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"Yondu Udonta, order your men to turn on the Nova Corps! Enough nonsense, Ravager! Time to-"
―Maskless Sakaaran to Yondu Udonta[src]

A Maskless Sakaaran was a Sakaaran and a henchman of Ronan the Accuser.


Maskless Sakaaran confronts Yondu Udonta

When Yondu Udonta crashed his M-Ship during the Battle of Xandar, he was surrounded by a large group of Sakaarans. The Maskless Sakaaran, who appeared to be their captain, ordered him to tell his fellow Ravagers to turn on the Nova Corps. He grew angry when Yondu began whistling and levitating his Yaka Arrow. Yondu then used the Yaka Arrow to kill all of the Sakaarans, including the Maskless Sakaaran.[2]




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  1. The Marvel Cinematic Universe follows a general real time policy in most of Phase Two - set when the media is released when suitable.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy