"Only thing I can't figure out is how you knew which cameras to check."
"Oh, that was easy, Frank. I waited for a bunch of bad guys to turn up dead and then I just checked nearby."
Frank Castle and Micro[src]

The Massacre at Linello's was a mass assassination attempt on the Gnucci Crime Family orchestrated by Frank Castle.


"Where did it go down? [...]"
"It's in the basement of a restaurant. Linello's in Little Italy."
Frank Castle and Lance[src]
Leo, Lance, Paulie, and Donny Chavez entered Linello's to steal money from the Gnucci Crime Family. While the men stood with guns aimed at them, Chavez collected the paper bills. He clumsily dropped his wallet, opening and revealing his driver's license, and prompted Tony Gnucci to refer to him by name before he and the others were able to escape.

The group returned to the construction site, in which they assaulted Chavez for his mistake. Chavez was beaten further and tossed into the vat. Frank Castle demanded that the men turn the system off and free Chavez. Lance and his crew were killed and thrown into the pit. Before killing Lance, Castle requested to know what was happening and why Chavez was thrown into the pit.

Afterwards, Castle tossed a rope over the wall of the vat and left the scene; Chavez climbed out and managed to leave unharmed.[1]


Castle killing Tony Gnucci

Tony Gnucci being executed by the Punisher

"No one sleeps until we get these guys. Start with this kid, Donald Chavez. My guy in the precinct called with an address in Queens. He lives with his grandmother. Do what you have to to make him give up the others."
Tony Gnucci[src]

Punisher made his way to Linello's, where Tony Gnucci and his associates were preparing to track down and execute Donny Chavez. As Gnucci outlined his plans to get to Chavez by killing his grandmother, Castle caused the lights to go out.

Having made everyone unnerved, Castle proceeded to silently subdue and execute the mobsters. Several of the men attempted to kill Castle by firing shots at him only to lose their lives.

Gnucci, meanwhile, managed to find the generator and restore power to the building only to find his associates dead and Castle standing right next to him. Before he could react, Castle shot the mobster in the head with his own weapon.[1]


"You know, I did you a favor, right? I wiped those feeds clean after."
Micro to Frank Castle[src]
Immediately after executing Tony Gnucci, Punisher fled Linello's, unaware of the fact that he was being watched through nearby surveillance cameras by Micro who seemed to know his true identity.[1] Micro then managed to erase all footage from cameras and track down Castle before contacting him.[2]


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