaulted the audience, striking Gaius Ponarian across the face, in an effort to release both Jemma Simmons and Quake. Maston-Dar moved forward to stop him, armed with his blades, but Boshtok managed to shoot him in the head with an I.C.E.R., incapacitating him while he and the others made their escape before Faulnak and the members of the Kree Watch were able to stop them.[2]

Chasing Fugitives

Maston-Dar and Faulnak greeting Kasius

"Halt. The Destroyer where is she?"
"I-I don't know. I haven't-"
"Try again. The Destroyer where is she?"
―Maston-Dar and Servant[src]

In the wake of the ambush, Maston-Dar had rejoined Faulnak as they visited Kasius in his suites where Kasius was fretting over a scar on his cheek given to him by Jemma Simmons. Believing his brother's actions were not good enough, Faulnak turned to Maston-Dar and ordered him to double the guards and search every floor of the Lighthouse, which offended Kasius as he insisted that everything was already under control, noting Sinara and his Kree Watch would capture the fugitives.

Maston-Dar is ordered to hunt down Quake

However, Faulnak called Sinara inadequate and so instead turned to Maston-Dar and put him in command of the search, as Maston-Dar drew his own twin Kree blades. Faulnak then ordered Maston-Dar to chase the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and to bring Quake to him. To that end, Maston-Dar required to be provided with the human weaponry, as he used to chase his all enemies by using their own technology. Among everything which had been presented to him, Maston-Dar picked a machine gun and then left to accomplish his mission, with Faulnak ordering him to show the Kree Watch how they split blood.

Maston-Dar violently interrogates the Humans

Maston-Dar soon tracked down the fugitives to an elevator where he damaged the elevator's powering system and went to find all of his targets, but discovered that they had all escaped before he could capture them. Enraged he had lost them, Maston-Dar interrogated two passing human servants to know where they went, murdering one by slashing his throat when he failed to give him the information before then asking the terrified second the same question. However, Maston-Dar allowed the second to go upon figuring out that all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had escaped through the elevator shaft.

Maston-Dar corners and threatens Quake

Continuing the search for the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as fast as possible, Maston-Dar had eventually found all of his targets inside the gravity generation room of the Lighthouse where they were looking at the Gravitonium which had briefly distracted them. Sneaking up on the fugitives with his gun raised, Maston-Dar had managed to shoot Leo Fitz in the stomach, wounding him as he demanded that the others either surrender now or entertain him by continuing to fight so that he could kill them all, causing Daisy Johnson and Simmons to raise their hands in surrender while Fitz clutched onto his open wound.

Maston-Dar loses sight of Quake in the smoke

However, he was stopped in his endeavor by Quake, who pushed Simmons out of the way so she could get Fitz away to safety while Maston-Dar fired at them, shooting a pipe and filling the room with smoke as a result. Maston-Dar was then briefly challenged by Quake who used the cover of the smoke to her advantage as she fought and disarmed him, thus buying time for her friends to escape and knocking Maston-Dar to escape as well. Just as Maston-Dar got to his feet, armed with his Twin Kree Blades, he had discovered that the fugitives had again escaped him, much to his frustration.[1]

Betrayed and Killed

Maston-Dar fighting against Phil Coulson

"Scrappy, let's put an end to this."
―Maston-Dar to Sinara[src]

Having lost sight of his targets, Maston-Dar went to find Sinara who had captured Flint in the wake of the young Inhuman killing the Vicar with his new found powers. Maston-Dar and Sinara's intention to use Flint as a bait to attract the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents soon proved effective as Quake revealed herself from the shadows, however this proved to be a trap as Phil Coulson appeared and fired upon them, as Maston-Dar managed to sneak by and knocked Coulson to the floor before continuing to fight him.

Maston-Dar and Sinara decide to team up

A fight issued as Coulson proved a more formidable fighter than Maston-Dar had anticipated as he used his Prosthetic Hand to strike hard punches against Maston-Dar while Alphonso Mackenzie joined the fight and hit him with a large steel pipe. Eventually, both Maston-Dar and Sinara were overpowered in the ambush as the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were able to rescue Flint and escaped once again, much to Maston-Dar's annoyance. Standing side by side with Sinara, Maston-Dar armed himself and noted that these Humans were scrappy but insisted that it was now time to end the fight at long last.

Maston-Dar prepares to ambush the fugitives

Figuring out that they had locked themselves in the Salvage with the help of Deke Shaw and some other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Maston-Dar attempted to knock down the door only to discover that Flint had blocked it with rocks. Finding another way inside, Maston-Dar used more advanced Kree weaponry to blow a small hole through the wall. Firing well-aimed shots, Maston-Dar planned to weaken the wall in order to blow it open with an explosive device, as Sinara commented that he was being too slow, which Maston-Dar simply ignored as he continued firing shots through the wall to damage it.

Maston-Dar is betrayed and killed by Sinara

While all the fugitives were using an Gravity Puck to make their escape, Maston-Dar began putting explosives in the holes he caused, ready to charge inside with Sinara and other members of the Kree Watch. Once all his work was done, Maston-Dar told the others to stand back so he could handle the fugitives himself, aiming his gun and awaiting the explosion. However, just as the wall was ripped down, Sinara murdered Maston-Dar by shooting through his chest with her Kree Spheres from behind in order to be the one capturing their targets, who she then discovered had already escaped.[1]


Maston-Dar is a quiet and stone cold ruthless killer. He was willing to kill two innocents over absolutely nothing indicating that he enjoys bloodshed for the sake of having it. He does show loyalty to his commander, Faulnak, and just like him looks down on Kasius and by extension, Sinara.


"Stand back. I'll handle them."
―Maston-Dar to Sinara[src]

Maston-Dar easily slaughters a human slave

  • Combatant: Maston-Dar was able to go toe to toe with several highly-trained opponents including Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, and a depowered Daisy Johnson. He was also able to hold his own while facing the combined efforts of Coulson and Mackenzie, albeit briefly.
  • Marksman: To be added



"Maston finds it unfair hunting primitives with anything but their own primitive armaments."
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  • Twin Kree Blades: To be added
  • IWI Tavor X95: Maston-Dar chose this weapo in order to chase Quake and the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the Lighthouse. He managed to ambush them and hit Leo Fitz with a bullet, though he was disarmed by Quake. He retrieved the rifle and took it to the trap set by Sinara when she captured Flint, using the weapon to open fire on the ones who went to rescue him.







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