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"Know what it's like to wake up and not know where you are or where you've been or what you said to whom? Do you know what it's like to wake up hungry because some other part of you didn't bother to eat because she wanted to paint pretty pictures instead? Or what it's like to worry that all your plans will be turned upside down because some asinine part of you is fighting for some pipe dream that she's never…"
―Walker to Joy Meachum[src]

Mary Walker is a private investigator, mercenary and former special ops soldier in the United States Army who had been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, which manifest mainly into two distinct identities, the naïve Mary and the ruthless Walker. Walker was recruited by Joy Meachum along with Davos to investigate and capture Danny Rand. However, her Mary persona befriended Rand and insisted upon helping him. Walker's struggles with her identity eventually led her to discovering a third mysterious alter while then also choosing to betray, and attempting to assassinate Davos, who she had deemed to be too dangerous to be allowed to keep living.


Military Career

Wounded in Czech Republic

"Czech military issue. Demon knife. Démonský nůž.[4] Point being, I know the difference between an idle threat and someone who's gonna back it up."
―Walker to Misty Knight[src]

Following the end of her training, Mary Walker joined the United States Army and eventually earned the rank of Sergeant. During her stationing in Czech Republic, her squad had an encounter with local military forces. One of the soldiers managed to injure Walker with a "demon knife" but it did not stop her from killing them.[3]

Captured in Sokovia

Walker trapped inside of a Sokovian prison

"They kept me in a concrete box, Joy. And took me out to question me. More often rape me. Torture me. Make me watch while they killed the rest of my squad. And then, after twenty two months, I was freed. I always thought Mary convinced someone to get her out. And she thought I fought my way out. Well, we were both wrong."
―Walker to Joy Meachum[src]

While her squad was stationed in Sokovia, they were eventually attacked and captured by the Sokovian Armed Forces. Walker and the surviving members of her squad were locked in a Sokovian prison where Walker was tortured and raped repeatedly by the Sokovian military, while also being forced to watch her squad members being executed before her eyes. This experience caused Walker terrible emotional distress; however, she refused to allow herself to die in that prison, despite the torture and sexual abuse. As a result, she created a split identity in an attempt to cope with the trauma. Her identity Mary was triggered by the falling rain.

Walker finds herself outside of the prison

Eventually, Walker was removed from her cell and became aware that the Sokovian military was preparing to execute her. Unlocking a different identity within her mind, Walker broke free and armed herself with Twin Machetes, which she used to slaughter the soldiers until she was the only person left standing. She was later discovered by the United States Army soldiers, although Walker had no memory of how the men around her had died. As a result of her ordeal, Walker was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and given a medical discharge from the army.[5]

Target: Iron Fist

Following Danny Rand

Mary going for a walk around New York City

"I borrowed it from a friend. But can I take your picture?"
"Yeah, sure. Yeah."
"I draw and use the camera to narrow my field of vision. I find that anywhere I point the lens on the street, I just find someone or something, like..."
―Mary and Danny Rand[src]

Following her diagnosis, Walker moved to New York City where she began to get work as a private investigator and mercenary. Walker was hired by Joy Meachum to closely study and investigate Danny Rand for Meachum and Davos, with the eventual goal being to capture Rand.[6] However Walker's investigation was hindered as she switched between different personalities who all tried to take control over her, as Mary went out into New York herself, while encountering Albert who was giving her directions around Chinatown.

Mary asks to take Danny Rand's photograph

While Mary was talking with Albert, they were joined by Rand, who also worked for Albert, as he took over the conversation to give Mary directions, with Mary citing how gallent New Yorkers are. Rand went on to question where Mary was from originally, to which Mary claimed she was from Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Rand had then noted Mary was a photographer, although she claimed she had just borrowed the camera from a friend, indirectly referring to Walker, who actually owned the camera. Mary then asked if she could take Rand's picture, which he happily allowed. After taking the photo, Mary explained that she was an artist and she only used the camera to narrow her field of vision.

Mary and Danny Rand look at her pictures

Mary continued explaining how she just the camera to find subjects to draw as she had continued exploring New York City, whether the subjects be people or the buildings as long as she found them to be interesting, as she and Rand examined some of her other pictures which Rand complimented. While Albert insisted that Rand get back to work with Royal Al Moving, Rand then properly introduced himself to Mary who thanked him for helping her find her way around New York, while Mary said it was nice to meet Rand and Albert, who she mistakenly referred to as Andrew before then walking away.[1]

Walker's Warnings

Mary returns home to find Walker's message

"Do not leave the house. Stop moving things around."
―Walker to Mary[src]

Having done some shopping, Mary returned to her apartment, but was suddenly frozen with shock as she found a post-it note left for her by Walker, warning Mary to “Not leave the apartment”. Although the surprise of finding the note had caused her to drop her shopping bags, Mary relaxed and removed her coat, before taking the post it note off the wall and folding it in half and disregarding it completely. Mary then went into the kitchen, finding another post-it note, ordering her to “Stop moving things around”.

Mary barely manages to calm herself down

Becoming stressed by her discoveries, Mary then turned on the tap in order to stop herself from reverting back to her Walker identity, knowing that running water helped to calm her mind and keep her as Mary. When a single kitchen tap struggled to keep her as her current identity, Mary then went into the bathroom where she turned on the shower and sink tap while also crying out of stress. However, the combination of all of the running water had allowed Mary to relax and remain in her current identity, as Mary began laughing hysterically at still being able to keep her other Walker identity at bay.[1]

Bonding with Rand

Mary is greeted by Danny Rand once again

"This city's intoxicating, every corner of it, but it's hard to know where in the puzzle I fit in."
"New York can be a lonely place sometimes."
"Some days, I get hit by this self-doubt tidal wave. That internal monologue, did you think you could just show up with a sketch book and people would start throwing money at you?"
―Mary and Danny Rand[src]

While she was out in New York City, Mary sat down in Coffee A Go-Go while sketching when she heard the window being tapped on, looking up to see Danny Rand smiling back at her, with Mary taking a moment to remember him from Royal Al Moving and invited Rand to come inside and sit down with her. As Rand entered, Mary commented on her surprise at meeting Rand twice in two days, while apologizing for taking a while to recognize Rand as she claimed she became too focused while drawing.

Mary shows off her drawings to Danny Rand

As Rand sat down with her, Mary showed off some of her drawings to him, showing a drawing she had made of Walker, which Rand complimented as he told Mary that she was extremely talented. They discussed how Mary was struggling to get people to pay for all her work, claiming that if she was not picked up by an agency soon then she would be forced to couch surf. They then discussed who Mary had been offered some recent work from, which was just been an Uber driver who wanted her to come back to his apartment to spend time with his cat, which both Mary and Rand had laughed about.

Mary and Danny Rand discussing New York

They went on to discuss New York, as Mary claimed that while New York City itself was intoxicating, she was struggling to find her place in it, claiming that she was often filled with self-doubt over her coming to New York with nothing but a sketchbook and dreams of becoming a working artist. As Rand gave her some positive insight into New York, Mary called him a ray of light, although Rand insisted that he was not, but simply had been in her position already. As they looked out on all the people going about their lives, Mary had asked Rand if he knew of anywhere in New York where people practiced martial arts in the park.

Mary and Danny Rand walking in New York

Rand had then recommended Columbus Park, but also warned that Mary should avoid walking around Chinatown on her own today due to the ongoing Triad War, instead promising to take Mary to a flower market. As they walked together, Mary had noted how Rand seemed distracted as he kept an eye out for danger, noting that Albert had called off work for safety. However, just as Rand had prepared to go home to Chikara Dojo, Mary then thanked him and claimed that she hoped their paths would cross again at some point, before struggling to concentrate as she began to then transition into Walker.

Mary begins her transition into being Walker

Seeing her struggling, Rand questioned what was wrong while Mary claimed to have just been distracted by looking at a nearby church, touching Rand's jacket softly as she described how the light caught the tower. Seeing Mary's intimate touch, Rand informed her that he actually had a girlfriend, hoping that he had not given Mary the wrong impression during their conversations. Losing control of herself while Walker slowly took over, Mary apologized before almost fainting, as she claimed that she occasionally became overwhelmed, while Rand helped her stand and took her into Chikara for some water.[7]

Meeting Colleen Wing

Mary being fist introduced to Colleen Wing

"I was all turned around. That's twice now he's gone out of his way to be sweet."
"Yeah, he's good like that."
"No, you're both so kind. Let me thank you with a, you know, for your wall or your trashcan. Whatever you prefer."
―Mary and Colleen Wing[src]

Arriving into Chikara Dojo, Mary was first introduced to Colleen Wing by Danny Rand, while Rand had then explained that Mary had come over dehydrated while walking, with Mary claiming that it may have been due to having too much caffeine. Mary then complimented Wing and Rand on their home, while asking if it was still a karate school, to which Wing had simply claimed that it had been but now was just their home, while Rand then gave Mary a glass of water.

Mary gives Colleen Wing one of her artworks

Wing questioned how Mary and Rand knew each other, as Rand then explained that they had met the other day and Mary was new to New York City, while Mary claimed that she had gotten lost and Rand had gone out of his way to be kind. As Mary commented that they were both incredibly kind to her, she then decided to find her way to repay them as she went into her bag and pulled out a picture she drew of some flowers, offering it to them to put on their wall if they wanted to. However, just as Wing complimented Mary and she and Rand looked at it closely, Mary then began to get overwhelmed once again.

Walker examines her reflection in the mirror

Sensing that she was transitioning into Walker, Mary had asked if she could use Rand and Wing's bathroom, moving towards the bathroom before Wing could even explain to her where it was. Now desperately trying to remain focused, Mary slowly moved into the bathroom and turned on the taps, hoping that the effect of the running water would allow her to stay in her Mary persona. Despite her best efforts, Mary transitioned into Walker, who turned off the tap and examined herself in the now misted mirror before then tying her hair up and making her excuses to both Wing and Rand before quickly leaving the Dojo.[7]

Revealing Secrets

Mary attempting to call up the Chikara Dojo

"Just a feeling, and it's been so long since I've allowed myself to have one of those, or even to leave the house at all."
"You leave this at my door, [...] you run away and now you don't want me to open it? [...] Mary, what's going on? Are you in trouble?"
―Mary and Danny Rand[src]

Walker later transitioned back into Mary, who had wanted to make amends for leaving so suddenly, as she called up Chikara Dojo to try and speak with Danny Rand. However, Mary then found that it was actually Colleen Wing who answered the phone, as Mary struggled to speak, only able to ask if Rand was there. When Wing simply answered that Rand was out at that time, she then questioned if she was speaking to Mary as the recognized her voice, as Mary commented that she should not have called and immediately hung up.

Mary folding up Walker's note written to her

Having hung up the phone call, Mary began looking over several of the photographs spread out on her desk in her own Apartment, all of which had been had secretly been taken by Walker of both Rand and Wing, under the orders of Joy Meachum and Davos. As she looked over the pictures, Mary was completely horrified and had eventually discovered another post-it note written to her from Walker, instructing Mary to “Stay away from Danny Rand”. However, since Mary viewed Rand as a good man, she instead chose to fold up the post-it note and ignore it, wanting to be a positive figure in Rand's life while Walker still lied to him.[7]

Mary tries to run away from Danny Rand

Seeking to expose Walker's stalking of Rand and Wing, Mary secretly traveled back to Chikara Dojo where she had slipped the envelope of photographs underneath the doorframe for Rand to then find and examine. However, while Mary attempted to get away as quickly as possible, she soon found that Rand had been in the Dojo and began following her, having heard Mary's panting and recognized her as he gave chase. As Mary ran into New York City, Rand gave chase while Mary refused to slow down while Rand called out to her and caught up as Mary apologized as she did not realize he was home.

Mary gives Rand all of Walker's photographs

When Rand tried to open the envelope, Mary recommended that he instead throw it away while Rand questioned what was happening, noting how Wing told him that Mary had called and hung up earlier. Mary finally explained how Rand had been so kind to her despite her being a total stranger and she had believed they had built up some kind of connection. Rand noted how strange Mary was acting and asked if she was in trouble, recommending that she told him about it as Mary then informed Rand that somebody was watching him, only telling Rand that the person watching him was named Walker, giving no other information while Rand looked at all the photographs.[2]

Confronted by Davos and Joy

Walker listening to static on her computer

"I'm not sitting here with my hand on a Bible. I've spent the last sixty days tracking Danny Rand. I know where he sleeps, how he eats, how he thinks and how he fights. And I also know that there are not many people in this world who can handle that thing his fist does."
―Walker to Joy Meachum[src]

While she was listening to white noise in her Apartment, Walker was personally confronted by Davos and Joy Meachum who had found out Danny Rand had received the pictures of her surveillance on him when they found them at Chikara Dojo, as Meachum noted that this would appear to mean that Walker's cover had been blown, questioning if this meant their secrets were at risk of being discovered, to which Walker promised she would deal with their situation.

Walker calmly threatening to behead Davos

As Walker tried to get them to leave her apartment, Meachum and Davos demanded more answers, to which Walker would only say that the situation was complicated. When Davos attempted to force her to answer, she suddenly drew her Twin Machetes and held them to Davos' throat. Meachum managed to calm the situation down, as Walker noted how Davos had threatened her and she did not like threats. However, Davos remained unintimidated by the threat as he smashed his fist on the table and demanded answers, which Walker had finally agreed to give them, while she still mocked Davos.[2]

Walker frustrating Davos and Joy Meachum

Walker attempted to explain the situation to Meachum and Davos, as they became frustrated by Walker only telling them that she did not give Rand all the photographs while also still insisting that it was not something they had to worry about, while Walker did not tell them about her Mary persona. While Davos referred to Walker's claims as having paradoxes and contradictions, Walker remained unbothered, even when Davos furiously got into her face and demanded answers immediately, with Walker instead calmly threatening to maim Davos if he even dared to touch her, which had greatly angered Davos.

Walker comments on Danny Rand's lifestyle

Seeing the tension between Walker and Davos, Meachum then took over the questioning, noting how she already agreed to pay Walker a considerable sum of money for tracking Rand down, but refused to hand over a single penny to Walker until she explained why she gave Rand the photographs, which Walker still denied. Walker then told Meachum and Davos how she had spent the last sixty days following Rand, learning everything about him, including about his Iron Fist and the way he fought to gain the advantage. Hearing this, Meachum told Davos to leave the building so she could talk to Walker alone.

Walker watches Joy Meachum investigating

Once they were alone, Walker then watched while Meachum began looking over all of Mary's drawings, which annoyed Walker as she claimed the drawings were not hers. Meachum explained how her brother, Ward Meachum, was a decent artist when he was younger, until their father told him that drawing was a waste of time, to which Walker had claimed that Meachum's father was an asshole while her brother was a pussy. Seeing that Meachum had continued looking over her belongings as she discussed her family, Walker requested that she stop touching all of her belongings.

Walker orders Joy Meachum to stop looking

With Meachum completely ignoring Walker's request, she then began going through all of Walker's personal mail, until she found the letter from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as Meachum had read that Walker had been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder and discharged from the United States Army as a result, as she then asked if this was real or not. Annoyed that Meachum still was touching her belongings, Walker got into her face and demanded that she put the letter down, which Meachum finally agreed to do, while noting that Walker should have disclosed this information to her.

Walker furiously chocking out Joy Meachum

Telling her to stop talking, Walker lost her temper and got Meachum into a chokehold, furiously telling her that Meachum could never understand what it was like to live with this condition. As Meachum tried to break free, Walker explained that she could never understand what it was like to wake up and not know where you were, where you had been and who you had spoken with, also noting that sometimes Mary would leave Walker hungry as she had forgotten to eat as she wanted to draw her pictures instead, noting that Mary to disrupt all of her plans to instead fight for her dreams of becoming an artist.

Walker promises to complete her current job

Eventually, however, Walker relaxed and released Meachum from her grip, noting how she still referred to Mary as a separate person. As Meachum apologized to her, Walker explained that she did not want Meachum's pity, telling her that despite Meachum knowing about her condition, she did not know who Walker really was. Meachum then realized that Mary gave Rand the photographs, and that Rand had met Mary but not Walker. Meachum confirmed that Walker would be able to manage her condition to capture Rand as she was instructed to do, as Walker promised to take the necessary precautions.[6]

Capture of Iron Fist

Walker furiously takes Danny Rand off guard

"Can you manage it today?"
"Yes. Probably. I can take the necessary precautions."
"I need you to look me in the eye and tell me that you can pull this off. If you can do that, then I will leave. And I will take it on faith."
Joy Meachum and Walker[src]

Seeking to complete her mission, Walker followed Danny Rand into the subway within New York City, where she ensured that his guard was down and suddenly ambushed him. Having studied his fighting style of the last six months, Walker was able to systematically gain the upper hand over him in a one-sided fight, as she was able to use Rand's complete surprise at "Mary" suddenly attacking him to her own advantage.

