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"This is my last chance to get beyond his lies and excuses, to confront the subject with elements of his own past, in order to unlock the truth. Because we need to know, once and for all: who is Trevor Slattery?"
Jackson Norriss[src]

All Hail the King is the fifth in a series of Marvel One-Shots, released on the Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray. It takes place after the events of Iron Man 3.

The short film was written and directed by Drew Pearce.


After the events of Iron Man 3, Trevor Slattery is an infamous icon. He’s also locked up in a high-security prison. Luckily, his new found profile has brought him celebrity and protection on the inside – and the actor has gladly agreed to an in-depth profile with a documentary filmmaker.


Trevor Slattery discusses his past

Trevor Slattery has been placed in Seagate Penitentiary for his involvement with Aldrich Killian's campaign as the Mandarin. Slattery is a celebrity there, and even has Herman as his "butler." He is being interviewed by Jackson Norriss, who is ostensibly creating a documentary about Slattery. During his final session with Slattery, Norriss reveals himself as a member of the Ten Rings in disguise. Taking Slattery into his custody, Norriss reveals that the real "Mandarin" is mad at the actor for making a mockery of his name.









Behind the Scenes

  • In an interview with Uproxx in 2016, Iron Man 3 director Shane Black confirmed that this One-Shot was made as an apology to fans who were angry about the Mandarin twist.[1] This contradicts Drew Pearce's claim on the audio commentary where he denied that the short film was an apology and that it was really an excuse to bring the character back and tease him for future appearances.[2]



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