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"てめえなぜこんなことをする? 俺たちはてめえに何もしてねえだろ!"[3]
Akihiko and Ronin[src]

The Massacre in Tokyo was a planned mass murder carried out by the masked vigilante Ronin and aimed at executing the members of a Yakuza faction led by Akihiko.


"What he's done here, what he's been doing, for the last few years... If you'd seen what he's left... I gotta tell you, there's a part of me that doesn't even want to find him."
James Rhodes to Natasha Romanoff[src]

In 2018, Clint Barton was ridden with guilt after his wife and his three children were all killed during the Snap. In the five years that passed, Barton decided to take up a life of vigilantism, adopting the name of Ronin and serving justice to those who weren't killed by Thanos. After killing a cartel gang in Mexico, Barton made his way to Japan, where he tracked down an active Yakuza faction in Tokyo led by Akihiko.[1]


"俺らがだと? 気でも狂ったか!"[6]"
Ronin and Akihiko[src]

Ronin clashes with Akihiko

Planning to eliminate all members of a Yakuza faction, Ronin fought against them, despite their great numbers and rapid gunfire. Ronin managed to make his way through all enemies with great ease, going through a building where he headed for Akihiko, a Yakuza operative. The two then found themselves in the streets, where Akihiko questioned Ronin on his actions, which he informed him that they survived the Snap and half the population didn't.

Ronin after murdering Akihiko

As their the duel began to settle down, Ronin was able to graze Akihiko's throat, causing him to beg for his life as he bled, and promising to give Ronin anything he wanted. However, Ronin ignored Akihiko's cries for mercy, stating that the only thing he wanted, which was his family, could not be given by him. Ronin then finished off Akihiko with a swift thrust of his sword to the body, and then cleaned it of Akihiko's blood.[1]


Clint Barton is located by Natasha Romanoff

"He's dead."
"So, who got him, then?"
"Natasha Romanoff."
Clint Barton and Maya Lopez/Kazi Kazimierczak[src]

Killing all Yakuza members, Clint Barton noticed Natasha Romanoff, who noted that Barton should not be enacting these violent actions, but he informed her that it was all a part of a job that he believed he had to do. Romanoff addressed how everyone Barton has murdered was not going to bring his family back, for which she then informed him a plan to bring everyone back.

Natasha Romanoff reuniting with Clint Barton

However, despite desperately wanting to be with his family, Barton initially rejected the idea, not wanting to be given hope, only for it to be taken away if he failed. Noticing her friend in distraught of what he had endured and what he had become, Romanoff apologized to Barton for not giving him hope sooner than later. Romanoff then comforted him by holding his hand. The two then entered the Quinjet and flew back to the Avengers Compound. He dropped his Ronin identity before meeting up with the rest of the Avengers to find a way to resurrect the victims of the Snap[1]

One year after the massacre, upon seeing a television report about someone seen wearomg Ronin suit in the aftermath of a robbery at New York City, Barton experienced a flashback of the massacre, remembering how he killed Akihiko and his men.[7] A few days later, when being interrogated on the whereabouts of Ronin by Maya Lopez and the Tracksuit Mafia, Barton informed them that Romanoff had killed Ronin after this incident, and that he had been there to witness it.[8]


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