"Your friends died because they got involved with a blackmail scheme. I mean, what do you think happens when you play games like that? Lives get ruined. They get ended."
Frank Castle to Amy Bendix[src]

The Massacre in Chicago was a mass murder carried out by John Pilgrim and aimed at killing Fiona's Crew.


"What was the job?"
"Fiona snuck us onto some catering crew for this funeral. This fancy event thing. We had to take pictures of these guys, and I felt super weird about it, because they were, like, hugging and kissing and crying, but... Whatever. It doesn't matter."
Frank Castle and Amy Bendix[src]
With knowledge of the political influence of the Testament Industries in the United States of America, Nikolai Poloznev planned to blackmail Anderson and Eliza Schultz. Poloznev contacted with the Russian Mafia members in New York City, paying them for any blackmail they could find. Sergei Konchevsky then traveled to Chicago where he hired Fiona and her crew of teenage drifters to make some discreditable pictures.[2]

Fiona learned about the funeral event in Chicago which was attended by David Schultz. Disguised as catering crew, Fiona's grifters infiltrated at the funeral where they photographed Schultz kissing another man.[3]



Fiona is killed by John Pilgrim

"Anyways, the next thing I know, I'm under the bed in this motel, and my friends... My friends are all bleeding out on the carpet."
Amy Bendix to Frank Castle[src]

Anderson and Eliza Schultz managed to learn about pictures, as well as about Fiona. Promising to pay for Rebecca Pilgrim's medical treatment, they convinced John Pilgrim to find the crew and deal with them in order to prevent any political scandal, related to their son's sexuality. Pilgrim traveled to Chicago where she tracked down Fiona's crew in the small motel. Pilgrim then opened fire on the motel, violently killing Fiona with her crew.

However one of them, Amy Bendix survived, hiding under the bed while all of her friends were killed, to her great sorrow. Pilgrim, thinking that his job was done, left the motel and Bendix then ran away with pictures that he was searching.[3]


"She's dead. Someone killed them all. I'm the only one left."
"Do you have what I paid for?"
"Did you hear me? Someone knows. Whatever... Whatever this is, they killed them all for it."
Amy Bendix and Sergei Konchevsky[src]
Upon the Schultzes' request, John Pilgrim managed to find Sergei Konchevsky and captured him in order to find who hired him. Meanwhile, Amy Bendix was hiding from Pilgrim and arrived in Michigan where she contacted Konchevsky, unaware that Pilgrim got him. While he was listening, Bendix informed Konchevsky that Fiona and her crew were killed, which means that someone knows about their actions.

Bendix then told him that she managed to keep the pictures with her before running away and arranged a meeting to sell pictures to Konchevsky. Pilgrim learned about Bendix and her current location and, after killing Konchevsky, ordered Marlena Olin and her group of mercenaries to track down and capture Bendix with pictures. However, Bendix was saved by Frank Castle who agreed to protect her, killing all hostiles in front of him.[4]


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