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"What's the MIT mission statement? To generate, disseminate, and preserve knowledge. And work with others to bring it to bear on the world's great challenges."
Tony Stark[src]

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, is a private research university specialized in applied science and engineering.


"You know, it's never too early to start thinking about college. I got some pull at MIT."
Tony Stark to Peter Parker[src]

Tony Stark attended MIT, where he befriended James Rhodes. When Stark was 17, he successfully graduated from MIT summa cum laude.[1]

At the age of 20, Darren Cross graduated from MIT as valedictorian and then was employed by Pym Technologies.[2]

MIT was also the alma mater of Maya Hansen[3], John Raymond[4], Erik Stevens[5], and Tina Minoru.[6]

Simon C. Clowes was a writer for MIT Technology Review, a magazine owned by the university.

In June 2009, Stark was scheduled to give a commencement speech at MIT.[1]

September Foundation

"As of this moment, every student has been made an equal recipient of the inaugural September Foundation grant. As in all of your projects have just been approved and funded. No strings, no taxes, just reframe the future!"
Tony Stark[src]

Tony Stark gave a guest lecture at MIT, where he demonstrated the students his latest device, the Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing designed by Quentin Beck. The demonstration of the technology included Stark's last meeting with his mother and father. Stark then followed with a speech where he introduced the September Foundation grant and announced that every student had been made an equal recipient of it, giving them all the proper funding to move forward with their own inventions and projects.

Noticing that Pepper Potts was scheduled to give a speech to the students, Stark said his final words before stepping off stage where the MIT Liaison then attempted to get some money from Stark Industries for the faculty funding.[7] Meanwhile, Beck, who also attended the demonstration, was utterly disappointed upon seeing his design being used in such an inappropriate way.[8]

Alternate Universes

Killmonger's Education

"Colonel Rhodes, what can you tell me about our knight in shining camouflage?"
"Graduated Annapolis at nineteen, MIT a year later."
Pepper Potts and James Rhodes[src]

After graduating from the United States Naval Academy, Erik Stevens attended MIT. Working on his doctoral thesis, Stevens created the Project Liberator, which involved automated combat drones that would make human troops obsolete. However, Stevens encountered interface issues that halted the development until the project was picked up by Stark Industries years later.[9]




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