Walker cornering Danny Rand in a platform

As Rand questioned what she was doing and why, Walker managed to trap Rand in an arm lock before she injected him with a sedative, before throwing him onto a train to continue attacking him. As Rand continued trying to figure out what was wrong, Walker had continued throwing punches, which Rand blocked without countering as he did not wish to harm her, unaware of Walker's mission. Just as the drug took its tool on Rand, he tried to defend himself, as Walker was able to use his poor concentration to her advantage as Walker blocked all of his punches and then violently pushed him away from her.

Walker gains the upper hand on Danny Rand

Still utterly confused over what was happening, Rand tried to appeal to "Mary" as he told her that whatever this was about, they could talk about it, but Walker still ignored Rand's request and responded by throwing several more punches, however this time Rand was ready and was able to block and counter the blows, pushing Walker back. Despite being able to land some hits, however, Rand still struggled to stay on his feet as the drugs took hold, as he claimed that he did not actually wish to hurt Walker, before she punched him in the stomach and head before kicking him across the platform with force.

Walker barely avoiding the Iron Fist's strike

As Walker landed yet another kick on Rand, he ordered her to back off, but seeing that Walker was still coming towards him, Rand then summoned the Iron Fist and smashed it onto the ground, creating a shockwave which Walker barely avoided by rolling out of the way and hiding behind a pillar to avoid the blast, covering her ears from the loud noise it had caused. While Rand was briefly distracted, Walker stepped up to him and pulled out her hidden flexible wire, while she used to wrap around Rand's wrist and stop him from using the Iron Fist on her, as she then slammed Rand directly into the walls.

Walker finally knocks Danny Rand out cold

Seeing that the shockwave damaged many of the lights, causing a flashing effect similar to strobe lighting, Walker covered her eyes and put on sunglasses, hoping to ensure that the flashing lights did not cause her to transition to her Mary persona before she could capture Rand. Walker then stepped over to the drugged Rand and knocked him out with a final kick to the head. Now victorious, Walker went to Rand's phone where he had spoken to Colleen Wing and crushed it underneath her boot, before she then dragged the unconscious Rand away, in order to finally complete her newest assignment.

Walker listening while Danny Rand screams

Going over to Eden Towers, Walker had then finally delivered Rand over to Davos as Walker had been instructed to do. Walker had then witnessed their ritual that Davos used to drain blood from Rand and take the Iron Fist for himself, having the Mark of Shou-Lao tattooed onto his back by the Crane Sisters, who cut into Rand's stomach to use his blood mixed with the skin of the previous Iron Fist for Davos' tattoo. As Rand screamed out in agony, Walker had listened to music as she tried to ignore Rand's suffering during their ritual, instead just waiting for it to be over so she could then fulfill her final duties.[6]

Walker wakes Danny Rand up and leaves

With their mission almost completed, Walker was instructed to drag the barely living Rand out into New York City and dump him on the side of the street, briefly making a video for Joy Meachum in order to show the suffering Rand had endured because of what she had paid for. With Rand barely breathing, Walker had mockingly told him it was time to wake up, before injecting Rand with adrenaline which woke him up, before Walker walked away, leaving Rand to be discovered by Ryhno's Gang while he tried to figure out what had happened and also discover that he no longer had the power of the Iron Fist.[8]

New Assignment

Warning about Davos

Walker showing off the video of Danny Rand

"I'm not one to offer advice. But you did me a favor when you kept me on this job. Davos is someone to watch your back around. He's dangerous. Plain and simple."
"He and I... Our partnership is effectively over. But I appreciate the warning."
"I'll wait for your message."
―Walker and Joy Meachum[src]

With the job done, Walker went into Joy Meachum's Apartment and presented her with the video of Danny Rand being dumped onto the street outside of New York City, noting that considering the amount of money she was paying Walker thought Meachum would want to see the footage right away, explaining that she needed Meachum to watch so Walker could immediately delete it and get paid.

Walker and Joy Meachum agree to depart

Once the video had been viewed, Walker questioned whether or not Meachum was satisfied, to which she would only say that this was what she asked for. Walker then expressed her gratitude to Meachum for still trusting her to get the job done following the revelation about Walker's Dissociative Identity Disorder, noting that not many people would stick their neck out for her like that. Seeing that Meachum had appeared uneasy, Walker then questioned what was wrong, to which Meachum explained how she and Rand had been friends when they were kids, expressing her amazement at their current situation.

Walker advises Meachum to avoid Davos

As Walker told Meachum that she did not have to explain herself to her, Meachum nodded and promised to text Walker as soon as the money was then ready to be collected. Walker then confirmed that officially she had never been there and they had never met, asking to make sure that Davos was also aware of this deal. However, before she left Walker advised Meachum that Davos was somebody who she should be highly scared of, warning that he was dangerous, to which Meachum claimed that her partnership with Davos finally now over, but had still thanked Walker for the advice regardless.[8]

New Job Offer

Walker collects her money from Meachum

"If this guy Davos decides he wants to hurt you, all bets are off. And if you don't want to run, you need to eliminate the threat."
"Eliminate is a word with connotations."
"No, it isn't. It's just what it sounds like. You can look over your shoulder day and night forever, or you can hire me to make the problem go away."
―Walker and Joy Meachum[src]

Before long, Walker received the text from Joy Meachum informing her that all her money was ready to be collected, as Walker returned to her apartment and was given a bag filled with cash, which Walker did not bother counting as she claimed that Meachum would not dare give her less than all of it. As Walker put away the money, Meachum mentioned Davos, claiming that Walker was right about him.

Walker offers to protect Joy Meachum

While Meachum claimed that she had to do something about Davos, Walker recommended that she take a long vacation to somewhere far away from New York City, noting Meachum clearly had the resources to do this. However as Meachum refused to run away from her home and business because of Davos, she had told Walker that she would need protection until she figured out a better way of dealing with the situation with Davos. Turning around, Walker warned that while she could take her money and offer protection, Davos was too dangerous and if he chose to target Meachum, then all bets would be off.

Walker suggesting they assassinate Davos

Walker had suggested that if Meachum really did not want to run for her life, then they would need to eliminate the threat itself once and for all, to which Meachum commented that the word eliminate had connotations of murder which she had seemed uncomfortable with. Walker then calmly explained that the word eliminate meant what it sounded like, noting that Meachum could either then spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder, waiting for Davos to decide to kill her, or she could instead choose to hire Walker, who would be able to assassinate Davos before he could even become a threat.

Walker hears Detective Misty Knight's arrival

As Walker and Meachum still continued discussing their options for dealing with Davos, Walker warned that she had to figure it out soon as she would be leaving New York eventually. However, they were interrupted by a sudden knock at the door, as Walker got out of sight and questioned if Meachum was expecting any visitors, noting that she had to getaway. As Walker put on her hood, she heard the voice of Colleen Wing calling out to Meachum, claiming that she was there to talk about Davos, as a second knock came from the New York City Police Department, which had then caused Walker to hide.

Walker furiously fights against Colleen Wing

With Walker out of sight, she then overheard Meachum talking to the people at the door, simply claiming that she was alone inside of her apartment as Misty Knight told her that she was in danger from Davos, explaining how they knew that Davos had just assaulted Rand along with the help of Walker. However, Knight had eventually realized that Meachum was not alone and came inside to investigate, forcing Walker out of her hiding place as she then furiously attacked Knight, while using the element of surprise to disarm Knight, hitting her repeatedly and then throwing her across the apartment.

Walker attempting to murder Colleen Wing

Once Knight was subdued, Walker was then attacked by Wing, who expressed her own surprise at seeing "Mary" attacking them, only for Walker to note that she was not Mary. Walker and Wing engaged in a furious fight, both proving to be equally matched while they blocked each other's blows and wrestled across the apartment, with Walker able to land some heavy blows against Wing until she finally landed a heavy kick to Wing's head which knocked her down onto the ground. Walker grabbed her money and had then armed herself with her Twin Machetes and threatened Wing, swinging aggressively at her.

