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Welcome to the Triskelion! On top of being one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters, this is also one of the general discussion pages for the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki! The Triskelion is where this Wiki community comes together to propose new WikiProjects. To see the most recent discussions, scroll down the page.



The purpose of this specific Talk Page is the proposal of new WikiProjects by editors willing to committ to them, not just throwing around ideas for others to edit.

This Talk Page is NOT used to discuss actual ongoing WikiProjects, or anything else not directly about said proposals.

Also, expect any comments unrelated to the purpose above to be speedily deleted without further warning.


Following the instructions on how to design a WikiProject, for the proposals on this page you will have to fulfill the following steps

  • Scope: Restate the scope of the projects and the group of articles it will affect.
  • List of members: Contributors already committed to the potential project.
  • General Guidelines: If you have already crafted a general procedure on how to work on the project, add it to the proposal.

Once the proposal go live, Wiki Staff will decide if it is worthy of becoming a WikiProject, a homepage will be created, and, potentially, a dedicated channel on the Discord server.


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