"It has been in storage for quite some time, we must test it."
"But they know about us now!"
"They will soon be far too busy to concentrate on us."
Johann Fennhoff and Dottie Underwood[src]

The Massacre at the Cinema Theatre was the result of an attempt by Johann Fennhoff to test Midnight Oil.


"You designed a poison gas, Howard?"
"No! Well, not intentionally. The army wanted something that would keep soldiers awake for days at a time, but it failed. Caused symptoms similar to sleep deprivation, anger, hallucinations, psychosis."
Peggy Carter and Howard Stark[src]
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Midnight Oil

During the so-called Battle of Finow, Johann Fennhoff lost his brother when Midnight Oil, a faulty experimental stimulant developed by Howard Stark, was deployed by General John McGinnis. Fennhoff swore revenge on Stark for creating the gas.[1] Towards that plot, the inventions of Stark were stolen,[2] but later recovered by Peggy Carter and taken to the New York Bell Company Office branch of the Strategic Scientific Reserve.[3] Midnight Oil was labelled "Item 17".

Dottie Underwood, Fennhoff's personal assassin, learned that Midnight Oil was "Item 17" when she stole the key and entered the room of Carter and saw its picture while there. Fennhoff came to the United States of America,[4] entered the SSR Office and stole the container holding the gas. However, he needed to be sure that the product still worked after its long dormancy. Underwood bought a baby carriage, placed the container with the gas inside, and put it in a cinema theater as people watched the movie, "The "F" Stands for Freedom".[5]


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"Do you think it will work?"
"I have great faith in Mr. Stark's inventions."
Dottie Underwood and Johann Fennhoff[src]

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Knowing that Midnight Oil was still viable and lethal, Johann Fennhoff and Dottie Underwood worked on a way to disburse the other containers of the gas they had. Ultimately, they kidnapped Howard Stark and planned to have him disburse the gas over Times Square during the New York City's celebration of the anniversary of V-E Day.

The New York City Police Department called the New York Bell Company Office branch of the Strategic Scientific Reserve to help them to investigate the massacre. Daniel Sousa inhaled a small quantity of the gas and had to be subdued when he tried to kill Peggy Carter and Jack Thompson.

Stark went to the SSR and explained the origin of Midnight Oil, the Battle of Finow, and the reason behind Johann Fennhoff's Campaign for revenge against him.[1]


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