Walker surrendering to Misty Knight's arrest

However, before Walker could continue attacking Wing and make her escape, Knight returned to the fight and threatened to shoot Walker down, just as Walker was attempting to drive her blade into Wing's throat. With a warning that Knight believed there was no time to just wound Walker so she would be shot in the eyes if she did not do as instructed, Walker then released Wing. Walker then obeyed Knight's other instructions as she slowly dropped both her Machetes and her bag of money, allowing Detective Knight to put her into handcuffs as both Walker and Meachum were taken into Knight's custody.[8]

Held at Chikara Dojo

Walker is brought to Danny Rand personally

"Well, he was blacked out on a cocktail of carfentanil and haloperidol. But good for you and your inclinations."
"You do not want to test me."
"[…] Pull my shirt up, two inches above the hip. Come on, I don't bite."
―Walker and Misty Knight[src]

Walker was taken into Chikara Dojo by Misty Knight, who had then explained to Danny Rand how she went by the name of Walker and not Mary. Walker then witnessed Ward Meachum reuniting with Joy Meachum, who was clearly unhappy to be seeing him again. Without saying a word, Walker then watched while Rand was informed that Meachum had been working alongside Walker and Davos to capture and torture Rand, much to the horror of everyone in the room, while Meachum explained her motivations for hurting Rand.[8]

Walker being interrogated by Misty Knight

Walker was then personally interrogated by Knight while held at the Dojo, as Knight questioned where Davos was, to which Walker then claimed that she had no idea, while Knight also noted that Walker personally delivered Rand to Davos at Eden Towers, although Walker claimed that it was not like that. As Knight noted how she was more likely to believe Rand's claim than hers, Walker noted how Rand was blacked out on several drugs during this exchange, to which Knight had warned Walker not to test her, which Walker was unintimidated by, mockingly biting her teeth together at Knight in response.

Walker explaining her time in the military

Leaning back, Walker told Knight to lift her shirt up two inches above the hip, promising not to bite her if she did. Knight did as Walker had instructed, revealing a heavy scar across Walker's stomach which Walker explained had come from once being stabbed by a "demon blade" used by the Czech Military while Walker had been serving in the United States Army. Walker had then calmly used the example of her stab wound to point out that she was fully aware of when somebody was simply making their idle threat to her and when somebody was willing to back those threats up with their actions.

Walker explains the ambush on Danny Rand

Their conversation had eventually moved onto Walker's Dissociative Identity Disorder, with Knight questioning how Walker was a different person to the one who Rand had met out in New York City, as Walker mockingly sang out the name Mary. They then discussed what had happened once Rand had been captured by Walker, as Walker had explained in detail how the Crane Sisters had given Davos the Mark of Shou-Lao in order to take all the power of the Iron Fist away from Rand, giving it all to Davos, while also noting how the Crane Sister's used an ancient technique to tattoo Davos' back with the mark.[3]

Recruiting Danny Rand

Walker admits that she lied to Misty Knight

"I can take you to Davos. But just you. Not your girlfriend. Not the detective. If you pay me enough to take off and stay gone."
"What's to stop you from taking off the minute we're outside?"
"If I wanted to go, I'd go."
―Walker and Danny Rand[src]

Once they were alone, Walker spoke to Joy Meachum, who asked if Walker actually did know where Davos was and had simply been lying, which Walker had confirmed, noting that as soon as Davos had been taken into their custody, then Misty Knight would simply arrest them both as well to finish off the investigation. While Meachum argued that if they cooperated then there was a last chance that they could make a plea deal, Walker just told her this was a ridiculous concept that would never actually play out in their favor.

Walker agrees to find and assassinate Davos

Walker then questioned how much money Meachum had access to and how much could she move on that day, as Meachum informed her that most of her wealth was tied up with investments, much to Walker's frustration, as Meachum assured her that she would get her money. Walker explained she had seen a fire escape that could bring them out into Chinatown, revealing that she had been unlocking her handcuffs. Walker recommended Meachum run, noting she would be arrested by the New York City Police Department once Davos was found, as Meachum had then suggested eliminating Davos.

Walker revealing that she has escaped

Although Walker reminded Meachum how she had taken the concept of killing Davos off the table, Meachum explained how she changed her mind once Davos started killing people. Now free from her cuffs, Walker spoke to Danny Rand and Ward Meachum, who both warned Walker to keep her distance from them as she informed them that if they wanted to speak to Davos, then she would personally take them to him, as Rand was skeptical considering the last time. Walker told Rand that she was willing to take him to Davos, not Colleen Wing or Knight, provided that Rand pay her to disappear afterwards.

Walker noting how easily she could escape

As Rand questioned why she would not just escape as soon as they got out into New York City, Walker just noted that if she wanted to disappear, then she would already just left Chikara Dojo and neither of them would not have been able to stop her. Rand then noted that he needed to see Davos, as Ward questioned what he would say to him, to which Rand admitted that he did not know but was desperate to try and get through to his former friend, who Ward claimed was a lunatic who could not be reasoned with, while Rand had claimed that Davos merely thought that he was being guided by virtue.

Walker requesting Danny Rand's assistance

Discussing what the plan would be, Rand explained that if Davos had refused to talk, Walker would subdue him and take him into custody, as Ward noted his horror that Rand would consider this after Walker had attacked him, to which Walker claimed that she was just doing a job. Walker then noted that this would be a new job and claimed she had mastered how to deal with the Iron Fist, as she requested half a million dollars to capture Davos for them, which Ward had scoffed at. While Walker waited for an answer, Ward noted that Wing and Knight would both be furious if he did this without consulting them.

Walker commenting on Ward Meachum's life

Rand chose to go with Walker to try and take in Davos and learn all about the transference ceremony, as Rand asked Ward to trust him. Before she left, Walker was questioned by Ward if she had been the one who told his sister that he was going to NA meetings, noting that if Rand Enterprises was going to pay her half a million dollars then he wanted to hear it from her. Walker confessed that she had written a dossier on him, before explaining how much she knew of his routine including his affair with Bethany, much to his horror. Walker had then made a comment on Ward's desperate life before leaving.[3]

Mission Preparation

Walker grabbing her wire for the mission

"You wanna talk to him, got it. Should he prove unreceptive, I suggest you clear the deck. Because, until we have the Fist, Davos is holding the biggest gun in the room."
―Walker to Danny Rand[src]

As they prepared to face Davos, Walker brought Danny Rand back to her Apartment where she got what she needed for the mission, with Rand noting that once they got close onto Davos then Walker should stay back, although Walker still claimed that it would be a mistake to leave Rand with Davos. Walker continued to ignore Rand's suggestions as she collected her hidden wire for the mission while Rand had suggested that Walker keep her distance while he had attempted to talk with Davos.

Walker and Danny Rand discuss their plans

While Walker claimed to accept Rand's suggestion, she suggested that until they had the Iron Fist then Rand should stay back, as until then Davos had the most powerful weapon against them. Rand then questioned if Walker had gotten off with playing all of her own mind games between people, to which Walker claimed it was not a mind game but "Mary" taking control, noting that she had been following him and staying out of sight before hitting a trigger which transitioned her into her own Mary persona, while she had then explained to Rand what this meant while preparing the tranquilizer for Davos.

Walker explaining her disorder

Walker and Rand had then closely discussed what Mary did and did not know about Walker's job as a mercenary, as Walker explained the concept of Dissociative Identity Disorder and how she had no control over what her personas understood. Rand then questioned how long Walker would spend as one of her personalities, as she explained it would take between hours or days to switch, until Mary got stressed, noting that running water and strobing lights would turn Walker into Mary. Walker noted how she planned to move to Arizona to live out her life, which she would use all of Joy Meachum's money for.[3]

Waiting for Davos

Walker and Danny Rand enter Eden Towers

"We have a problem. I'm here to take care of it."
"You're gonna kill him. That's not part of the deal."
"You're in no condition to stop me."
―Walker and Danny Rand[src]

Arriving into Eden Towers, Walker and Danny Rand then explored the hallways and found them empty, as Walker noted that it seemed like nobody was home. Rand then questioned just how long Walker had spent during the transference ceremony, as she claimed that she was not there for long after the Crane Sisters had bled Rand and given Davos the Mark of Shou-Lao, at which point she had left. As they looked around the building, Rand eventually found where he had been bound and bled.

Walker explaining how to bring down Davos

Walker listened as Rand explained the heat and pain he experienced during the transference ceremony, telling Walker how he felt the heart of Shou-Lao being ripped out of his body. Rand then told Walker to give him the tranquilizer to use on Davos, noting he would be stood right beside Davos and would be in the best position to inject Davos with it, although Walker was skeptical as she noted how this was not the plan they discussed. Rand, however, noted that he did not trust Walker's plan, questioning why she would put herself in harm's way if she did not have to, as Walker noted that Rand did not know her.

Walker and Rand discuss killing Davos

Rand had then noted that Walker's tactic for being open about her diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder was actually a plan to put him at ease, questioning what her plan was, which Walker laughed at. As they waited for Davos, Rand asked Walker why she was really there, to which she claimed that she was given a job and was there to take care of it. Rand realized Walker wished to kill Davos, which Rand did not want, as Walker noted that Ward Meachum was right in his belief that Davos would not listen to reason, and how neither she nor Joy Meachum could be tied to Davos' violent crusade.

