"A good player hides his hand, Frank. We figured if there were enough dead bodies, nobody would really care to look close enough at any given one of 'em. It was a calculated risk."
Carson Wolf to Frank Castle[src]

The Massacre at Central Park was a mass shooting in Central Park planned by William Rawlins and Ray Schoonover in order to assassinate Frank Castle, making it appear as a sting operation gone wrong organized by Samantha Reyes to arrest the Blacksmith, Schoonover's criminal persona.


"You want to kill the man? I cannot let you do that."
"Why you protecting that piece of shit?"
"I'm protecting you. Guys like that, it's never on them! Open your eyes, man. This whole thing is bullshit! You don't like the way that it smells? Get out!"
Billy Russo and Frank Castle[src]

Cerberus Squad members being briefed

CIA agent William Rawlins and Colonel Ray Schoonover decided to team up and founded Operation Cerberus, an operation that would eliminate terrorists stationed in Afghanistan. With the help of Billy Russo and Morty Bennett in funding, they would transport heroin into soldiers that were killed on the battlefield and taken home. Schoonover and Rawlins got a group of soldiers into Cerberus Squad, notably Frank Castle.

Amidst the operation, Afghan National Police officer Ahmad Zubair learned of the operation and was captured by Cerberus Squad. Zubair was tortured by Rawlins and was executed by Castle, placing him in an unmarked grave in Kandahar. Unbeknownst to the squad, Gunner Henderson secretly taped the torture and execution and gave it to David "Micro" Lieberman, an NSA analyst who gave it to Dinah Madani.[2]

Punisher Iraq

Frank Castle furiously attacks William Rawlins

As the operation progressed, Cerberus Squad learned that a high ranking terrorist leader was stationed in Kandahar. Rawlins ordered the squad to go there despite the risk of ambush and unsuitable terrain for a helicopter evacuation. The ambush resulted in Schoonover losing his arm with casualties and injuries. Castle took command and saved the remaining soldiers while dealing with the insurgents inside.

Returning to base, Rawlins asked the squad did they kill the target and not caring for the casualties. Castle punched Rawlins, blinding him in the left eye and was taken away by Russo and the last remaining squad members. With the lack of confidence of Rawlins' leadership and heavy casualties, Operation Cerberus was shut down.[2]

Schoonover, better known as the Blacksmith, rose through the ranks as one of New York City's most powerful drug lords by selling the heroin he and Rawlins had transported into the States. Despite the District Attorney's office and law enforcements' attempts to track and identify him, the Blacksmith proved to be elusive.

After learning of the tape of Zubair's execution, both Rawlins and Schoonover decided to eliminate Castle for they believed he leaked the tape. Knowing that an undercover officer had infiltrated a rival gang (either the Dogs of Hell, the Kitchen Irish, or the Mexican Cartel), Blacksmith arranged a sham deal with the three gangs in Central Park, where Castle and his family would be, in order to initiate a shootout that would allow former Cerberus Squad members to kill the family in the chaos. To further cloud the reality of the assassination, Rawlins and Blacksmith counted on District Attorney Samantha Reyes setting up a sting operation with the undercover operative's intel (believing they could use the gangs' meeting with Blacksmith to identify him), so that the incident would be believed to have been a sting operation gone-wrong.

Russo refused to participate in the attack on his old friend, but allowed the event to happen.[3] In addition, Rawlins ordered Carson Wolf to eluminate Lieberman and frame him a traitor.[2]


Bloody Carousel

Frank Castle's entire family are massacred

"For her, there was never going to be any tomorrow, see... The last time I'd see her, I'd be holding her lifeless body in my arms. Meat was spilling out of her, Red. The place that her face used to be."
Frank Castle to Daredevil[src]

On the intel of the undercover agent's intel on the meeting between the Dogs of Hell, the Kitchen Irish and the Mexican Cartel for a heroin deal, Samantha Reyes set up a sting operation in the hopes that Blacksmith could be identified and arrested, but did not clear the park of civilians due to fear of showing their hand.[4]

When the Blacksmith failed to appear, the gangs grew suspicious and eventually figured out the undercover agent's true identity. They started a firefight while Frank Castle, spending time with his family nearby after returning from Afghanistan. Castle was shot in the head but survived. His wife Maria, and children Lisa and Frank Jr. all lost their lives, as well as the undercover agent and members of the three gangs that had started the shootout.[5]


"Anybody that had anything to do with what happened to Maria and the kids are dead. Mission accomplished."
Curtis Hoyle to Frank Castle[src]

Determined to protect her reputation, Samantha Reyes coerced physician Gregory Tepper into identifying the undercover agent as a John Doe and kept news of the massacre from leaking for a week. Reyes also placed a "do not resuscitate" order on Frank Castle in an attempt to ensure his death.

Although Castle flatlined, he came back to life and escaped the hospital, intent on punishing those responsible for his family's death.[5] Castle's mission was successful, leading him to learn that Ray Schoonover was involved in deaths of his family, eventually killing him.

Castle joined forces with Micro who was deemed dead and framed a traitor after surviving a assassination attempt by William Rawlins. Castle learned that his past operation in Afghanistan was also a force behind the massacre.[2]


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