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"Fifteen men, tough Irish. Armed. All of them blown away. It was a massacre. We weren't hit by any rival family there. I'm telling you, we were hit by an army."

The Massacre at the Burren Club was a planned attack on the Kitchen Irish orchestrated by the violent vigilante known as Punisher.


"Some of us feared Fisk, some in fact ran, a few maybe even deigned to work for him, siding against their own kind."

Daredevil fights Wilson Fisk

Due to Wilson Fisk's criminal empire, with connections to the Hand and Russians, in Hell's Kitchen a lot of members of the Kitchen Irish decided to work for him in order to gain more power. But when Fisk was defeated by Daredevil, all the members of the Kitchen Irish returned to their old organization despite their leader Nesbitt still holding a grudge against him for the betrayal.

In 2001, Frank Castle enlisted in the Marine Corps under the command of Colonel Ray Schoonover. Castle would later take part in the Battle of Fallujah and other historic combat operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. After his long time in service, Castle finally returned to his home with his family. The next day, Castle took his family to Central Park, where they ended up in the middle of a three way mob fight and everyone in his family was killed. Castle survived after getting shot in the head, but at the hospital, a Do Not Resuscitate order was placed for him. Although he flatlined, he came back to life a few seconds later without any medical aid.[4]

Following his family's death, Castle began a crusade of one man in order to wipe out all the criminals of the city including the men who killed his family.[5]


Members of the Kitchen Irish

"Anyone crosses us, we'll paint the streets red with their blood. And when they're gone, we'll make your father proud, and purge ourselves of the filthy traitors who betrayed their own kind and make Hell's Kitchen ours again!"

One night, seeking to reestablish the Kitchen Irish's control over New York City, the members of the mafia family met at a restaurant to discuss the history and future of the Irish presence in Hell's Kitchen. They discussed how Wilson Fisk had taken over the underworld of the city and how Daredevil put him away. As Nesbitt, the leader of the Kitchen Irish, began giving a speech in which he called for sober reflection, George attempted to make a joke about them all being drunk only to be shut up by Nesbitt's glaring eye. While Nesbitt addressed the group George went to grab another drink but was stopped by Cullen while Nesbitt subtly insulted George for siding with Wilson Fisk's criminal empire, rubbing his head roughly before telling the group that they would take back New York City's drug trade now that Fisk was in Ryker's Island.

Nesbitt is shot and killed by the Punisher

Nesbitt told the group that since now the Russians were dead and the Japanese had fled, the drug rings were ready to be taken, with George and the others cheering him on as he spoke. Just as Nesbitt rallied the men behind him, Frank Castle fired a shot through the wall which hit Nesbitt in the forehead, killing him instantly. The Kitchen Irish crew launched up and began firing back as bullets littered the room. George took a bullet to the throat and fell back onto his chair as he bled out and died. The attack killed all but one of them. Grotto escaped.[1]


Frank Castle tries to kill Grotto

"Someone's come to finish the job."

Grotto escaped and went to Josie's Bar where he met with Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page. The trio promised to help him; Grotto then passes out due to blood loss. While Murdock and Nelson went to the crime scene, Page took Grotto to Metro-General Hospital.

Soon, Castle realized about Grotto's survival and ambushed him and Page. Castle was attacked by Daredevil; the fight between the both of them ended when Castle shot the Devil in the head.[1]