Walker explaining her goal of a peaceful life

As they sat opposite each other, Rand questioned if Joy put Walker up to this, questioning if she was really there to assassinate Davos for Walker, noting that was not part of the deal they had made while Walker noted that Rand simply could not stop her. Instead Rand then offered to pay for Walker's cabin in Arizona, noting that he could use Rand Enterprises' money to make this happen for her, promising that she would be safe and comfortable for as long as she needed to be, as long as she stuck to their current plan. Smirking at Rand's careful suggestion, Walker promised that she would not harm Davos.[3]

Attack on Davos

Walker trapping Davos with her flexible wire

"She can't do that. She can't... I hope you know I didn't mean to hurt you, Danny. I did not know she was gonna hurt you. But I can't let her take me to a cabin. I deserve a chance to be happy."
"Mary! Mary, please come back! Mary! Mary, you have to get Davos! Please, Mary! Please!"
―Mary and Danny Rand[src]

Eventually, Davos returned to Eden Towers, as Walker hid into the shadows while Davos was being confronted by Danny Rand over all his recent acts of violence. Walker remained hidden as Rand tried to convince Davos to hand himself over to the New York City Police Department for all his actions during the Triad War and, when it was clear Davos would not listen to reason, Walker emerged from her hiding place and engaged Davos, punishing him in the head.

Walker is just too late to stop Davos' strike

Before Davos could even react, Walker drew her flexible wire and tied it around his wrist, allowing her to avoid Davos' Iron Fist as she then flipped over his head and put Davos into an armlock, pinning him down on his knees as Walker then injected him with a tranquilizer to the back of his neck in order to knock him unconscious. However, to their horror, Walker and Rand realized too late that Davos had the Iron Fist in both his fists, as Walker yelled out in warning just before Davos punched the ground with full force, which caused a massive shockwave which knocked Walker and Rand away from him.

Walker is completely overpowered by Davos

With Davos furious at the attempted attack on him, he had ripped the tranquilizer out of his back, as Rand then attacked him and injected the tranquilizer back into Davos' chest. While Walker then got to her feet, Davos furiously knocked Rand away from him, before blocking Walker's strikes and then hitting her in the face, knocking her to the ground. With Walker subdued from Davos' hard punch to the head, she then witnessed Davos throwing Rand to the ground and brutally shattering his kneecap with a final hit with the Iron Fist, before he had then finally collapsed from the effects of Walker's tranquilizer.

Walker helping take Danny Rand to safety

With Rand now unable to stand on his broken leg, Walker went to his aid as Rand insisted they call Colleen Wing and Misty Knight to take Davos into custody, while Walker carried Rand to the entrance of the building and called an ambulance for him. With Rand struggling to stay awake, Walker kept speaking to him, with Rand noting how they had a deal before it had then begun to rain just outside. With the rain pouring down around them, Walker had slowly become distracted as the raindrops acted as a trigger which began to cause Walker to then transition into Mary as she then ignored Rand calling out to her.

Walker transitions into her Mary persona

As the strobe light from the ambulance added to her trigger, Walker stepped out into the rain as she had finally transitioned back into her Mary persona as Rand had watched on, unable to stop it as he still called out for Walker. Mary reacted with pain to her injuries gained from Davos' hits and found some blood still on her wrist, as she had turned to Rand while the paramedics questioned if Mary was injured, as she had claimed that she must have just fallen and it was nothing. Mary also claimed that she had simply been out walking into the rain as she was surprised to see Rand was there looking back at her.

Mary is forced to leave Danny Rand behind

As Mary questioned if Rand had been involved in an accident which was why the paramedics were with him, Rand had told Mary that he needed her to bring Walker back to complete their mission, as he needed Walker to contact Wing and inform her of where Davos was. With Rand promising that Walker could get her cabin in Arizona like she wanted, Mary told him that she could not be there, questioning who Davos was before apologizing to Rand that Walker had hurt him. Mary ignored Rand as he called out to her to capture Davos, walking away while briefly looking at her reflection in a car window.[3]

Visited by Meachum

Mary welcoming Joy Meachum to her home

"I've only just met you, but you do not seem like the kind of person who would hurt somebody. At least not consciously."
"I guess there's a few sides to everyone, though, right?"
"I had tried to warn Danny about Walker. That probably was a bad idea. I like to think she didn't mean to hurt him."
―Mary and Joy Meachum[src]

Having returned to her Apartment, Mary heard a knock at the door as she found Joy Meachum there, as she had immediately demanded to know what had happened regarding their plan, to which Mary simply apologized and questioned who Meachum was, having no memory of Walker's interactions with her. Realizing she was actually talking with Mary, Meachum introduced herself and asked if it was possible to speak to Walker while Mary simply smiled back at her.

Mary grows angry when asked about Walker

While Mary collected her drawings while all the taps had continued to run around her apartment to keep her calm, Meachum noted that she hoped she could leave Walker and message and questioned if Mary knew when Walker would be back, to which she insisted that Walker would not be back for a while and questioned if there was anything that she could help Meachum with while Walker was still away. While Meachum had continued to press for the chance to speak to Walker, Mary almost lost her temper as she apologized and calmly explaining that once she went away, then Walker was quite unreachable.

Mary invites Joy Meachum to stay and sit

Becoming annoyed at the situation, Meachum explained to Mary that this was a life and death situation before mentioning Davos, as Mary realized Davos had hurt Danny Rand, questioning if Meachum also knew Rand as she noted that the last time she saw Rand he was in an extremely bad way following a beat down. As Meachum began to explain that Rand was alright, she then prepared to leave while Mary asked her to stay, noting how nice it was to have company she Mary offered Meachum a glass of water, which she accepted as Mary then led Meachum to sit down on her sofa while she got the water.

Mary talking about Danny Rand and Davos

Sitting across from her, Mary questioned how Meachum knew Rand, as she explained how they had been close while growing up in New York City together, while Mary asked Meachum to tell Rand that she sent him her best regards. While Meachum noted how she and Rand had recently had a pretty major falling out, Mary had claimed that she was sure that they could work it out as she noted how she knew that Rand was a good person, commenting on all the good vibes she felt from being around him, although Meachum insisted she could not be fixed, as she admitted to having done something awful to Rand.

Mary suggesting Joy Meachum to be good

As Mary commented that she did not believe Meachum was capable of hurting people, Meachum commented that there was a few sides to everybody, making clear reference to Mary's Dissociative Identity Disorder. Mary noted how she had tried to warn Rand about Walker, admitting that this may have been a mistake. Mary than on to claim that she liked to think that Walker did not mean to hurt anybody, but was a good person in a bad situation, comparing this to Meachum's situation. Mary went on to explain how Walker wanted cash to move to Arizona, claiming it was to get away from her Mary persona.

Mary closely examining her art drawings

They discussed how Walker was actually trying to protect Mary, while Mary asked if Meachum wanted Walker to protect her from Davos, which Meachum confirmed she had already done. As Meachum had prepared to leave, she complimented Mary on her drawings, taking note of Mary's talent. While Meachum then left, Mary studied one of her drawings which depicted her time in the Sokovian prison before she mysteriously broke free. Looking at the drawing, Mary flashed back into her cold cell, thinking to the drops of rain and the machine gun fire that could always be heard during the traumatic time.[9]

The Third Alter

Message from Mary

Mary recording her first message for Walker

"I don't wanna keep trading one dark place for another. What if we can get help? Isn't it worth trying? I know that you're the strong one, so I surrender. I trust you."
―Mary to Walker[src]

Once Joy Meachum had finally gone, Mary had then sat down beside a table within her apartment, as Mary stationed her phone down onto the table and had prepared to record a video message to Walker. She noted how she knew that Walker must be pretty angry as Mary had been doing everything in her power to keep her from transitioning, from taking pills in order to remain calm and running all the taps to simulate the rain.

Mary putting her trust in Walker's decisions

As Mary noted that she had come to believe that she was changing and therefore Walker must be too, she then revealed that she had learned that Walker wanted to move to Arizona to live out their lives peacefully. Mary noted how Meachum had come to visit and told her about how Walker protected her, as Mary expressed appreciation for how Walker had protected her back in Green Bay as well as during the successful escape during their imprisonment in Sokovia, noting how she still believed that Walker had actually been the one who had helped them to finally escape from their cold Sokovian cell.

