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"You're not gonna give me one of your little sanctimonious speeches about the code, teamwork and all that? What was it you used to say, sensei? A single arrow is easily broken. Because right now, you look pretty broken to me."
―Mary to Colleen Wing[src]

Mary is a former student to Colleen Wing and a member of the Hand.


Betraying Colleen Wing

"After everything you have taught us, how could you betray the Hand?"
―Mary to Colleen Wing[src]

Mary arriveed with Brian to detain Wing; binding her to a chair, Mary brung her to Bakuto, whom eventually ordered her and Brian to drain her body of blood. While Brian attempted to hook her to a machine, Mary consistently taunted her, using quotes that was told to them from their days at Chikara Dojo. Soon, she fought against Wing, alongside Brian, but was defeated, leaving her to escape.[1]


  • Martial Artist: Mary was trained by former sensei Colleen Wing at Chikara Dojo before graduating and becoming a functional member for Bakuto's faction of the Hand. Her skills would soon clash against her teacher after Wing freed herself from her restraints and attempted to escape.




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