Mary leaves the recording for Walker to find

While Mary advised Walker to get some help to get them out of the cold darkness of their mind, she then granted full authority over her well-being to Walker. Mary then told Walker that she trusted her and surrendered to her, telling Walker that if she woke up in Arizona then she would accept Walker's decision and expressing her hope that Walker chose another way, before ending the recording. Having sent her message to Walker, Mary folded up her two self-portraits and lay them beside one another before she left a note for Walker to watch the recording before lying onto the sofa and falling asleep.[9]

Walker watches Mary's message left for her

Upon reawakening, Walker realized where she was and immediately wiped all Mary's lipstick off and redid her hair in order to reclaim her identity. While furiously moving Mary's drawings off her desk, Walker then took notice of the note left by Mary, prompting her to watch the video message. She repeated a clip in which Mary mentioned being rescued in Sokovia and was taken aback, since she could only recall being eventually found by the United States Army with a pair of bloody Twin Machetes beside her, as Walker had always assumed that Mary had found another way to get them out of the cell.[5]

Dr. Edmonds' Advice

Walker visits Doctor Paul Edmonds for help

"I did not kill those men. I wanted to. After what they did to me, they deserved it. They deserved worse. But I didn't do it. And in the video, my alter, she thanks me for getting her out of there. But I had nothing to do with it."
"A video left by your alter troubled you enough to seek me out?"
―Walker and Paul Edmonds[src]

Confused by Mary's message to her and what it could possibly have meant, Walker visited Paul Edmonds to try and find some answers to the missing memory, as she requested Edmonds help while she calmly told him that she did not kill those men back in Sokovia, although she noted that she wanted to and they deserved to die. Walker explained to Edmonds how Mary had thanked her for their escape, as Edmonds questioned if she often happened between them.

Walker explaining Mary's video message

While Walker explained how she sometimes left messages for Mary, but this was the first time Mary had ever left one for her, Edmonds questioned if something had changed in her environment to spark this change in behavior, although Walker insisted that this was not the issue. While Walker expressed her desire to find out exactly what had happened as neither she nor Mary could remember, Edmonds questioned if one of the other men in her old unit could have survived and caused the escape and freed her, to which Walker explained that she had actually seen everyone in her unit being executed.

Walker considers if she has a third persona

Edmonds questioned if Mary was the only other alter which Walker had, which she insisted was the case while Edmonds suggested that there could have been another. Edmonds questioned if there was a report filed with the United States Army about the incident, although Walker explained that it had been redacted. They discussed if Mary was capable of violence, as Walker told Edmonds how she assumed Mary convinced someone else to help her escape and that person had killed all the people, once again noting that Mary thanked her and obviously assumed that Walker was the one responsible.

Walker orders the meeting to be forgotten

Edmonds then questioned why she was suddenly so relevant, since the escape happened years earlier, as Walker answered that she had somewhere to go in Arizona which would be safe where she could live out a peaceful life, but she first needed to understand everything that had previously happened to her. Edmonds suggested treatment for Walker, but the idea that this would take several months caused Walker to reject the idea as she got up. Edmonds then noted that if her third alter was really that violent, then maybe she should get help, but Walker warned Edmonds to forget that she was ever there.[5]

Deal with Ward Meachum

Walker waiting for Joy Meachum to return

"There's a part in my military history that's been redacted. I need to find out what's under the black."
"Even if I wanted to help you, and I don't, I can't pull non-redacted DOJ files."
"You can't, but you can pay someone who can."
―Walker and Ward Meachum[src]

Walker went into Joy Meachum's Apartment in order to look for her, choosing to sit and wait as Joy was not there. Instead of seeing Joy, however, Ward Meachum entered as Walker noted that he should not be there and questioned how he got a key to the Apartment. As Walker explained that she had come looking for his sister, she questioned how Meachum had gotten a cut lip, as he told her that he had gotten into a fight and lost, before inviting Walker to leave.

Walker calmly speaks with Ward Meachum

Instead of leaving, however, Walker noted that she had come there to speak with Joy but her brother would do, noting that the Meachums had access to the same databases at Rand Enterprises, which was how he got Walker's file for Danny Rand and Misty Knight. While he tried to warn Walker that his actions were none of her concern and threatened to call the New York City Police Department, Walker then calmly threatened to rip out Meachum's teeth if he even considered doing this. Walker then explained how she needed Meachum's help to find the redacted file which had details on her military history.

Walker asking Ward Meachum to do a favor

Meachum however explained that even if he wanted to help Walker, which he noted that he did not, he would not be able to pull up non-redacted files from the United States Department of Justice, while Walker noted that while this was true, he could pay somebody else to do it for him. Meachum, however, explained that he was already doing a favor for his sister, which had surprised Walker as Meachum then claimed that he was now unwilling to do more favors for anybody else. However, after a moment of thought, Meachum sat down and offered to make a deal to get Walker's military files for her.

Walker finally agreeing to eliminate Davos

Noting that his sister was still with Davos and was worried that she would not be able to get away, Meachum explained that before he died, their mother had run a business about solar cells which Joy clearly wanted to take over, however she was now preparing to put Meachum in a position to take it over if Davos was to kill her. With them both at an understanding, Meachum offered to get the file if Walker got his sister away from Davos, with Walker noting that Joy would never be safe as long as Davos was still alive, noting Davos wanted to fix situations only by killing whoever got in his way.[5]

Learning her History

Walker reads the documents on her past

"Did you read this?"
"Figured it was none of my business."
"Smart move."
"Well, that was very melodramatic."
―Walker and Ward Meachum[src]

Fulfilling his promise, Ward Meachum found all the files on Walker's history with the United States Army and then gave them all over to her. While they had met late at night just outside of New York City to avoid being seen, Walker had quickly read through all of the military files to discover whatever she could regarding the Escape from Sokovian Prison, all while Meachum complained that he had to pay a lot of money to get a hold of all the files and sarcastically told Walker to take her time while she was reading the paperwork.

Walker chooses to burn the documents

Walker questioned if Meachum had read all the files, as he claimed it was none of his business, which Walker agreed with as she claimed this was a good idea. Having learned everything she could from the files, Walker let them alight, with Meachum calling this melodramatic and suggesting they rescue Joy Meachum now. However, instead of leaving straightway, Walker noted that now she knew what she was up against she would not allow Davos to get anywhere close to her with the Iron Fist, instead deciding to contact Turk Barrett to collect a supply of weapons which she could use to assassinate Davos.[10]

Supplied by Turk Barrett

Walker and Meachum meet Turk Barrett

"Here we have an M4."
"A1. I know you're not the type to really lay it down, so I figured–"
"Having the option does not hurt. She clean?"
"You'll be her first dance."
―Walker and Turk Barrett[src]

The next morning, Walker and Ward Meachum found Turk Barrett as he was playing golf outside of New York City, as Meachum suggested that Barrett needed to keep his shoulders down to improve his golf swing, which only distracted Barrett from his swing. Barrett complained about Walker turning up there with Meachum, who he described as the suit despite Meachum noting that he was not currently wearing a suit, but Walker had explained that Meachum would be covering the cost of all of their purchases.

Walker purchases an M4A1 from Turk Barrett

Barrett brought Walker over to his van and showed off his collection of weaponry for her to overlook, as she almost immediately picked out a M4A1 while Barrett had commented on Walker's usual style of combat. Walker had then confirmed that the gun was brand new and requested AP rounds which Barrett happily supplied to her, all while Walker had checked over the gun to ensure that it met her standards. When Barrett then asked Meachum if he was going to buy anything, Walker claimed that he was not interested, only for Meachum to then claim that he was and insist that he also could handle a gun.

Walker teasing Ward Meachum's manhood

Despite commenting that Meachum had hired her to do a job and not to bring him on a safari and had teased him over his experience only being going on the shooting range, although Meachum noted that he had shot and killed Harold Meachum, questioning the terminology for killing an undead father, while Walker commented that despite all of this Joy Meachum had let her call him a pussy. Walker then watched on as Meachum chose a handgun to take, becoming embarrassed as Meachum struggled to name bullets before she told Meachum to pay Barrett for all of the guns while she walked back to their car.[10]

Battle at Eden Towers

Walker taking aim at the wounded Chen Wu

"How about you come out first?"
"No sign of Joy. Did she put you up to this?"
"That was three jobs ago. I'm just here for shits and giggles. And because I really, really do not like you."
―Walker and Davos[src]

Entering Eden Towers with Ward Meachum with their firearms raised and ready, the pair had soon discovered Chen Wu in the middle of a fight with Misty Knight, as Meachum had immediately shot Wu in the throat, being disappointed when he realized the man he had shot was not Davos. When Knight questioned what the pair were doing there, Walker explained that they were there for Joy Meachum, who had been left injured on the ground from an encounter with Davos, all while Walker still kept her aimed fixed on the bleeding Wu.

Walker preparing to knock out Misty Knight

While Ward then pulled his sister away to safety, Walker had stayed behind while Knight then attempted to stop Wu's bleeding, however before she could help him, Walker shot three more bullets into Wu's chest, killing him while Walker cited that she rather he was put out of his misery as Wu was not going to make it. Seeing that Knight was reaching for her gun, Walker told her not to. As Knight stated that Walker would not murder a member of the New York City Police Department, for she was not a “cop killer”, to which Walker commented that she was right and hit Knight on the head with the butt of her gun, knocking her unconscious.[10]

Walker waits for her chance to shoot Davos

After locking Knight away in a cell, Walker awaited for Davos' arrival into Eden Towers and dragged Wu's corpse away while singing Monday, Monday to herself. Doing this, she armed her assault rifle and readied her Twin Machetes for later use as she took a high position and aimed her gun at the doorway ready for Davos' arrival. Eventually, Davos returned, clearly distressed and searching for Wu to come to his aid. As Walker lined up the perfect shot to execute Davos, he had realized something was wrong when he found the pool of Wu's blood, as he immediately dived out of the way and hid behind a pillar, barely avoiding Walker's shot.

Walker mocks Davos as he hides from her

Having missed her perfect shot, Walker then fired several more shots at Davos as he charged across the building, rolling out of the way to make himself a difficult target before hiding behind a brick wall where Walker could not get a clean shot. Mocking Davos, Walker told him to take his time in stepping out as she had no other plans and plenty of bullets to kill him with, noting that she had come to say hello and goodbye. Davos questioned if Joy had put her up for assassinating him, however, Walker claimed she was merely there to kill Davos for her own enjoyment as she also claimed to really dislike him.

Walker attempts to locate and shoot Davos

In his attempt to gain an advantage and get out of Walker's firing line, Davos lit up the Iron Fist and punched a concrete block, launching it towards Walker who barely moved out of the way in time. Davos then used this distraction to his advantage as he ran to a new hiding place before Walker could get another good shot at him. As Walker came down from her high position, she walked cautiously across the facility with her rifle carefully raised up while Davos threatened that he would kill her and then Joy, to which Walker was unfazed by this, and clapped back by telling him that she will deliver his head on stick to Joy. Before she could find Davos, however, Wallker then encountered Danny Rand and Colleen Wing, who had just arrived at the facility and were also searching for Davos.

Walker reunited with Danny Rand yet again

Upon seeing him, Walker questioned how Rand was even walking after Davos had crippled him during their last encounter, however, Rand told Walker that she could not kill Davos which Walker simply scoffed at. Rand then explained that things were different now and claimed that he knew Walker was better than just being a killer, which Walker sarcastically thanked Rand for as she called the comment sweet. However, just as Wing commented that they had a common goal with stopping Davos, they were interrupted as Davos charged out of the shadows and knocked Wing out of the way.

Walker prepares to fight with Danny Rand

As Walker attempted to complete her mission and get a fatal shot at Davos, Rand responded by knocking the gun out of her hands while Davos and Wing began their fight. Angered that Rand would make her miss her shot at Davos, Walker drew her Twin Machetes as Rand was armed with Wing's Katana, with Walker questioning if Rand even knew how to handle the blade. Walker and Rand had then engaged in a furious fight against each other, with Walker as the aggressor as she furiously swung her Machetes at Rand who focused on blocking her blows rather than attempting a fatal counter attack against her.

Walker furiously slashing Misty Knight's arm

Moving down the corridors, Walker continued slashing at Rand and attempted to gain any advantage she could against him, even kicking at Rand's damaged leg to knock him down. However, just as Walker went to collect her gun to go and assassinate Davos, she was caught by Misty Knight who had just broken free from the cell she had been locked in and punched Walker with her Prosthetic Arm. Enraged at being denied the chance to finally assassinate Davos, Walker began furiously swinging her Machete at Knight, who blocked all the blows with her Prosthetic Arm while Walker still pushed her back.

Walker being forced to transition into Mary

Burying her Machete into Knight's Prosthetic Arm, Walker furiously yelled out while Rand tried to get through to her before using Wing's Katana to slice open a water pipe above their heads. While Rand had pushed Walker against the wall and held the Katana to her throat, he ordered Knight to use the light on her phone as a strobe while the water stimulated the effects of rain. Despite Walker trying her best to hold out and remain in her current persona, Rand reminded her that there was another side to her identity, which he said was a better side, as she began to transition out of her Walker persona.

Mary starts to gain control of herself again

Taking a deep breath in, Mary awoke to hear Rand's voice telling her that she was safe, as she tried to figure out what had happened to her while Rand left to assist Colleen Wing in her battle against Davos to reclaim the Iron Fist from him, while Knight agreed to assist Mary as her Prosthetic Arm had been damaged beyond repair by Walker's Machetes and she, therefore, could not fight against Davos. Once she was alone with Knight, Mary introduced herself, as Knight noted that she knew who she was as they left Eden Towers together as Knight left her with the EMTs in order to get her some assistance.[11]

Visiting Joy Meachum

Walker infiltrates Joy Meachum's apartment

"I think I'm gonna leave that money here and draw it out later. You know, you're one of the few people who knows both sides of me. I could use that. I could use your influence, your connections… your reach. It's not over between us, Joy."
―Walker to Joy Meachum[src]

Following the Battle at Eden Towers, after which Davos had become arrested and taken to jail, Mary had eventually reverted back to her Walker persona and had gone to speak with Joy Meachum inside of her Apartment, as she spray-painted the camera to ensure that she was not filmed before breaking inside. Once inside the apartment, however, Walker discovered that Meachum had been waiting for Walker in the dark, as she threw a large bag at Walker which she told her contained the money she was owed for all her recent work.

Walker finding Joy Meachum waiting for her

Walker complimented Meachum on having taken her off guard and had questioned how long she had been sitting in the dark, to which Meachum noted that she knew that sooner or later either Walker or Davos would have come there, although Walker reassured Meachum that Davos would not be a problem for her anymore. Walker noted that she was prepared to kill Davos before Danny Rand had turned up with Colleen Wing and Misty Knight who stood in her way before Walker's Mary persona had turned up and stopped the mission from being completed, while noting on how scared Mary had been.

Walker recommends Meachum to stay back

As Walker explained how Davos had been arrested by the New York City Police Department before she could kill him, Meachum ordered her not to come any closer as she held her gun to Walker. Meachum explained that it was now the end of the partnership, advising Walker to take all the money and leave, noting that they would act as if they had never met. Walker, however, explained that their deals changed when she sided with Ward Meachum and had then arrived to rescue her from Chen Wu by killing her, while questioning if Meachum had forgotten all of this which Meachum insisted that she had not.

Walker explaining her escape from Sokovia

Walker explained to Meachum how she had recently discovered who it was who had caused her Escape from Sokovian Prison, explaining how she had been kept inside of a concrete box inside Sokovia for twenty-two months where she was beaten, raped and tortured before finally being freed. Walker commented on how she had thought Mary convinced a guard to set them free and Mary assumed that Walker had fought her way out, but they were both wrong, while Meachum questioned if Walker was trying to scare her by explaining all of this, commenting on how Davos had almost killed her the day before.

Walker explains her third possible persona

With Meachum keeping her gun trained on her, Walker questioned if she was scared of her, noting that she was as she knew that she had been found with a pair of her bloody Twin Machetes outside of the Sokovian Prison which another side of her had used to set her free, commenting that this third alter who was extremely dangerous and willing to kill, had triggers which she did not understand but assumed that it was likely connected to being threatened with a gun, causing Meachum to finally lower her weapon as she took note of Walker's warnings to her regarding her third alternative identity.

Walker leaves the money with Joy Meachum

Meachum then requested that Walker finally leave, to which Walker mockingly told Meachum that she had decided to leave her money with Meachum instead. As Meachum was horrified, Walker explained that she was still one of the few people who knew of both sides of Walker's Dissociative Identity Disorder and this could be useful to her, intending to use Meachum's influence, connections and reach for her own benefit. When Meachum questioned if she got a say in that, Walker simply mockingly commented on Meachum's sense of humor before she then walked away without the money.[11]


Mary's Personality

"You were so kind to me from the get-go. A total stranger. Then we bumped into each other again. And I can't remember the last time I walked down the street with a great guy and talked about the weather and the city. And am I so wrong to think that some things happen for a reason? Just that certain meetings are auspicious. Not in a horoscope, tarot card kind of way. Just a feeling."
―Mary to Danny Rand[src]

Mary's personality seemed to be made as a way to cope with the extremely horrific circumstances during her capture. Mary is friendly to people she has never met, slightly naive and loves rain and drawing. Mary stays away from violence and takes a great liking towards Danny Rand, going so far as to try to warn him about Walker and her mission. Mary is aware of Walker’s disliking towards her and how Walker wants to buy a cabin in Arizona to get away from Mary. But once she learns of her mission to protect Joy Meachum, Mary accepts that Walker is doing her best to do the right thing and trusts her completely.

This alter is summoned by running water (to mimic rain), exposure to coldness, and flashing lights.

Walker's Personality

"Lay a hand on me, lose that hand."
―Walker to Davos[src]

Cruel, cold and professional, Walker is about performing her missions with precision and without any remorse. Walker proved to be capable of extreme violence and was furious that Mary took control of her life, with Walker wanting to purchase a cabin in the deserts of Arizona just to get away from her. Walker was shown to be unreliable and quickly turned on Misty Knight when possible. Despite this, she has a rough sense of honor as she mostly honors her deals and tries to avoid killing innocents. It was shown that she seemingly tries to do the right thing and seemed to have a hard time seeing Danny Rand suffer after capturing him. Walker also chooses to put other people's lives above her current job or mission, choosing to carry Rand away to safety and call an ambulance for him after succeeding in subduing Davos.

This identity is summoned by increasing heartbeats in stressful environments and adrenaline rushes.

Third Personality

"“A bloody mess” is how the sergeant major described the carnage at the camp. And Mary Walker's fingerprints were on the knives. Poison doesn't know it's poison."
―Walker to Joy Meachum[src]

Not much is known about this identity's personality. It was revealed that this personality took control during her escape from captivity and created an absolute massacre by slaughtering the Sokovian soldiers. Both Mary and Walker were unaware of the presence of this personality and Walker feared what it was capable of.


  • Master Martial Artist: As a former member of Special Operations of the United States Army, Walker is an extremely skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, being able to take on Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, and even Danny Rand. Walker is able to study and analyze her opponent's strengths and how to counter them, allowing her to ambush and subdue Rand without him landing little to no offense of his own.
"Let's dance. Two against one."
―Walker to Danny Rand[src]
  • Sword Mastery:

    Walker fighting Iron Fist with her swords

    Walker is highly skilled at using swords in combat, being able to skillfully wield two machetes with ease. A master in close range combat, she was able to wipe out multiple armed soldiers and equally matched against Rand in a sword fight and even managed to knock him down, though Rand was holding back.
  • Master Marksman: As a special operations officer, Walker is highly skilled in hitting her targets precisely.
  • Expert Acrobat: To be added
  • Expert Spy: Walker proved to be highly skilled in blending with the environment. She was able to stalk Rand for months and learned everything she could about his life without him being aware of it.
  • Master Tactician: Walker was to study and train to strike against Danny Rand upon being hired to capture him by Joy Meachum and Davos. Despite having no powers to counterattack the Iron Fist, she was able to escape its impacts and take down Rand without being touched by it.
  • Artist: In her Mary identity, she seems to enjoy drawing, with Rand and Wing commenting on one of her works.



  • Twin Machetes:

    Walker calmly threatening to behead Davos

    Walker has taken possession of and utilizes a pair of two machetes in some of her battles. When disarmed in her fight against Danny Rand and Misty Knight, she unsheathed her blades and alternated to a close fight; Walker also held the weapons close to Davos when he threatened to harm her in her apartment upon discovering that Mary had informed and gifted Rand with photographs she was hired to take.
  • M4A1 Carbine: Walker bought this rifle from Turk Barrett to infiltrate Eden Towers, kill Davos and rescue Joy Meachum, being hired to do so by Ward Meachum. Walker killed Chen Wu, who had been just shot in the neck by Ward, and then knocked Misty Knight out to not be interfered in her mission to kill Davos. Walker ambushed Davos but was unable to hit him while shooting, and ended up losing the rifle when Danny Rand disarmed her to prevent Davos' death so they can complete the transfer of the power of the Iron Fist.

Other Equipment

  • Wire: Walker carried a flexible wire in her engagements to Danny Rand and Davos in an effort to avoid being struck or stunned by the Iron Fist.
  • Tranquilizer: In her engagements with Rand and Davos, she used syringes with a tranquilizer to weaken the Iron Fist and overpower them in combination with her martial arts skills.


  • Mary Walker's Apartment: Walker owned a private apartment when she moved to New York City. Walker would leave notes for Mary whenever she would transition back and forth between personalities, managing Mary and her activities so she would not interfere with Walker’s missions. Walker took Danny Rand into her apartment to discuss their plans to stop Davos, Walker's mental disorder and her goals. After failing, Joy Meachum visited Walker’s apartment in hopes to speak with Walker, but instead found Mary, who invited her to stay. Mary discovered Walker's mission to protect Meachum, and recorded a video for Walker to view, mentioning her escape from Sokovia.
  • Joy Meachum's Apartment: Walker would visit Joy Meachum’s apartment occasionally when Walker went to update her. Following the Capture of Iron Fist, Walker showed Meachum evidence of Danny Rand’s defeat and Meachum told her to come back for the cash once it was ready. Later, Walker would return to the apartment to collect the money Meachum promised, but they are stopped by Misty Knight and Colleen Wing and taken to the Chikara Dojo for questioning. She then waited in Meachum's apartment for Joy to return, but instead made a deal with Ward Meachum to finally assassinate Davos in exchange for information on her past. After the Battle at Eden Towers, Walker barged into Meachum’s apartment once more and explained her origin to her before leaving the money in the apartment instead of collecting, choosing to continue her relationship with Meachum.
  • Chikara Dojo:

    Mary showing her drawings to Colleen Wing

    Walker was invited in the Chikara Dojo by Danny Rand while she in her "Mary" persona to recover from her near alter switch. After she was captured by Knight and Wing, Walker was once again taken to the Chikara Dojo and brought before Rand as she watched Joy Meachum explain herself to him. Both Walker and Meachum were held in the Dojo to be interrogated by Knight. While the others were debriefing, Walker freed herself before going to Rand and Ward Meachum to discuss a new mission to apprehend and stop Davos.
  • Birch Psychiatric Hospital: Walker visited the Birch Psychiatric Hospital when searching for answers about her past. Walker sat down with Doctor Paul Edmonds and recounted the time when she escaped from the Sokovian prison to him. She stated that she does not remember escaping the prison, but that Mary believed Walker got her out, but Walker believed Mary convinced someone else to get her out. Edmonds then suggested that there was another identity in Walker’s mind that she was unaware of. Failing to find a counter-alternative to treat her dissociative identity disorder, Walker left the hospital and Edmonds.
  • Eden Towers: After succeeding in the mission to capture Danny Rand, Walker brought him before Davos inside Eden Towers so he could make the transfusion to extract the Iron Fist. Walker made her way back to Eden Towers with Rand in tow to stop Davos together, but were defeated and Walker was forced to leave after Rand was crippled and her “Mary” identity came forth. Later, Walker returned to Eden Towers to rescue Joy under the commission of her brother, Ward. She killed Chen Wu and incapacitated Misty Knight before setting up her spot to get the drop on Davos when he arrived. Davos finally returned and the two had a skirmish before Rand and Wing came to Eden Towers to find Davos to continue Wing's extraction of the Iron Fist. Walker battled against Rand and Knight when they stopped her from eliminating Davos, forcing her to transition back to her "Mary" persona and calling EMTs to get her some help.





Appearances for Mary Walker

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  • In the comics, Mary Walker is a mutant known as Typhoid Mary who possesses limited psionic powers, pyrokinesis, and suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which manifests as four distinct personalities; the timid "Mary", the no-nonsense "Walker", the lustful "Typhoid"; and the brutal "Bloody Mary". She works as a professional criminal and assassin using the name Typhoid Mary.
  • Mary Walker is the first character with dissociative identity disorder to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, followed by Green Goblin and Moon Knight.
  • In the episode A Duel of Iron, Walker sang "Monday, Monday" by The Mamas & the Papas. This is a nod to Brian Michael Bendis's comic-book run of Daredevil, where she used to sing this song while turned in her "Typhoid Mary" identity.
  • Walker has heterochromia, a condition that causes a difference in the coloration of the eyes. In her case, one of her eyes is green and the other one is blue. This symbolizes her dual identity.

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